Shen Chuchu’s words made Han Xingyan very ashamed despite the chaotic situation at that time. However, the fact was, the girl was behaving like that due to the effects of the drug while his mind was clear.

The question made it hard for him to answer.

Shen Chuchu felt somewhat complicated when Han Xingyan did not speak and continued, “It doesn’t matter. I am only asking.”

Shen Chuchu then forced a smile, “Thanks for saving me last night.”

Han Xingyan glanced at Shen Chuchu and replied, “No need.”

She thought back to Han Xingyan’s words stating that she could ask him for help. Shen Chuchu pursed her lips, tightened her fist and with a red face she said in a low voice, “But can you help me with something?” 

Han Xingyan retained his original expressionless expression and his thin lips gradually said, “You speak.”

Shen Chuchu stood up from the sofa and walked to Han Xingyan’s side. Her face was slightly red, “I want you to help me dissolve the contract between me and my company. I won’t need you to pay the penalty fee but only that you can resolve it on my behalf. I will come up with the money.”

After this experience, Shen Chuchu truly did not want to stay at the company any longer. However, she was also afraid of offending the company plus the manager and current hot celebrity which would make the termination of the contract even more difficult.

She had already saved enough money for the penalty fee early. These past few months, she had earned a couple hundred thousand from matchmaking and together with the money from the Han Group advertisement there should be over a million yuan.

However, she had no background and was afraid the company would make things difficult during the termination hence she never raised the issue. In addition to this, she had yet to find a good replacement so she could only be an ostrich* at home for the remainder of the months. But due to yesterday’s incident, she could not endure it any longer. She wanted to terminate immediately! She must terminate the contract even if she was no longer in the entertainment circle.

*TL-note: Denying or refusing to acknowledge something that is blatantly obvious as if your head was in the sand like an ostrich.

Han Xingyan did not expect such a simple request and replied, “Sure.”

Shen Chuchu bowed at Han Xingyan, “Thank you, CEO Han. If you have any requests later, you can always contact me.”

After she was finished, she got ready to leave. After all, some unpleasant things had happened here and she was eager to go home and sort these things.

Han Xingyan stood up and handed over a business card to Shen Chuchu, “If you need anything, you can call me.”

Shen Chuchu hesitated for a moment then took it with a smile, “Okay.”

After leaving the hotel, the biting coldness from the wind made her head clearer than before. Taking the taxi back to the apartment, Shen Chuchu opened Wan Shanshan and Li Yutao’s marriage system. At the hotel, she never had the chance to look at it but now she examined it over carefully.

Status: Married

Marriage Partner: Wan Shanshan [Photograph]

Marriage Date: February 15th 2018

Marriage Rating: 2 stars (Divided at Heart)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

Sure enough, she did not misread at dinner yesterday. Li Yutao was indeed married. He was married a month ago and his marriage partner was his own manager! This person was married in February but was still dating a female actress and was hyped as being a good boyfriend.

Even if Li Yutao did not offend her, she still felt that he was trashy. But since he did then she would not let him off. She did not care whether the female actress and Li Yutao had a promotional fake dating agreement for their own gain or if he had lied to the female actress.  

In short, he had lied to a vast majority of internet users and CP* fans! He also wanted to use her to successfully enter the film industry. Shen Chuchu felt very disgusted when she thought about what happened last night.

*TL-note: This Internet slang term is often used to describe couples in movies or TV series.

Shen Chuchu carefully finished examining over Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan’s marriage system then found a contact on Weibo and sent a message.

I am Yue Lao: Sigh, I’ve recently sunk into the midst of profound contemplation. When did the world become so strange? Some people are married yet they mingle with other women. Such a scandal! Ah, the world is going down! How can these public figures be models to others?” [Sigh]

A reply was received immediately as if this person had their phone grown on their hands.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Don’t be sad, old deity. You can talk to me about it. I will help you solve the problem!!

His hands trembled as he wrote those words. His sense of gossip told him this must be a piece of big news! Public figure? Infidelity? If this person is a celebrity from the entertainment circle then this is a big gain!

This blogger never lied and anything related to marriage was always accurate. Even if they were not a god then it was someone with some skills. And he was more inclined to believe the blogger was a god! The chatter in the entertainment circle was rarely correct and a lot of people turned popular overnight without reason while others likewise fell from grace.  

So it was very hard for people not to believe in metaphysics.*

*TL-note: The branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, and space.

He had already relied on this blogger for publicity for a while. When he thought about the explosive points in this new piece of news, would he not become trending again? This was significantly easier than squatting in front of celebrity homes. At this thought, his saliva was about to flow out.

Shen Chuchu saw that the reporter was hooked and a permanent smile appeared in the corner of her mouth.

This reporter was very dependable since no one has exacted revenge on her and she had not been found out from the other stuff she had shared previously. The only person she could trust right now was this blogger.

I am Yue Lao: But…I must not speak about it. The mysteries of the heavens should not be revealed. It will come back to bite me in the end and will attract the wrath of the heavens. Such a well-known person…sigh…my heart truly hurts! [Frown]

The more Shen Chuchu said the more curious Red Feather became. He really wanted to know who this public figure was!

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Old deity, think about it this way. You are doing a good deed! If the person who committed infidelity is still with the other person then this is harming their other half. This type of person deserves to be exposed. This is for the good of society. Do you not remember the last time how many people appalled for exposing those things!

I am Yue Lao: Truly? That can be considered a good deed? But what if people find out I am doing these things? Where will I place my face?

Red Feather saw that they had softened and quickly replied: Old deity, don’t you worry. I will definitely not tell anyone. I may not be good at other things but my mouth is very strict!!

I am Yue Lao: Alright, I believe you. You must remember to never disclose to anyone it was me. Or else, we will both attract the wrath of the heavens.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Okay!

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu formed a few sentences and sent the explosive news to Red Feather.

A minuter later, Red Feather replied.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Old deity, is this true! You scared me to death because I’ve accidentally knocked over the glass on the table. Li Yutao is really together with Wan Shanshan? You are not mistaken?

Shen Chuchu pretended to be angry and replied: Are you questioning me? The little boy under me tied the red thread on February 15th so how can it be wrong! 

After receiving this definite reply, Red Feather quickly replied: Old deity, I am wrong. It is all my fault. Yes, you are definitely not wrong. I completely believe you.

After this reply, Red Feather sent another message: Old deity, if you have any troubles like this again be sure to tell me. I will keep my mouth tight and will never tell it was you.”

Shen Chuchu was satisfied when she saw the message and replied: Depends on my mood.

Once she exited Weibo, Shen Chuchu looked through Executive Chen and Xinming’s marriage systems. Sadly, there was nothing useful inside. 

Anyways, the initiators were Wan Shanshan and Li Yutao so Shen Chuchu would sort them out first.

She had always put her all into everything and whoever did it would bear the consequences. This incident was clearly set up by Wan Shanshan and Li Yutao and they were the ones who contacted both Executive Chen and Xinming to lure her into the hotel. 

It was not like she did not want to get revenge on both Executive Chen and Xinming but it was impossible to touch Executive Chen and Xinming would never get married because he was a homosexual. She decided to give up because she could not find a breakthrough. As a result, there was nothing she could do. 


Meijia Entertainment

Xinming looked at the joyous Wan Shanshan and curiously asked, “The matter is done?”

Wan Shanshan glanced at Xinming and smiled, “It shouldn’t be a problem. I really need to thank you, Ming-ge. If you didn’t help then I really wouldn’t have known what to do!”

Xinming thought back to when Shen Chuchu first rejected Executive Chen but in the end still ended up with him and felt the whole thing was very ironic. As a result, he sarcastically replied in a lukewarm tone, “Please don’t, what help did I give. You better not forget about your promise that’s all.”

Once he finished, Xinming turned and left.

Wan Shanshan looked at Xinming’s shadow and her smile disappeared. She thought to herself, once Li Yutao became popular, who would even acknowledge him again. It was only for now he could still be cocky.

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