This was the second time Shen Chuchu asked him this question, he hesitated and replied, “No.”

Shen Chuchu was slightly disappointed then turned to Secretary Wang and asked, “Secretary Wang, what about you. Do you want to know?”

Secretary Wang was about to reply but he caught a look from his boss. He immediately smiled appropriately and replied, “No.” 

Shen Chuchu was now even more disappointed. Currently, the only thing she could offer to Han Xingyan was a path in the marriage system but he was obviously not interested. Ah, nevermind then, she could not force a transaction. 

Once finished, they all walked back.

Shen Chuchu reached out her hand towards Chen Xili and smiled, “Director Chen, thank you for your appreciation. I am very happy to work with you in the future.”

When Executive Yuan saw this, he also smiled and added, “Looks like CEO Han has introduced a future big celebrity to our company. But if Miss Shen really did become a big star in the future then it would mean I need to thank CEO Han instead. It was clearly our Director Chen who found her first.” 

Chen Xili also chimed in, “That’s right, CEO Han better not let Executive Yuan owe him a favor.”

They chatted a bit more then decided to sign the contract three days after.

Back at home, Shen Chuchu was no longer in a hurry to move. Big companies like Diandi Media normally would arrange accommodation for their artists in rented apartments. When the time comes, there would be good management and it would save a lot of hassle.  

The next two days, Shen Chuchu was not idle. She continued to search the internet for classic films and used her own dumb methods to learn.

After, she made time to visit the Han Group and had Secretary Wang deliver an envelope to Han Xingyan.

Shen Chuchu felt very excited as she thought about signing with Diandi Media tomorrow and looked at her own system before bed. Afterwards, she felt somewhat confused. Did her eyes deceive her or she remembered it wrong? She clearly remembered her acting value was still thirty-one yesterday so how did it become thirty-two today?

This was a bit suspicious! She clearly examined her experience points but there were no changes. Why did her acting value increase? Did she really look at it wrong? Besides that, Shen Chuchu felt there were no other explanations. She must have had a lot on her mind these past few days and her brain was not in proper use.


The reality was just as Shen Chuchu had imagined, Diandi Media rented out apartments for their artists. Originally, Shen Chuchu would have had to share with newbies but due to Han Xinyan’s influence, nobody dared to disregard her and arranged a small single apartment. 

Each month she would save two thousand in rent and naturally Shen Chuchu was very pleased.

After she entered Diandi Media, Shen Chuchu finally realised the correct way to debut as a newbie in the entertainment circle. The treatment she had spent at Meijia Entertainment was likened to free-range raising as usually there were no practice classes and everything they did was based on means of method and luck.

Now at Diandi Media, Chen Xili had already given her a pile of class timetables. There were physique class, dialogue class, dance class, and so on. Therefore, in other words, the next three months were already packed full. There were no ambassador roles, movies or television shows like how Shen Chuchu had imagined.

Shen Chuchu very readily accepted the company’s arrangements.

In fact, Chen Xili slightly did not know how to arrange Shen Chuchu. Previously, she had her eyes set on Shen Chuchu and already thought of a hundred ways to turn her into the highest following eye-candy celebrities. However, now because of the relationship between Han Xingyan and her contact with Shen Chuchu, she was about to change her idea.

If Shen Chuchu did not have Han Xinyan then she naturally wanted to maximise the benefits and use her in any way to make the most money for the company and herself. If becoming the highest following celebrity was the way then she would let Shen Chuchu become a celebrity with a high following.

However, she now had to consider the developments of Shen Chuchu herself. To become a high-traffic celebrity was not a long-term solution. The people in the circle who wanted to stay in this career indefinitely had to shoot films but all those who wanted to become actors would not take this shortcut. Not because they could not take this path but they did not want to become that sort of person. They rejected the idea of using their fans without principle and relying on conversation topics to raise their own popularity.

Actors still had to rely on their work.

Additionally, Chen Xili discovered the type of personality Shen Chuchu had after some contact with her. Perhaps, the path of a high-traffic celebrity would not work for her.

In short, she would allow Shen Chuchu to attend classes first and dig out some of the possibilities from her. Once the three months were over, she would make an evaluation then decide the path that Shen Chuchu would take.

However, she did not expect that Shen Chuchu would accept without another word. New artists in similar backgrounds would not accept these kinds of arrangements. Even Yu Yiting also did not accept.

At this, Chen Xili rewound her thought process and asked, “Aren’t you going to ask why I am doing this? You’ve already done the advertisement for the Han Group so you do have a start point. You don’t think your popularity will decrease if you go to classes again?”

Shen Chuchu smiled and replied, “Would you? To be honest, if you had not arranged these classes I would have asked you to introduce me to them. I am very aware of my current standard. I did not come from a professional origin so my acting is difficult to say. More classes are naturally more beneficial. You value me that’s why you want me to learn the foundations.” 

Chen Xili was very pleased with Shen Chuchu’s answer, “Yes. That’s good you understand so I don’t have to waste my breath.”

And just like that, Shen Chuchu officially became a signed artist of Diandi Media. Even though right now it was just as a trainee but she quite actually enjoyed this type of lifestyle. She was studying but did not have the pressure like that of in university. She was an artist but no longer was worried like back at Meijia Entertainment.

Every day when she passed the hall, Zhou Xiaoya would greet her. They had become quite familiar with each other due to the events from that day. Recently, Shen Chuchu would ask her about many internal things about the company.

Until one day, Shen Chuchu suddenly felt that Zhou Xiaoya was different from before. She could not tell what was different but felt the smile on her face was even sweeter now.

Shen Chuchu’s heart moved and opened Zhou Xiaoya’s marriage system. As expected, Zhou Xiaoya’s marriage system showed that she had already met with her future husband. When she saw this, a happy smile also appeared on her face. So great, another couple has been brought together by fate.

As of today, she had been at Diandi Media for half a month now. During the day she went to class while at night she did fortune-telling. As her acting value rose inexplicably, Shen Chuchu faced up to the matter.

Her system was currently:

Current Level: 14 (24/150)

Acting Skill: 35 (100)

Fate Value: 1(10)

She examined it for a while then seemed to understand the reason for the increase.

As a matter of fact, there was a problem she had always thought wrongly. Her original nineteen points were innate and accumulated from the two advertisements. Therefore, her current acting value could not have only been obtained by matchmaking but also through her own efforts.

She suddenly felt slightly stupid that the time she had spent at home for two months only increased one point compared to the point increased by only half a month of class.

Nevertheless, she felt relaxed now that the functions of the systems were clear to her. Originally, she even fretted over the acting skill as it would only increase one point with each experience level. Each day she could only matchmake a dozen or more which was only around twelve points.

However, each level required experience points and it increased in increments. Shen Chuchu had calculated before if she wanted to reach sixty in acting skill then it would require two years. To reach eighty would be six years and to reach a hundred would require even more.

If she followed the current plan then she needed to endure two further years as a flower vase*. Additionally, in this period she needed to combine her acting with her actual acting skills.

*TL-note: Flower vase is used to refer to a female individual as a pretty face. To have no qualities other than attractiveness, especially with connotations of low intelligence; usually in negative contexts.

If she could achieve this through studying then it would be even easier for her. It would be working on two tasks at the same time! She could gain acting value through matchmaking as well as studying.

These effects were naturally very obvious.

After a month of study, the performance class teacher who was not very optimistic towards Shen Chuchu now praised her progress to Chen Xili.

“I must say, I made an error in judgement the first time. Shen Chuchu had no foundation but her improvement is very rapid.”

Chen Xili curiously asked, “Oh, really? Previously you said her foundation was too bad and her performance is slow so she can only walk the path as a high-traffic flower vase?”

The performance class teacher replied, “Yes, I did indeed say that before. However, flower vase actors are many and they can be split into two groups. The first want to become a flower vase while the latter are natural flower vases but they want to turn themselves into a valuable flower vase. Shen Chuchu is clearly the latter.”

Chen Xili nodded her head satisfyingly, “That’s good.”

The performance class teacher hesitated a moment before saying, “Lastly, I want to add another class for her.”

Chen Xili raised her eyebrows and asked, “Why? Unless she is a very talented person?”

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