In an instant, Shen Chuchu went to check out #1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V’s Weibo.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Serious! Chen Xiao and Yang Kai divorced on December 13th last year in the Chengnan Civil Affairs Bureau of Yuchuan City. Don’t ask how I know, you only need to know. [Cool]

Commercial account, it doesn’t cost anything to start rumours? Chen Xiao and Yang Kai are so in love. Exactly how much did you receive from Feng Ziqing that you would speak for her? [Curse]”

“I believe OP so get lost! Our Red Feather-ge has never lied!”

“This batch of watermelons are delicious, so sweet and fragrant. I want some more. OP, share another. [Spectate]”

“Evidence? Please present the evidence or we will report you for slander! It’s already been shared over a thousand times so just you wait to be reported OP!”

Red Feather replied: I won’t delete Weibo! I am waiting for you to report!

Underneath the fans’ replies overflowed: OP be careful of the hammer 23333333*

*TL-note: 233 is an Internet “word”  in China. It means “laughing”,just like “lol” or “:D”. It is from the No.233 emoticon of Mop forum which is one of the biggest online forum in China and that emoticon is a laughing figure.

Shen Chuchu looked at the date and understood that Red Feather had already obtained the evidence. Such an exceptional reporter with a powerful ability to seek out the truth. In no time, they may indeed become the #1 Entertainment Reporter within the entertainment circle.

After this was exposed, the media exploded and all the netizens began to suspect whether the information was true or false. Everyone shared their opinions online and waited for a party to respond. After a whole night, not a single party responded.

Some who had a wider network waited at Chengnan Civil Affairs Bureau of Yuchuan City to seek verification. As a result, the staff here were particularly tight-mouthed. They did not engage in idle chatter and shook their heads or expressed ignorance in regards to whether Chen Xiao and Yang Kai were divorced or not.

However, the might of netizens* was still pretty powerful. A netizen revealed a Weibo status from December 13th last year.

*TL-note: Users of the Internet, especially a habitual or keen one.

Lover of malatang* and hot pot: I just happened to see Chen Xiao and Yang Kai near Chengnan but I don’t know why. They seem to be coming out from the Civil Affairs Bureau. Perhaps they got a divorce? Hahaha, that’s impossible. They are a rare loving couple in the entertainment industry. I must be too hungry so I will eat some malatang to fill my stomach. [Starving]

*TL-note: Malatang, is a common type of Chinese street food. It originated in Sichuan, but it differs mainly from the Sichuanese version in that the Sichuanese version is more similar to what in northern China would be described as a hot pot.

Upon seeing this Weibo message, everyone started to share it.

“Oh my god, could it be true? OP, you sure you weren’t mistaken? [Shocked]”

“These two are clearly divorced. Think no more. [Curse]”

“What a waste of feelings and such a pity that I liked them both for so many years. Turns out they are a fake couple. Disgusting! [Disgust]”

The direction of things right now caused some to be happy while others were worried!

The happy ones were naturally people like Shen Chuchu, Feng Ziqing etc. whereas the sad ones were certainly Chen Xiao and Yang Kai.

The media no longer fired at Feng Ziqing and started to aim at Chen Xiao and Yang Kai. After all, infidelity was already pretty cliché among celebrities and Feng Ziqing’s name influence compared to Chen Xiao’s was slightly lower. However, everyone could not endure the fact that Chen Xiao and Yang Kai had long been divorced but still flaunted their son and acted lovingly on Weibo daily.

There was no need for reporter interviews or the need for their opponents to use social media accounts to smear them because they would be crushed to death by their fans and passer-by’s criticism. Many netizens likened the suffering to having eaten a fly and now the fly was stuck in the chest and could neither be swallowed or spat out.

This time, Chen Xiao did not dare to pretend to be fragile and sad to gain sympathy. After being divorced for half a year, who would believe that you are sad! Those tears are too fake.

When Shen Chuchu went back to the company again, everyone’s gaze on her was greatly reduced. Zhou Xiaoya comfortingly said, “It’s good that this thing turned out to be real or you will be verbally abused. It makes me sad to think that they had been divorced a while ago and yet they still appeared lovingly on Weibo. As expected, a lot of things in this circle are fake. Even the most perfect relationship was fake.”  

Shen Chuchu looked at Zhou Xiaoya’s sad expression and teased, “What? has it not been great to be loved recently.”

Zhou Xiaoya’s face flushed red, “Eh not at all, it’s been alright.”

Shen Chuchu smiled and said farewell to Zhou Xiaoya.

As the divorce of Chen Xiao and Yang Kai was confirmed, many other things also followed suit.

On one hand, everyone looked into whether Feng Ziqing and Yang Kai got together prior to the divorce while others also looked into any information in regards to Chen Xiao’s private life.

As for the couple Chen Xiao and Yang Kai, she was the number one female in television and he was the backbone of the music business which was an eyesore to many. If these two were able to fall then would it mean that celebrities from other companies could take their place? The cake was limited and since some people could not eat it anymore then there was naturally a chance it would be shared to oneself. 

Not to mention, someone took a photo of Chen Xiao and a certain boss eating together at an upscale restaurant. They were both very clear in the photo while the table beside them were all pixelated. People who were informed knew the place at a glance and were exceptionally impressed at the brave individual who would disclose this restaurant’s information. 

High-end restaurants generally had excellent confidentiality and would not gossip about their customer’s information. Additionally, the people who came to eat here were wealthy and respectable people. If you voluntarily made explosive allegations then it might offend many people. The reason everyone came here to eat was because of the environment and atmosphere. If even this could be exposed then the restaurant would no longer be worth the high price.

There were Christmas decorations in the restaurant so everyone guessed it must have been around December 25th last year which meant Chen Xiao got together with the wealthy businessman shortly after her divorce. After this sort of realisation, nasty reactions bubbled forth from everyone towards Chen Xiao.

They again all aimed fire at Chen Xiao.

Three days later, all the netizens finally calmed down and someone shared a long Weibo message to summarise the entire situation. The general idea was that a seemingly harmonious couple assumed the characters of being good spouses and parents to receive endorsements, television roles and gain fans! In front of the audience, they displayed love and affection to each other but once out of sight they did their own thing. As for the third parties, these were no longer important. No one destroyed their family, they destroyed their own family.

As for whether it was Chen Xiao or Yang Kai who had an affair first, Shen Chuchu did not know. Firstly it was not stated on the system and secondly Yang Kai and Feng Ziqing did not get married in the end. She had no way of knowing whether the length of time they knew each other was earlier or later than Chen Xiao’s affair.

To talk about what Shen Chuchu gained or lost from this, then it was heat!

At the start, everyone abused Shen Chuchu. They insisted that she said those things to slander Yang Kai and Chen Xiao while protecting the artist from her own company. Later on, everyone changed their attitudes towards her.

When Yang Kai and Chen Xiao’s divorce was picked out from all corners, Shen Chuchu’s previous statement was also picked out.

When the truth floated to the surface, it resulted in a different mood when they watched Shen Chuchu’s interview video again.

“Miss is amazing, it’s simply a god’s prophecy! [Sparkly Eyes]

“I apologise for cursing at you when I did not know the truth! I’ve followed you! I also went to the departmental store and bought your earrings. So pretty!”

“Miss spoke out for justice, I have decided to become your fan from today. [Come on]”

“Deity Miss, can you also predict whether He Chen is married so I can see if I still have a chance! [Beg]”

Due to these comments, Shen Chuchu for the first time landed on Weibo’s hot search. Although it was at the bottom but this was a historical first. She even screenshotted it and saved it.

The next day at the company, Chen Xili inspected Shen Chuchu.

“Perhaps you really know how to foretell?”

Last time, Zhou Xiaoya already mentioned it once and now again she guessed the situation of Chen Xiao and Yang Kai correctly. Naturally, this made Chen Xili suspicious.

Shen Chuchu calmed her heart and replied, “Yes, does Executive Chen want to try?”

Chen Xili heard this and laughed. She lost interest and said, “No need, rather you should see when you would get popular. This is more important. Also, yesterday you appeared on hot search but the company did not grasp this opportunity. You would understand that if you really could do fortune-telling then it would be okay but if you did not then it would have been awkward if we pushed you up top.”

Shen Chuchu thought back to the Weibo account called “Shen Chuchu the Prophet” she saw yesterday and laughed. She actually could foretell but also understood this matter could not be told to anyone. Executive Chen’s approach was correct. She also did not want to become popular in a day because of fortunetelling. If it really was due to fortune-telling then it would have happened way earlier and there would be no need to act. 

She still wanted to become an actor, an actor who relied on their own works.

“Also I heard that your performance with the crew was good. From now on, you will take a two months dance class in the company. After, you will enter a film. The role is as a dancer and there are more parts compared to before.”

Just when Shen Chuchu was about to go crazy with a series of things such as leg stretches, the classmates from her group chat said that they wanted to hold a party to celebrate their first graduation anniversary.

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