Shen Chuchu shivered at Xinming’s enthusiastic voice and replied, “I’m at home right now. What is it, Ming-ge? Is something up?”

Xinming responded in an overly enthusiastic tone she had never heard before, “Of course there is! It’s something huge! I am coming over to pick you up. The company actually made a mistake on the Han Group contract, it should have been a 7:3 split.”  

Shen Chuchu could not believe her ears. He was still willing to give her a chance after that fierce fight? Could it be that her manager was a masochist and liked it when she was fierce?

Could there be something that she was not aware of?

When she went inside Xinming’s car, his attitude had completely changed from the last time they met. He was gesturing with his fingers and said, “Chuchu, you really got to thank me for this time. It is only because I talked with the company that we managed to keep you as the Han Group’s representative.”

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