“CEO Han, Thank you very much!”

Shen Chuchu even changed the term “you”* in order to show her respects. As expected, Han Xingyan did not reply to Shen Chuchu but she was not bothered by it either. Han Xingyan was the CEO of a company so naturally, he would not have any time in his day to pay attention to her little chit chat.

*TL-note: There are two ways to say you in Chinese: Informal (你) and Formal (您). 

When Wang Qian arrived, they both started to pack everything up. This apartment was rented from the company so it would be best if she moved out as soon as possible now that her contract had been terminated. As for where to move to, Shen Chuchu had not decided yet.

She wanted to pack everything up first. Then she would go out tomorrow and decide after.

When everything was nearly sorted, Shen Chuchu told Wan Qian to go home.

Early morning the next day, Shen Chuchu spent some time on her make-up. She waited for Wan Qian to arrive and then they both went to a company. 

In the first floor of the Diandi Media building, Shen Chuchu took a few deep breaths then walked towards the reception.

“Can I ask whether Director Chen Xili is around?” When she finished, Shen Chuchu found that Wan Qian’s face colour had changed.

 The front desk Zhou Xiaoya curiously looked up and down at Shen Chuchu. Although Shen Chuchu had sunglasses, she was still aware of her beauty. However, this sort of beauty was unfamiliar to her. It could not be a celebrity she had seen before, she thought to herself.

In fact, a lot of people come here every day and many would be celebrities so they would habitually try to see who they were. 

“May I ask if you have an appointment?” Regardless of whether this person was a celebrity or not, it was still important to have respect so Xiaya asked with a smile.

Shen Chuchu bit her lips and hesitantly replied. “No, but I recently met Director Chen outside once. She asked me a question so I came here today to give her my reply.”

Zhou Xiaoya paid some attention to these words and replied, “Okay Miss, please wait. I will call to ask.”

When she hung up, Zhou Xiaoya said, “Director Chen is in a meeting right now. Will you continue to wait or come back tomorrow?”

Shen Chuchu had struggled to be determined to come here today so if she were to leave now, she might not have the same courage tomorrow. The reason she came here today was to try her luck. She had thought about her previous conversation with Chen Xili and wanted to ask whether she would still consider her now that she was no longer with a company. 

Shen Chuchu thought for a while and replied, “Then I will wait for a while.”

Zhou Xiaoya smiled and led Shen Chuchu to the waiting area then poured both Shen Chuchu and Wan Qian cups of tea. She saw Shen Chuchu’s somewhat nervous expression and smiled, “You don’t have to worry. Director Chen may look strict but underneath she is very easy to get along with.”  

Shen Chuchu’s heart slightly calmed down when she heard Zhou Xiaoya’s words. She stared at her for a while then smiled, “Thank you.”

“No need, you’re welcome.”

Shen Chuchu saw Zhou Xiaoya was about to leave and added, “I see that your appearance is rosy and I believe you will meet your destined beloved within a month.”

When Zhou Xiaoya heard this, she glanced at Shen Chuchu with shock, “Really? You know physiognomy?*”

*TL-note: The practice of assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face.

Shen Chuchu seriously nodded her head then casually said, “Yes, I’ve got some elders in the family who are quite studied in this area. I’ve only picked up some superficial knowledge to look into people’s romance luck. It is very obvious with someone like you though, I could naturally see it from a glance.”

Zhou Xiaoya excitedly asked, “Then do you know who my future husband is and what he does?”

Shen Chuchu pretended to look for a while then replied, “Hm, who he is or what he does, I do not know. However, I can see that your future life together will be very happy and blissful. It is a very good match.”

Zhou Xiaoya was twenty-four this year and had been working very hard alone in the imperial capital which was pretty tough. Many people were envious of the job she had and that she could see many celebrities each day. However, only she knew the struggle within. After seeing many celebrities for a long time, it was evident that they were no different from the common people. She also really wanted to find someone to marry then they can both work together in the imperial capital to support their own little family.

Therefore when Shen Chuchu seriously said she will have luck in romance, this made her really happy.


“You’re welcome.”

Shen Chuchu waited for another hour but Chen Xili still did not show. Originally she only wanted to try her luck but after such a long time, it looked like her luck was not that great. At this point, her heart was somewhat cold and felt she would not be able to accomplish the things she wanted to do today.

Wan Qian was also at a loss for a long time and said to Shen Chuchu, “Boss, that, I did not know you wanted to come here. Before I…”

Shen Chuchu listened to Wan Qian and at this point remembered that Wan Qian was also previously a staff at Diandi Media. She thought Wan Qian was worried to meet Yu Yiting so she comforted her, “You don’t have to worry. Change is very normal in this circle. If you are willing, you can continue to stay by my side.”

Wan Qian frowned then thought for a bit. She saw no one was around and said in a low voice, “I was unsure the reason I was fired by Yu Yiting was because I found him and Executive Chen…”

Shen Chuchu looked at Wan Qian’s slightly embarrassed expression and finally understood so she stopped her. This conversation topic was not suitable at Diandi Media and plus they two had already split up.

“Yes, I already know about this. I will pretend you never spoke of this so your dismissal will be the reason from before alright?”

Wan Qian nodded ethusatically when she knew Shen Chuchu understood her meaning. It was good as long as she was not dismissed.

After another long while, when they were about to fall asleep a group of people walked in her direction.

“Miss Shen.”

The moment when Shen Chuchu saw Han Xingyan, she was slightly shocked. She truly did not imagine that they would meet here. 

The moment when Han Xingyan saw Shen Chuchu, he also felt differently. Today, he had primarily come here to discuss a contract however when it was done he casually mentioned Shen Chuchu’s situation when he thought about yesterday. 

Never would he have imagined to see her after their discussion. This was too much of a coincidence. 

Han Xingyan and Shen Chuchu both felt their encounter today was very coincidental. However, the people beside them did not feel this way. Particularly the two higher-ups who had just found out that Han Xingyan was going to bring Shen Chuchu to the company. 

Executive Yuan heard Shen Chuchu’s surname then immediately thought to what just happened and knew what was up.

“Is this the Miss Shen that CEO Han was just talking about?”

Han Xingyan glanced at Shen Chuchu and nodded, “Yes, this is the Miss Shen.”

Executive Yuan smiled, “Miss Shen’s appearance is pretty good and with the recommendation from CEO Han, it will definitely not be a problem. From now on you will be under Xili. Xili!”

Chen Xili immediately stepped out and raised her eyebrows when she saw Shen Chuchu. She reached out her hand and said, “Miss Shen, what a coincidence to see you again.”

Wan Qian had already stood behind Shen Chuchu when everyone appeared and Chen Xili did not notice her at that moment. In fact, she had long forgotten this little assistant.

Executive Yuan heard these words and curiously asked, “Oh? You’ve met before? It looks like Miss Shen’s reputation is not like how you said CEO Han. Look even our Director know her. You are too humble CEO Han.”

Chen Xili had been in the industry for numerous years so naturally knew what to say. She smiled and replied, “I only happen to know Miss Shen because I saw the advertisement she shot. At that time, I felt Miss Shen’s image was great. When I saw Miss Shen at the Central Department Store, I went over to ask if she wanted to come to Diandi Media. Unfortunately at that time, Miss Shen was still bound by contract so it was unsuccessful. I’ve finally waited for the day Miss Shen’s contract has been terminated. Miss Shen you better not reject me this time.”

While the Miss Shen on everyone’s lips questioned whether this Miss Shen was really herself?

Faced with a bunch of unfamiliar people, Shen Chuchu seeked help from the somewhat familiar Secretary Wang. Shen Chuchu finally relaxed when Secretary Wang reassured her with his eyes and a nod. Although she was still somewhat unclear of the reasons or outcome but she understood that Diandi Media intended to sign her.

Diandi Media was different from Meijia Entertainment because Meijia Entertainment was a mediocre company while Diandi was the big shot within the entertainment circle. It was by chance she entered Meijia Entertainment but to enter Diandi Media meant that she was really lucky. 

Han Xingyan saw Shen Chuchu’s expression and quietly coughed. Shen Chuchu’s gaze immediately turned to Han Xingyan. Truth be told, Han Xingyan really did not know what was on Shen Chuchu’s mind at this moment. He originally wanted to wait until Diandi Media responded then talk to her about it. If Shen Chuchu wanted to join then it would naturally be alright. If she did not, then he could have pretended nothing had ever happened.  

However, he could not figure out why Shen Chuchu was here today and did not have the chance to tell her prior. 

In front of everyone, Han Xingyan faced Executive Yuan and said, “Please excuse me but I would like to talk with Miss Shen for a bit.”

“No problem, CEO Han.”

By a corner of the big hall, Han Xingyan explained, “Miss Shen, today I came to Diandi Media to discuss a contract and coincidentally thought about your termination yesterday so I casually mentioned it to Executive Yuan. I did not expect to bump into you here today so I apologise that I did not request your permission beforehand.”

Shen Chuchu felt that she had re-acquainted with Han Xingyan again to find that he was very much warmhearted underneath his indifferent appearance.

“CEO Han, you are too kind. Diandi Media is not a company that I can join if I wanted to. Please don’t laugh but my intention to come here today was to try my luck. A few days ago I had met Director Chen so I wanted to see her again to ask whether she still wanted me. As a result, you can see that I have been waiting here for over an hour with no luck.” At this, Shen Chuchu laughed at herself.

“So I really need to thank you. If it had not been for you, I would not have successfully been able to join Diandi Media.”

When Han Xingyan heard this, he relaxed and replied, “Good thing it did not bother you.”

“Why would it, this is my luck.”

After their conversation, Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu and nodded his head.

Shen Chuchu’s face turned slightly red when Han Xingyan looked at her. She stared at the pink heart above his head and turned her attention to it, “CEO Han, do you really don’t want to know who your future marriage partner would be?”

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