The current Li Yutao and Zhao Xinran were not enough to be on the top search but the combination of the two, added with some scandalous news was definitely enough. Just like the saying goes, good things do not go out the door but bad things travel thousands of miles. As for the scandal, the heat that it spread was very quick.

“Simply wtf! How can Li Yutao do something like this, they had only been together for over a month? This is really bad for Zhao Xinran. [Curse]”

“I am very suspicious whether Zhao Xinran was aware or not. It would be really sad if she was not but if she did know then…that is very scary. [Hard Thinking]

“Carry away our Xinran, no need for an explanation from the player Li Yutao [Goodbye] #LiYuTaoPlayer#

“What did I say in the beginning, love will die a quick death if you show affection too quickly in the entertainment circle. But this is my first time witnessing it died this quick 23333333*”

*TL-note: It’s the emoji No. 233 on it means laughing out loudly while beating the ground/your thighs with your palms. 

Since it was charged, Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan’s phone did not stop for a second.

As the heat continued to climb little by little, Zhao Xinran’s management company stepped forward to refute the rumours. For this matter, even if it was a collaboration from both sides to promote in the media, they certainly could not admit it at this moment in time. The most logical way was to put one’s safety first before principle.

Although this negatively affected her image but it was better than Li Yutao’s outcome.

“I am asking everyone to stop abusing our Ranran as her current state of mind is crumbling. We all did not expect it would be like this. Please give her some time to let her recover. [Sad] [Protect]”

When such an official explanation came out, everyone naturally began to set fire to Li Yutao’s side.

On the third day, Zhao Xinran appeared before the public in a withered state with her puffy red eyes and slightly pale face. The journalists walked forward but before they were about to speak, her tears rolled down uncontrollably and she continuously shook her head to refuse the interview.

Naturally, this sort of appearance won a wave of sympathy.

Li Yutao was not so lucky, he did not earn any sympathies online. In contrast, he was cursed very badly. Not only by the people online but even his own management company had decided to freeze him away. Freezing* to an artist was the cruellest thing. 

*TL-note: To conceal in the entertainment industry means the company/manager will not have anything lined for the artist.

Some celebrities who were notorious for misdeeds would not admit to it no matter what. They continued to appear on the big screens and their company also bought different kinds of announcements. This way, everyone would gradually forget the celebrity’s past mistakes.  

But if they are frozen… In the entertainment industry where everything is replaced very quickly, it would be very difficult to start over again.

It went without saying that he had been frozen and Wan Shanshan too was fired from the company. The reason being, not only the internet had exposed Li Yutao’s dirt but a lot of people also exposed Wan Shanshan’s dirt. As a manager, she had bullied the celebrities under her or pressured them to go to parties they did not want to attend. 

In short, she had already become the image of a female pimp in everyone’s heart and shit online. Not only she was cursed by ordinary passers-by alike but Li Yutao’s fans also hated her to death. If the celebrity they liked were together with the beautiful Zhao Xinran then they would have accepted it with pleasure and wished them happiness. 

But they could not accept him with a woman like Wan Shanshan. Moreover, some people on the Internet even said that the reason why Li Yutao was so miserable now was due to Wan Shanshan. Maybe this was all forced on him by Wan Shanshan.

In the future, Li Yutao may depend on his appearance and voice to start his career again but this would not be possible for Wan Shanshan. As a manager who would suddenly get married to a male celebrity under them, none of the other companies would dare to use such an impulsive manager. 

Meijia Entertainment saw the direction online and released a timely Weibo post to grab everyone’s attention.

“We are very saddened by the conduct of our company’s artist and manager. As an artist, they are expected to be a role model in society. As a manager, they are expected to separate personal life and work. Finally, I can assure everyone that the manager has been dismissed and the artist has been frozen. We are a responsible company, therefore, you can be rest assured and continue to like our artists.”

This seemingly indifferent Weibo post made people not know what to say.

In short, once this has passed, Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan are definitely not going to appear before the public again in the short term.

Shen Chuchu was pretty satisfied with this outcome since it was known that this would be the most she could achieve. There were no traces of the things Wan Shanshan did to her, so even if she did want to report, it would be very difficult. Moreover, she might get involved in the dirt if she was not careful. It would not be worth to attempt the impossible and she was already very happy to see her very miserable.

The one thing she was most displeased about was something else. Her experience points had been reduced again and this time by twenty points. The cause was due to Wan Shanshan’s and Li Yutao’s marriage rating that was now down to two stars. And according to Shen Chuchu’s experience, two-star marriages meant the couple were very close to a divorce. 

Hence she has been deducted twenty points. 

Although Shen Chuchu was not happy about being deducted twenty points, she would definitely make the same decision if she faced the same choice again!

However, the wave was not yet finished. Very quickly online, some began to instinctively voice that the managers at Meijia Entertainment were pimping out their own artists and forcing them to do unspoken transactions. When Meijia Entertainment saw this, they quickly refuted these rumours. They righteously stated online that Wan Shanshan had already been dismissed and it had nothing to do with anyone else. They were a very honorable company.

When she saw such lies and slander, Shen Chuchu knew her contract termination was imminent.

She did not even have to say it when Secretary Wang phoned.

“Miss Shen, do you still intend to terminate your contract? According to our observation, this is the best time to terminate. When are you free so we can discuss this further at our company.”

Shen Chuchu pondered. Clearly it was she who asked but this attitude showed the opposite. At this, she replied, “Yes, thank you, Secretary Wang. I am free anytime, when would you be free?”

Secretary Wang replied, “Anytime is suitable, Miss Shen can come whenever.”

Shen Chuchu felt it would be better to go today instead of a fixed date to sort this in order to avoid any long nights and in case the Han Group backs out.

After arriving at the Han Group, lawyers and staff members discussed the contract with her.

Han Xingyan stood at the door and looked at Shen Chuchu’s puzzled expression, “This afternoon, you accompany them to Meijia Entertainment.”

Secretary Wang was slightly surprised but his face did not show it and only respectfully said, “Okay, boss.”

At Meijia Entertainment, the process of termination went surprisingly well. Everyone was polite with each other and they agreed to cancel the contract immediately. Shen Chuchu looked at the last million yen she had to pay and felt slightly pained.

When she was about to agree to it, Secretary Wang held the contract and said, “One million? How do you intend to compensate Miss Shen for the damage to her reputation?” 

The staff at Meijia Entertainment frowned their eyebrows, “What damage, this has nothing to do with our company.” Although they had already been informed that Shen Chuchu had the Han Group for background support and they should just let it pass but this did not mean they would back down from everything. 

Secretary Wang fixed his glasses and passed over a document, “According to our investigation, some of your company managers had forced their artists to do some transactions during their employment. Because Miss Shen Chuchu was also at the company so her reputation has been damaged. Additionally, Miss Shen’s manager had previously forced her to do a lot of things she did not want to do. This is a serious violation of the labour contract law. Therefore you must compensate Miss Shen. However, Miss Shen is virtuous and does not want to pursue it so the compensation is not required. But, we will not pay the one million penalty fee either.”

After this explanation, the staff at Meijia Entertainment and Shen Chuchu were both stunned. She felt the termination was already the best outcome but never had she imagined this would be possible?

Secretary Wang gave Shen Chuchu a reassuring look.

Afterwards, a specialised lawyer argued with the people from Meijia Entertainment. The lawyer was excellent with his words and everything he said was clear and logical. Just like, you already owed us a lot of money and we did not let you pay but instead you want to rip us off? Did you guys have any conscience?

Shen Chuchu thought that both sides would gradually reach a consensus and she might have to pay some. 

Under Secretary Wang’s suggestive threat, Meijia Entertainment unexpectedly was very delighted to sign the termination contract.  

Back at home, Shen Chuchu could not believe what had happened was real! Not only had she successfully terminated the contract but also did not have to pay a penny for the penalty fee. She quickly took out Han Xingyan’s business card, stared at it for a while then swallowed her saliva.

Money and power is so great, she thought to herself.

She thought about the reason today’s success was all due to this person on the card and sent him a thank you text. 

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