“Chuchu, since you’re still new, there are plenty of things that you don’t understand yet in the entertainment circle. There are certain people you should never offend, such as Executive Liu. If you mess with him, you can forget about your career in entertainment. Even your life will….”. Sensing he had said something wrong, Xinming quickly began to explain, “Anyways, I am telling you for your own sake. You and Li Zixuan debuted at the same time. You two are practically sisters, so there is no need to be hurtful.”

Shen Chuchu was a bit regretful at her slip of tongue earlier, but when she heard this, she felt furious. If she really wanted to get revenge on Li Zixuan, she would have just done something rather than saying it out loud. She had originally not intended to do anything but she might as well now after what Xinming said.

“Ming-ge, what are you saying? Of course, I wouldn’t dare to offend Executive Liu. If Li Zixuan didn’t say those distasteful words, I wouldn’t have bothered saying anything anyways. Also, what I said came from the news I saw on Weibo so it was just a jest. If you hadn’t called me, I would have thought it was just an internet joke.”   

Xinming’s heart sank when he heard this and replied, “Haha, yes, the internet is all smoke and mirrors. Executive Liu and Li Zixuan would never have that kind of relationship. You must behave now so I can bring you more future opportunities like the Han Group.”

“Thanks a lot, Ming-ge.” Shen Chuchu hung up once she finished.

“Ming-ge, what did she say?” Li Zixuan asked in a hurry when she saw the call had ended.

Instead of answering, Xinming opened Weibo on his phone and walked first into the open elevator with his head held down.

When the elevator reopened, Xinming walked out and handed his phone to Li Zixuan. He said, “Take a look yourself, there are many pictures posted of you and other men online.”

Shen Chuchu’s expression went cold once she hung up the phone. As soon as she arrived home, the first thing she did was to get online and search for Executive Liu.  

Shen Chuchu found a photo of Executive Liu then stared at it for three seconds until a large red heart appeared. She clicked on it and for the first time saw the profile of a person who had two marriages.  

Status: Married
Red Thread of Fate 1

Marriage Partner: Zhang Wenli [Photograph]

Marriage Date: March 9th 2003

Divorce Date: 29th November 2018  

Marriage Rating: 2 Stars ( Loveless State)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]  

Red Thread of Fate 2

Marriage Partner: Li Zixuan [Photograph]

Marriage Date: December 7th 2018  

Marriage Rating: 4 Stars (Compatible)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]  

Shen Chuchu looked at the divorce date and realised that the first couple had not yet divorced. When she clicked open the first Red Thread of Fate, [Divorce Reason] appeared and it was then that Shen Chuchu finally understood why they divorced.  

[The husband has an illegitimate child]

It goes without saying that the illegitimate child would definitely be from Li Zixuan. What was more surprising was that not only Li Zixuan had a child with Executive Liu, but their marriage was also rated four stars. However, she would still be considered a marriage breaker.

After searching for stuff about Executive Liu, Shen Chuchu also searched for Li Zixuan. It turned out there was a lot of online gossips regarding Li Zixuan’s photos with wealthy men, so her speculation earlier was not entirely untrue. However, Shen Chuchu knew from the marriage system that none of these was Executive Liu, even though a few did look similar. These photographs were taken before they had met each other.  

Regardless, this did make things more convenient for her.

Insult and threaten her? Sorry, but she wasn’t going to turn the other cheek! If she did not report the other party’s immoral and lawbreaking behaviour, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

She opened Weibo and logged into the account, I am Yue Lao.

Then, she sent out a private message to Red Feather.

I am Yue Lao: How could an immoral person with no talent become a celebrity? Yue Lao’s conscience struggles to find peace. I have seen you take photographs of Li Zixuan before so I am going to give you a piece of information. The one who is with Li Zixuan is Executive Liu of Jushi Technology.

Red Feather saw the message and immediately replied: God, is this really true?? [Surprised]

I am Yue Lao: Gods never resort to lying. But you must understand that as a God it is very difficult to say these things as the mysteries of heaven must never be revealed. Therefore I must bother you with this task of saving the world.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: Rest assured God, I will absolutely not rat you out! [Excitement]

Shen Chuchu thought that it would take a while, but it didn’t. After two days of waiting, Red Feather sent her a message. It contained a video and three photos of them. It captured them intimately entering a hotel, going to the gynaecology department and lastly kissing at the hospital.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: Look, God. I feel like my followers will definitely rise another couple ten thousand. Thanks. [Delighted]

However, Shen Chuchu did not have Red Feather’s confidence. She was somewhat worried: Are you not worried about revenge from Executive Liu?

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: Why would I? I did my homework, so don’t worry. Executive Liu is nothing without his wife. The biggest project he has ever done to date was with his in-laws, so I can bet he is done for this time. I’m doing his wife a big favour here, and plus, he will be too busy fending for himself to look into who exposed them. And even if he did find me, I am not scared! Also, I took a bunch of photos and this child might not even be Executive Liu’s. 

Red Feather then sent over these photos which included photos of Li Zixuan with other men and her plastic surgery ones too.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: Sigh, I am really speechless at these types of women. Not too long ago, she was hyped up as the prettiest campus belle* on a tv programme. [Scorn]

*TL-note: French word “belle” means beautiful woman, hence, campus belle is the most beautiful girl in the school.

Shen Chuchu read the messages and breathed a sigh of relief. After all, she was a cowardly person so as long as she would not be affected by retaliation then all is well.

After chatting for a while, Red Feather posted the news.

Although it was only a small scandal and Li Zixuan was only a small-time celebrity who had become a hot topic due to last month’s tv segment, everyone was still very willing to have their say.

“Who is Li Zixuan? Without a doubt, she is a mistress with her plastic face. It’s disgusting. I strongly recommend blocking! [Vomit]”

“I didn’t know it was a general practice to call anyone the prettiest campus belle in society. It should be the smelliest instead! [Nausea]

“It is immoral to break up families. I never want to see this woman again. [Goodbye]”


Shen Chuchu felt less scared when she heard Red Feather’s words but her heart still remained slightly anxious. On the second day, Shen Chuchu was finally able to calm down when she saw everything had disappeared off Weibo and Executive Liu and his wife were out on an event to combat the rumours. The company had also covered for Li Zixuan.

Shen Chuchu looked at Executive Liu’s photo and opened his marriage system once again.

Status: Married

Marriage Partner: Zhang Wenli [Photograph]

Marriage Date: March 9th 2003

Marriage Rating: 3 Stars (Courteous)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

Shen Chuchu let out a sigh of relief when she saw a change in the marriage system. So does this count as saving a marriage? What reward will she receive from the system?

While Shen Chuchu contemplated this, she opened the interface.
Current Level: 4 (24/50)
Acting Skill: 23 (100)

Chance Value: 1 (10)

Shen Chuchu’s eyes sparkled when she saw the experience points. She did not receive any rewards but her experience points rose to a total of 20 points! It was still at 4 when she went to sleep last night. She figured in the days to come, more experience points will be needed to level up as for Level 1 she needed 10, Level 2 was 20……so Level 10 will be 100. There was also a slight increase in acting skills at each new level but at this rate, it would take more than a lifetime to get to 100.

She had wanted to earn more money and increase her acting skills by doing more fortune-telling but one day she found that on her fifteenth one, she began to feel unwell. So that idea was impossible which meant she could only do ten on Taobao and one on Weibo.

The incident with Executive Liu suddenly gave her an epiphany. It turned out she could gain more points when the marriage was more complex and the task was harder to complete. When she did fortune-telling previously, she had always left the complicated ones and only picked the easy ones to do. She realised her previous reasoning was incorrect and she should find challenging ones instead. But these complicated marriage systems are very hard to find.

While Shen Chuchu delightfully continued to stay at home earning money and telling fortunes, the advertisement with the Han Group was also about to start.

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