Li Yutao walked out from the other room and when he saw Wan Shanshan’s expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wan Shanshan changed her expression and smiled, “Nothing.”

Li Yutao nodded his head then remembered the events of last night. He looked around and said in a quiet voice, “Do you think if Shen Chuchu found out last night was our doing, will she…?”

Wan Shanshan stopped Li Yutao and laughed with irony, “Will what? Impossible. I’ve seen many newcomers like her, they just like to be arrogant. Once she’s had a taste of the benefits, she might even be grateful towards me. Anyways, this thing doesn’t concern us. Her manager made the call and it was Executive Chen who forcibly took her away. It doesn’t concern us so you don’t need to worry.”

After hearing Wan Shanshan’s words, the guilt in Li Yutao’s heart became a bit lighter. Although he still felt a thread of remorse for Shen Chuchu but this was nothing compared to the movie he was going to shoot.

“Hopefully Executive Chen can stick to his promise and give me the role.”

Wan Shanshan nodded her head and answered, “Yup, I think Executive Chen will give it to us. After all, you possess the competitive strength for this and they are just a little uncertain. You will definitely get it once Executive Chen speaks for us.”

“That’s good.” Li Yutao breathed a long sigh of relief. 

Once they were back at their own office, Wan Shanshan clung onto Li Yutao’s body and said, “Let’s not talk about Shen Chuchu anymore and talk about us. Ah, I really wonder when our relationship will get exposed.”

Li Yutao faced forward and smiled, “Soon, it can’t be helped.”

Wan Shanshan replied, “Yes, I know. I am just unhappy when you and your “girlfriend” have public display of affection. Plus you keep bringing up Shen Chuchu.”

Li Yutao consoled Wan Shanshan, “Alright alright, it’s my fault. I won’t bring them up again.”


While both of them were freely thinking about a beautiful future, little did they know that their secret was about to be made known to the masses.

Three days later, Wan Shanshan quickly gave Wang-ge a call when she still had not received a confirmation.  

“Wang-ge, has the role been decided. Is it my Taotao?”

Wan-ge replied with doubt, “You don’t know? It was decided a few days ago. It’s Zhang Shuai, not Li Yutao.”

Wan Shanshan listened to these words with disbelief, “What did you say, it has already been decided? How is that possible? Why is it Zhang Shuai? Did Executive Chen not mention to you guys he wanted to pick Taotao?”

Wang-ge also became unhappy when he heard this, “Executive Chen? You dare to mention him! A bunch of shit has happened on his side and he has already withdrew from the movie a while ago. If the Han Group did not fill in then the movie was about to be cancelled! As for why it is Zhang Shuai, naturally it was because the Han Group was more pleased with him.”

After he finished, Wang-ge no longer wanted to continue talking with Wan Shanshan. His mood had not been great recently and his work had not been good. And he could not figure out why the Han Group was not satisfied with him. He really did not understand what exactly he had done wrong.

As for Wang-ge, he had been wronged. That day he was present but he truly was not aware and did not suspect anything unusual. These things were a common occurrence in the entertainment circle so was it not normal for a female actress to be with a wealthy man? He was not aware that Shen Chuchu was drugged in front of him or that it was a forced transaction. 

If he knew, he would have refuted it with the Han Group.

But he truly did not know so the Han Group did not bother him too much. At most they just made him unhappy.

Wan Shanshan hung up and her face looked very bad. Executive Chen actually backed out! She did not even hesitate to do such an underhanded thing and as a result she got absolutely nothing in return! 

Li Yutao also quickly found out and searched the internet regarding Executive Chen’s company to find there were certainly some scandal with his financial situation. They usually did not pay attention to the financial information so it was overlooked.

Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan were very unsatisfied with this result. There was nothing to get in spite of all the back and forth from before. It was truly frustrating. 

However, they still had not remembered the pitiful Shen Chuchu even at this point. Although it was no longer possible with this film, they decided the next step was to look for another director and try again.

The two of them were not concerned but Shen Chuchu paid attention. As someone who studied finances, she was used to following the news even though she was a mediocre student. When she saw Executive Chen being led away by the department, Shen Chuchu was so happy inside.

Truly satisfying! 

Although it was unclear whether the company was being targeted by other relevant departments, or it was through the help of the Han Group but at least it showed that he deserved it!

Now, Shen Chuchu waited for Wan Shanshan and Li Yutao to be exposed.


When Red Feather received the information from Shen Chuchu, he immediately went online and contacted some people. He even predicted his follower count will rise another ten thousand based on this information. 

Red Feather’s trust in Shen Chuchu allowed him to believe this information was true. With his steadfast belief, it made things easier to find. The average person would doubt the information for a while before they would confirm whether it was true or false. While others did not care about the authenticity and would post it anyways.

However, Red Feather believed in Shen Chuchu so he had no need to doubt. He used all his leads to look for evidence. Sure enough, after two days he found the information he was after.

After that, Red Feather sent a private message to Shen Chuchu.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Old deity, I am about to save people from harm. Soon you will no longer have to worry about those troublesome things. There are no good endings for those who have two lovers at the same time.

I am Yue Lao: Looking forward to your wonderful performance. [Smile]

Once the conversation ended, Red Feather posted a message on Weibo.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Shocked! A fake couple has appeared in the entertainment circle again! Is everyone interested in guessing? If anyone guesses correctly, I will expose it tonight at midnight! Complete with picture and evidence! [Cool]

Red Feather’s follower count was past a hundred thousand so very quickly his followers responded once the message was posted. Even though Red Feather had not released any world-shaking news before but at least it had all been true so his words were slightly more credible.

Red Feather scrolled through the comments and found someone had guessed correctly. He then posted another message: Just then someone guessed correctly so please wait until midnight! 

Once the message was sent, his followers all looked at the previous comments to guess.

When Shen Chuchu saw Red Feather’s message, she felt this person was just like how the followers described him, in that he really knew how to tease the followers. Nevertheless, tonight she wanted to have her beauty sleep so she would not join in the excitement since she already knew.


Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan were both stunned when they saw the message on Weibo. They looked at each other and saw the words “it’s over” in both of their eyes.

They scrolled through Weibo with a sad heart and the words “it’s over” became “they are done for.”

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Yesterday, this editor was shocked to find out that our Little Fresh Meat Li Yutao already got married this year in February and his marriage partner is actually his manager. He was the one who recently publicised his relationship with Zhao Xinran! This sort of relationship is truly complicated that he would still date a female actress after getting married so recently. Is this for mutual benefits or is Li Yutao deceiving the other side? Waiting for the party to respond. @LiYutao @ManagerWan @ZhaoXinran [Photograph]  

Zhao Xinran’s response was no longer important to Li Yutao. More importantly, his marriage had been exposed and he would lose his fans. Additionally, he had also deceived his fans and used them. His idol dream was just about broken into pieces.

“How can this be, who would have exposed this!” Wan Shanshan was both shocked and angry.

When Li Yutao heard these words, his mood became even worse and grumbled, “If you had not wanted to get married then this would not have happened.”

Wan Shanshan was also slightly regretful but she replied, “You wanted to be with other woman. Was my request to be married over the top? Don’t you forget that I was the one who helped you all along. If you want to leave me once you are famous then keep dreaming!” Had she not suspected that Li Yutao was getting more and more out of control then she would not have thought about marriage.

Li Yutao angrily replied, “Yes yes yes, you helped me. What about now? What’s the point of what you are saying when I am about to become nothing. Are you satisfied?”

Wan Shanshan also became angry and said, “What do you mean? Do you think I want you to be done for?

After they argued for a while, Wan Shanshan was about to phone all the familiar people in the entertainment circle. However, she found that her phone was out of battery in the living room.

Once it was charged, a call came through.

After a few calls, Wan Shanshan finally realised a fact, Li Yutao was done for and so was she.

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