When Shen Chuchu’s car started, Secretary Wang still did not have a clue of what just happened. He watched as the car disappeared from his sight and rushed to report to his boss. On his way there, Secretary Wang was still pondering to himself and wondering how the boss would react after hearing this.


Han Xingyan was originally standing outside but had to sit in the car after he was discovered. He looked at Secretary Wang who was standing alone outside and asked suspiciously, “Where is Miss Shen?”

Secretary Wang truthfully replied, “Miss Shen left.”

“Left? Why? Did you not explain to her?” Han Xingyan asked.

Secretary Wang thought to himself, it was not because he did not explain but rather Miss Shen did not give him a chance to explain anything. He simply replied, “I was about to but Miss Shen said she was not free and left.”

Han Xingyan listened to Secretary Wang’s words and saw that there was nothing from his phone. He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Secretary Wang carefully looked at his boss’ expression and added caringly, “I saw that Miss Shen didn’t look too good. Maybe she was too tired. I heard from the crew that she was filming the entire afternoon. It seems that there was some bottleneck in the performance.”

Han Xingyan raised his head and glanced at Secretary Wang as if thinking about something. After a while, he said, “Okay, start the car.”

On the other hand, Shen Chuchu received a text message from Han Xingyan when she arrived at the hotel. The time was two o’clock in the afternoon.

Han Xingyan: Miss Shen, I’m on a business trip in Hengdian. Are you free to meet? I will wait for you outside.

After reading this message, Shen Chuchu frowned even more. Han Xingyan, what does this mean? He does not look like a playboy so why is he doing this? Does he want to hook up with Qin Yingran and herself as well?

She initially did not want to reply but still replied in the end. After all, Han Xingyan had helped her out in the past.

Shen Chuchu: CEO Han, sorry I didn’t have time as I was shooting the entire afternoon. Also, CEO Han, if you need to tell me anything you can do it over a message. If we meet privately then it can cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Han Xingyan was dealing with official business at the hotel and frowned fiercely at the message sent by Shen Chuchu. What do unnecessary misunderstandings mean?

When Secretary Wang walked in, he saw CEO Han who was in a daze with his mobile phone and coughed slightly to remind him, “Boss, dinner is here.”

Han Xingyan did not seem to have heard Secretary Wang’s words as there was no reaction on his face. Secretary Wang instructed the waiter to put down the things quietly and back out quietly.

“Boss, take your time. I will be in the next room. Call me if you need anything.” Secretary Wang said with a smile. Afterwards, he turned to leave.

Unexpectedly, Han Xingyan started to talk.

“You said Miss Shen has some sort of misunderstanding towards me?”

When Secretary Wang heard these words, he immediately became more energetic, turned around and looked at the apparently dazed president. He restrained the excitement in his heart and said, “Well Boss, let me ask a question before answering your question. Have you ever explained your scandal with Miss Qin Yingran to Miss Shen last time?”

Han Xingyan thought of the person he had not seen since that day and replied, “Does it need an explanation?”

Secretary Wang’s chest felt a little tight but he still said with a smile, “Naturally. If you don’t explain then Miss Shen will definitely misunderstand that you are in a relationship with Qin Yingran.”

After hearing this, Han Xingyan thought of the woman in the afternoon and his face turned a bit chilly. He replied, “Nonsense.”

Secretary Wang’s smile stayed unwavering and he continued, “Yes, it is naturally all nonsense. However, after Miss Shen saw the news, then your meeting with Qin Yingran today,… Miss Shen probably misunderstood.”

For Han Xingyan, who had never explored a woman’s mind, this issue seemed a bit more complicated. He needed time to think. However, for him as a man who managed an enterprise, he wanted to quickly understand the key points.

“So you are saying that Miss Shen misunderstood about me and Qin Yingran so refused to meet me?”

Secretary Wang saw the slightly hopeful look in his boss’s eyes and thought for a while then filtered his own thoughts, “This is probably the reason.”

Then seeing the joy in the boss’s eyes, he could not help and added, “However, it is also possible that Miss Shen was really tired and there was no misunderstanding.”

CEO Han who had always been calm and self-sufficient did not dispel his enthusiasm because of his secretary’s words but kept his joyful feelings. He replied, “Okay, I understand. You can go out now.”

Secretary Wang opened his mouth and wanted to persuade the CEO not to think about things too much but held back as he already did. 

When Secretary Wang left, Han Xingyan looked at the text message he had just received and thought about it. He did not reply but instead called.

Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan’s incoming call and after a ten seconds struggle, she answered it.

“Miss Shen, I think you seem to have some misunderstanding towards me. Are you free? I will pick you up.”

Shen Chuchu did not expect Han Xingyan to straightforwardly ask her that she was a little embarrassed after hearing this and did not know how to answer him for a while.

The usually quiet and reserved CEO Han continued, “Perhaps you’ve forgotten that you promised me two meals? Are you backing out of your promise?”

Shen Chuchu immediately replied, “No, CEO Han. Please do not misunderstand, that is not my intention.”

Han Xingyan heard what Shen Chuchu said and replied with a faint smile in his tone, “Yes, I know that was not your intention. So let’s be spontaneous and Miss Shen will treat me today. I will meet you in half an hour by the back door of the VIP building.”

This time, Han Xingyan did not wait for Shen Chuchu to reply and hung up.

“But…” Shen Chuchu barely managed to speak and the phone already had a busy tone.

Secretary Wang who was preparing to eat takeaway in his room suddenly heard the door open. The young boss walked straight in front of him and went into the bathroom. After a long time, his boss walked out. He felt that the boss seemed different from when he first entered but even after a while, he still could not see any difference.

As he was still puzzled, his boss looked over and said, “Give me the car keys, I’m going out.”

When Secretary Wang heard this, he immediately handed the car keys over.

Before Han Xingyan left, he stated, “I haven’t touched the food in my room so you can have it.”

Secretary Wang was so stunned by his boss’ behaviour that he blankly replied, “Oh, okay.”

When Shen Chuchu went out, she found that there was no one at the back door except for a hotel staff member. She did not know which was Han Xingyan’s car. When thinking about what to do, her cell phone rang.

The caller was Han Xingyan.

Shen Chuchu followed Han Xingyan’s directions and quickly found his car. As soon as she got in the car, Han Xingyan said, “Sorry, I heard that there is a lot of paparazzi here. Secretary Wang didn’t come with me this time so I was afraid of getting you into trouble, so I did not get out of the car.”

Secretary Wang, who was abandoned by his boss, sneezed fiercely.

Shen Chuchu was quite satisfied with Han Xingyan’s approach. Although she was not very famous and had also disguised herself when she came out by wearing a mask and even a hat. Surely even her mother would not recognize her.

At this thought, she suddenly thought of a question. So, how did Han Xingyan recognise her…

“How did you know that was me?”

Han Xingyan was starting the car and casually replied, “I knew from the first glance.”

“What? Was it that obvious? If there was a reporter just now, wouldn’t I be photographed?” Shen Chuchu nervously replied.

Han Xingyan replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. I’ve been here for a while and did not see any paparazzi. Moreover, unfamiliar people wouldn’t recognise you.”

So, the subtext of this sentence was that they are very familiar with each other? Shen Chuchu thought about these words and glanced at Han Xingyan who was driving seriously. It seemed that this scene also had a sense of deja vu.

As she watched the man with the perfect profile, he suddenly turned his head and asked, “Where do you want to eat?”

Shen Chuchu was caught red-handed and looked left and right, “Don’t know. I’m not familiar with this place, I don’t know what’s delicious. “

Han Xingyan nodded, “Alright.”

Afterwards, Han Xingyan focused on driving. About twenty minutes later, the car turned left and right into a small alley. After exiting the alley, the cavity revealed a unique private kitchen.

After parking the car, two people walked down.

Shen Chuchu could not help and asked, “CEO Han, do you come to Hengdian often? You seem to be familiar with this place.”

Han Xingyan glanced sideways at Shen Chuchu and said, “On the contrary, this is the first time.”

“Then how do you know such a secret place?”

Han Xingyan smiled slightly, and said, “In order to have dinner with Miss Shen, I specifically inquired about it.”

Shen Chuchu looked at the smiling eyes and felt that the stars in the sky were not as bright as these eyes.

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