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This time Han Xingyan left after only one day. A few days after his departure, Shen Chuchu also left. The reason being the film [Xiao Yi] had been nominated.

[Xiao Yi] had been in theaters for two months with a box office of over 1.5 billion and the reputation was very good. At the same time, it had also received many nominations.

This time, Shen Chuchu was also lucky to be nominated.

This was Shen Chuchu’s first nomination so everything was new to her. Chen Xili had called to stress that she had to come regardless of the nomination. This was a very good opportunity to be in the public’s view. Every year, there were numerous films and newbies, but only a handful got recognised. As a result, being nominated was a joyous occasion for Shen Chuchu.

Despite [Xiao Yi]’s crew having earned many nominations, and the director and creator would also be in attendance, DiDi Media did not allow Shen Chuchu to accompany them. Instead, in order to give Shen Chuchu adequate exposure, she was arranged to accompany the host, Zhou Xuan, and walk the red carpet alone.

Today, Shen Chuchu wore a long, pale yellow dress which made her skin seem even paler. However, due to her nervousness, it was as if she was completely dyed in pink. While waiting, she continuously asked the assistant beside her, “Qianqian, is my dress okay? Is the back zip fine? Is there anything on my face? Is my hair okay?”

Wang Qian repeated encouragingly, “No, Boss. You are very beautiful today. This dress suits you.”

Shen Chuchu sighed a breath of relief, “Then I have to be careful. If this expensive dress gets damaged, I will be heartbroken.”

Finally, it was time for Shen Chuchu to walk the red carpet. She breathed deeply and carefully stepped out of the car.

Looking at the countless fans on both sides of the red carpet, Shen Chuchu wondered if there were any of her fans among them. Although she knew her company must have arranged some fans to keep her from being embarrassed, she was still concerned that she would not be popular enough and that few people would recognise her.

Fortunately, she heard a fan’s voice as soon as she stepped onto the red carpet.

“Wow, Shen Chuchu, you are so pretty today!”

Shen Chuchu looked over and saw a familiar face. She was certain that there was at least one person who was not organised by the firm to make up numbers, but who genuinely liked her. Shen Chuchu smiled at her then continued to walk forward.

An Haizhen saw the smile and got excited, “Chuchu smiled at me! Chuchu smiled at me!” This was her second meeting with Shen Chuchu. The first time it was at the airport. She was not a star-chasing fan, but she has met Shen Chuchu twice already.

The last time she was at the Imperial Capital Airport and happened to see Shen Chuchu as soon as she got off the plane. This time around she saw that a movie awards ceremony was going to be held here, so she squeezed in with her classmates. Unexpectedly, she saw Shen Chuchu as soon as she arrived.

Nevertheless, she quite liked Shen Chuchu.

After walking a little further, Shen Chuchu heard the voice of the announcer.

“Walking towards us is Shen Chuchu, who plays Xiao Yi’s sister in the movie [Xiao Yi]. She has made two movies since her debut, each of which had a box office of over 1 billion. She is a very lucky girl indeed…”

Shen Chuchu realised for the first time, when she heard people yelling her name and saw the cameras pointed at her, that she was a celebrity, and a star living in the spotlight.

Shen Chuchu stepped backstage after taking photos and interviews. When it came time for the awards presentation, she sat alongside the [Xiao Yi] crew.

Director Chang looked at the nervous Shen Chuchu and smiled, “Nervous?”

Shen Chuchu nodded heavily, “Yes. It’s my first time attending this sort of event so I kind of feel overwhelmed.”

Zhou Feng replied, “I had the same feeling when I first came here. I felt like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Gardens*. However, once you’re on stage, you can glance down as much as you want. You will see that everyone who wishes you well has kind eyes.”

*TL-note: Grandma Liu is a character in the 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The expression is used in modern Chinese to describe someone, usually simple and unsophisticated, who is overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious

Director Chang nodded, “ Xiao Feng is right. Don’t be too nervous, and try to relax. Whether or not you win an award, being nominated shows that you have been noticed.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Okay.”

Shen Chuchu’s anxiousness was caused not by her expectation of winning the award, but by the fact that she had moved from a sparsely populated filming region to a bustling metropolis. This feeling is more unsettling when there are multiple cameras pointing at you and countless individuals staring at you. Afraid to make a single mistake.

As for gaining an award, Shen Chuchu did not mind. Because she never expected to win this award. After all, when she first started filming this movie, her acting points in the system was less than 60, barely passing. The only thing she has to be concerned about is her ability to laugh gently when the camera pans towards her.

Shen Chuchu began to practise smiling as the Best Newcomer Award approached. Her smile had hardened by the time the camera panned towards her, and she wondered if the smile on her cheeks would fade after a while.

She wasn’t sure why, but the camera seemed to stay on her face for a little longer this time. Perhaps she was overly frightened and thought time moved too slowly.

“Chuchu, Chuchu, the host is asking you to get your award.” Director Chang noticed Shen Chuchu dazed and couldn’t help but remind her.

Shen Chuchu stared in disbelief for a while, then raised her head and looked at the stills of herself on the podium, realising that the camera had been on her for quite some time. She finally understood. At this time, her heart was crumbling apart as the thing she had been worrying about all day finally happened. She was really embarrassed this time. This time she really made a fool of herself.

Everyone smiled kindly as she stepped up. Shen Chuchu slowed down her excitement as she walked the long path from her seat to the podium.

After taking the stage and hearing the host’s ridicule, Shen Chuchu laughed and remarked, “Sorry, this is my first award. I was so nervous and made everyone laugh.” Regarding newcomers, everyone had always been welcoming, especially when this person had a background too. So, after hearing what she said, the audience erupted in cheers of encouragement.

Shen Chuchu felt like she was floating after she finished her acceptance speech and went backstage.

Shen Chuchu didn’t stop smiling till she came home and saw Han Xingyan. She rested in Han Xingyan’s arms, not daring to lift her head. She asked in a muffled voice, “Was I truly embarrassing today?”

He already knew about Shen Chuchu’s performance on stage because the short video was posted online. He smiled and stroked her hair, “No, it was very cute. Today, you were also very… pretty.”

Even though Shen Chuchu was aware that Han Xingyan was coaxing her, she couldn’t help feeling a twinge of sweetness in her heart, “Really? You didn’t lie to me with your sweet words?”

Han Xingyan kissed her and replied, “No.”

“Ugh, I don’t even know what people online are saying. So embarrassing!” Shen Chuchu covered her face in defeat. She wondered what the media would write about her.

Han Xingyan raised an eye to look at his girlfriend then took out his phone, “No, everyone thinks you are very cute.”

Shen Chuchu stared at the phone but did not dare to look at its contents. She  asked in disbelief, “Really?”

Shen Chuchu took the phone and looked at the content inside.

“Tears of joy, this is too cute! [Tears of Joy]”

“Her face is calm but she must have been so nervous inside. I can’t, I laugh everytime I watch it. [Haha]”

“Everyone claims that celebrities already know whether they will win or not for numerous awards, and the surprise they portray is all an act. But… I believe Shen Chuchu is not acting, because no one would pretend to be so clueless. [Tears of Joy]”

Shen Chuchu rewatched her video after reading the comments. She felt okay at first, but when the presenter called out her name and she still looked the same, she appeared… very stupid.

“Very cute right?” Han Xingyan said gently with a warm smile.

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Yes, so cute and stupid.”

CEO Han, who wished to do something that night, failed to do so. Firstly, Shen Chuchu had to get up early the next morning to catch a flight. Secondly, Shen Chuchu’s big aunt* came.

TL-note: Her period/menstruation started. 

Han Xingyan thought with a grim expression that creatures like the big aunt were indeed the nemesis of men.

Shen Chuchu, on the other hand, suppressed her laughter and fell asleep with her back to Han Xingyan.

The next morning, Shen Chuchu caught the earliest flight back to the crew. Shen Chuchu wanted to go back and recover after a day of filming and big aunt in tow, but the director said that the male co-star would be here and wanted to invite everyone to have dinner together.

Shen Chuchu frowned after hearing this, thinking that this male co-star must be quite impressive. She had never seen her male co-star after filming for so long, and she had no idea who he was. She really wanted to ask for leave from the director, but she was uncomfortable at the sight of everyone leaving so she simply followed.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Shen Chuchu lifted her eyebrows inquisitively when she saw the late arriving male co-star. No wonder, he was a popular traffic star.* 

*TL-note: A celebrity that is characterised by huge and dedicated fan bases and online traffic data.

Naturally what aroused her interest was not his face, but the marriage system of the other party.