Shen Chuchu shivered at Xinming’s enthusiastic voice and replied, “I’m at home right now. What is it, Ming-ge? Is something up?”

Xinming responded in an overly enthusiastic tone she had never heard before, “Of course there is! It’s something huge! I am coming over to pick you up. The company actually made a mistake on the Han Group contract, it should have been a 7:3 split.”  

Shen Chuchu could not believe her ears. He was still willing to give her a chance after that fierce fight? Could it be that her manager was a masochist and liked it when she was fierce?

Could there be something that she was not aware of?

When she went inside Xinming’s car, his attitude had completely changed from the last time they met. He was gesturing with his fingers and said, “Chuchu, you really got to thank me for this time. It is only because I talked with the company that we managed to keep you as the Han Group’s representative.”

Shen Chuchu looked at Xinming again and felt as if she was staring at a stranger.

However, since she got the split that she wanted and could still shoot the advertisement for the Han Group, she didn’t need to be so wary anymore. She restrained herself and said, “Thank you, Ming-ge.”

As if nothing had happened before, Xinming responded with a smile, “You don’t need to thank me, you are my under my wing after all. Who else do I help if I don’t help you? As long as you be more obedient from now, Ming-ge will treat you well.”

She did not respond when she heard these words. Be more obedient? Like what? To allow myself taken advantage of? To apologise? That is impossible!

When Shen Chuchu did not respond, Xinming also stayed silent. Once they arrived at the company, she went ahead to sign the contract and Xinming started to talk again about how tired he was and how he should get a lot of credit.

When Shen Chuchu found nothing wrong with the contract, she signed her name at the bottom. Once she had confirmed the dates and finished everything, she was ready to leave. Xinming’s smiling face started to fade as he looked at the expressionless Shen Chuchu.

After stepping out of the legal department, an actress from the same debuting year appeared in the hallway.

Li Zixuan scanned Shen Chuchu from top to bottom then in a mocking tone said, “Don’t try to kid yourself. Originally I thought it was some virtuous woman but from the looks of it, this is not the case. Just someone who used their body in exchange for the contract.”

Shen Chuchu frowned and asked, “What do you mean? I don’t understand a thing you’re saying.”

When Li Zixuan saw the anger on Shen Chuchu’s face, she suspected she was only pretending and snorted, “You should be clear as anyone here on how you got the role as a representative to the Han Group. You just used your body! Did you really think everyone in this company is stupid to let such a good opportunity go to a newbie like you.”

Shen Chuchu frowned, was there indeed something she didn’t know about? But she had already signed and Xinming already said earlier…… She looked at Xinming and said, “Ming-ge, didn’t you say it was you who helped me to get the contract?”

Xinming’s good mood had already disappeared. Even when exposed, he did not feel any guilt when he responded, “It really did depend on me to get that contract. As for what Xuanxuan is saying……”

Xinming glanced at Li Zixuan and continued, “Xuanxuan, you are in the wrong here. Within our circle, everyone knows that the young Chairman Han has strong moral principles. If anyone wants to use their face and body to seduce him, they really need to have a good look at themselves!”

Once he finished, Xinming shot an obvious look at Shen Chuchu.

When Li Zixuan heard these words, she began to laugh hysterically and said, “Of course, thank you for the reminder, Ming-ge. Pardon me, I said the wrong thing. Of course, not everyone can sleep with Mister Han, she must have only gotten to his secretary.”

“Enough, Xuanxuan. As long as you listen and obey, there will be plenty of opportunities later. Don’t be like some people who may have a shot now but don’t even know when their next chance will be.”

Li Zixuan looked arrogantly and proudly at Shen Chuchu and replied, “ Okay, Ming-ge. I am the most obedient.”

Xinming and Li Zixuan both started to walk away when Xinming said, “Oh right, during the shot you will have to pay for your own expenses. Who knew that the split would change, so don’t go around blaming us.”

Li Zixuan’s smile grew wider when she heard this.

Instead of being angry, Shen Chuchu smiled and said, “What a big mouth spreading rumours as she likes without any accountability or consideration of the law. She should be thankful that I didn’t record her because she wouldn’t be so lucky next time.”

They both stared at Shen Chuchu like she was an idiot and wondered if there was anything wrong with her brain for her to say such pointless words. Rumours? Law? Who would take that seriously, there are too many of these situations to count in the entertainment circle.

Li Zixuan was about to go on cursing but Shen Chuchu continued, “Oh right, I certainly don’t know a Mister Han or his secretary but I’m not so sure about you and Executive Liu. Good luck! Don’t get caught by his wife!”

Shen Chuchu felt very relieved and calm when she saw Li Zixuan’s stunned expression. She then smiled and said goodbye to Xinming and Li Zixuan.  

Naturally, Shen Chuchu only found out about their relationship when she looked into Li Zixuan’s marriage system. As a result, it was revealed that her husband was an infamous big shot who specialized in sleeping with female celebrities. The sole reason she recognized him was that she had seen him before at a dinner party Xinming once took her to.

However, she had heard previously he already had a spouse and from what Xinming advised her, it was best not to get involved with him since the wife was a troublesome though powerful character and had messed with many female celebrities.

Who could have thought, Li Zixuan would succeed in the end. From what she had seen, they had gotten together last year, not too long after the dinner party they attended with Xinming. It was predicted that they would be married at the end of this year.

Barely a month had passed since the last dinner party, so Executive Liu couldn’t have divorced his wife yet. That meant Li Zixuan was currently a mistress.

Judging from Li Zixuan’s expression just now, Shen Chuchu was certain that she had guessed correctly.

She clearly had used her own body to become a mistress, yet she still laughed at her?? Li Zixuan seemed ridiculous to her. Did she really think that everyone was like her?

When Shen Chuchu walked away, Xinming gave Li Zixuan a deep look and asked, “You and Executive Liu?

Li Zixuan awkwardly replied, “Well……Ming-ge. You can’t exactly blame me, Executive Liu came to me first. I didn’t really have a choice.”

Xinming fixed his red-framed glasses and started to walk away, “I thought I reminded you guys to be aware of Executive Liu’s wife. If anything happens, I can’t guarantee your safety.”  

Li Zixuan quickened her pace and replied, “Ming-ge, do you think Shen Chuchu will……?”

Xinming gave a frown then looked at Li Zixuan and said, “Is it your first day here? She wouldn’t dare to expose anything unless she doesn’t want to stay in the social circle anymore, plus she has no background support. Also, have you been caught on camera?”  

Li Zixuan paused for a moment then decidedly shook her head and replied, “I don’t think so. Also, when you said Shen Chuchu has no background support, then how did she manage to get the representative role for the Han Group?”

Xinming’s face darkened at this question. During a conference meeting, a mid-level manager mentioned to the higher-ups that he was the one who landed the representative with the Han Group. However, when he gave the manager a gift as a token of gratitude and proposed to replace Shen Chuchu with Li Zixuan, the Han Group rejected his offer.

It was then that he finally understood that Shen Chuchu was originally chosen because of her face. When he made inquiries with a staff member who was involved, he found that Shen Chuchu was picked because she matched their image whereas it was clear that Li Zixuan was obviously artificial and had plastic surgery.

Xinming carefully examined Li Zixuan then said, “I did nominate you, but they said you weren’t pretty enough so they took you down.”

“I am not pretty enough? I am way more beautiful than Shen Chuchu!” Li Zixuan angrily replied while stroking her multi-thousand dollar face.

“You are beautiful enough, but the Han Group said you had a plastic face and weren’t unique.” Xinming pressed for the elevator then continued, “Also, you don’t have to worry whether Shen Chuchu has anyone backing her up. Just as you said, there is no way that Mr. Han would be interested in the likes of small celebrities when he wasn’t even interested in our company’s top girl. It’s all lunatic ravings.”

Li Zixuan relaxed and said, “That’s good, so I have nothing to worry about.”

Xinming pondered a while and answered, “But Shen Chuchu’s temper has grown, so I better give her a call to make sure she doesn’t do anything.”

As he said this, Xinming dialled Shen Chuchu’s number.

When Shen Chuchu saw Xinming’s name appeared on her phone in the taxi, she did not want to pick up after what just happened. However, she couldn’t restrain herself. She still had a contract with them that hadn’t expired yet!

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