The phone vibrated incessantly, drawing Ye An out of her haze. She answered the call.

“Hey, Mom.”

There was a stretch of silence from the phone. 

Ye An grew nervous from the silence. “What’s up? Is your body okay?”

After a moment, a voice finally sounded over the phone, “I’m fine. I just haven’t called you in a long time…”

Ye An’s lashes trembled. She concealed the emotions in her eyes and said, “I’ve been a little busy at work lately… was the money I sent not enough?”

“It’s enough.” Xia Jin paused. “I don’t need that much money right now. You should take more care of yourself. Don’t lower yourself to that position to ask him for money.”

Her use of “him” was directed at Ye Yuan Nian. Ye An’s head hurt, so she rubbed her temples and lightly replied, “En, I know. I didn’t get that money from him.”

After another moment of silence, there seemed to be not enough things for the mother-daughter pair to speak about.

“How about I come and visit you?” Xia Jin suddenly asked.

Ye An was taken aback, and she quickly replied, “Your body is weak; don’t constantly be on the move. I’m all right.”

With her temper, if she were to know that Ye Yuan Nian had married their daughter away to a blind man, there would definitely be bloodshed.

Xia Jin didn’t persist. “Then tell me if you ever want to come visit.”

“En, take care of your body.”

After hanging up, Ye An let out a breath.

Before she could even finish, however, a knock sounded from outside the door.

Her hand trembled, causing her to drop the phone.

There was a carpet in the lounge, so dropping her phone wouldn’t have been a problem if… the corner of her phone hadn’t hit the coffee table on the way down. The cracks blossomed across her screen once again.

Ye An: “…”

Her calamity with phones was never-ending.

Ye An picked up her phone apathetically and called, “Come in.”

The door opened to reveal Zhong Fu. He said, “Madam, President Xie invites you to return.”

Ye An stood and followed Zhong Fu back to the meeting room. The majority of the high-level executives had already left, leaving Xie Shuo as one of the only individuals standing at the edge of the table. He was currently talking to the middle-aged man he had addressed as “Uncle Zhang.”

Ye An walked to Xie Shuo’s side and grasped his arm, her fingertips brushing against the silk fabric.

The man cast his measuring gaze towards her before smiling.

Ye An responded with a courteous smile. She had actually learned before that the man was Zhang Junfeng, one of the deputy directors of Junming Group. The general consensus was that he had good relations with Xie Baiyan and was considered a family friend.

After a few more phrases, Zhang Junfeng also left.

The sun set towards the west, and the darkness of twilight surrounded the towering building.

Ye An supported Xie Shuo as they left the company. The two got in the car and returned to the hospital once again. 

The atmosphere inside the car was dull. Ye An felt better and was no longer as anxious as before, but when she turned to look at Xie Shuo’s indifferent face, she grew nervous again. She was unable to face him and act as deviously as she had before.

She sat there, peacefully minding her own business. Her fair, slender legs were crossed, and her appearance as a flower vase was perfect.

However, as she was focused in her own headspace, a sound interrupted the silent stillness


Her own stomach.

Ye An: “…”

After a dazed moment, Ye An hurried to hold her stomach.

Too bad that Xie Shuo had already heard it. His deep gaze focused on her.

Ye An’s face heated up

how was she always embarrassing herself in front of him?

However, it wasn’t her fault. She didn’t eat very much at lunch and accompanied him in the afternoon. Her nerves were taut, so she didn’t realize when she began to feel hungry.

“What time is it?” Xie Shuo asked.

Ye An looked at the time. “Around six.”

Xie Shuo frowned and spoke to the front, “Zhong Fu, first find a place to eat.” 

Ye An quickly tried to stop him, “Let’s go to the hospital first. I’m not even–”

The words “that hungry” hadn’t even made it out of her mouth before another grumbling sound came.

Ye An: “…”

Ye An closed her mouth.

Zhong Fu quickly found a top-class restaurant nearby and made a reservation.

The warm yellow lights appeared elegant and refined, like the moon suspended in the sky.

Ye An helped Xie Shuo find a seat and thought to herself. The other day she had tried so hard to go out and have a meal with him and even threatened to cook for him. However, today, it happened by coincidence. 

But… the mood wasn’t very romantic and didn’t have the sentiment she wanted. 

Xie Baiyan was still in the hospital, so Ye An didn’t dare consider this as a romantic date. After serving Xie Shuo some dishes as usual, she engrossed herself in eating as fast as she could.

Xie Shuo probably noticed that she was hurrying, so he suddenly said, “There have  been no updates from the hospital, so you don’t have to rush.”

Ye An looked up. The soft lighting cast a warm glow on the man’s sharp features.

An inexplicable warmth surged in her heart, causing it to thump. She looked back down, slowing down her actions.

There seemed to be more of a romantic sentiment in the air now.

After eating, the two returned to the hospital. Xie Baiyan had woken up and looked better.

Since he worried about the company’s affairs, Xie Baiayan insisted on leaving the hospital the next day but met everyone’s opposition.

“I heard from Xiao Ran that you went to the company this afternoon?” Xie Baiyan said in a questioning tone while looking at Xie Shuo.

Xie Shuo hummed in affirmation and said, “I’ve taken care of the situation with Wu Wenqi.”

Xie Baiyan sighed, “Since you can handle it, have Xiao Ran explain the matter with the Ju Family to you…” After a pause, he turned to Ye An and said, “An An, stay behind and talk with me.”

Ye An: ???

What would I talk to you about?

Ye An was confused and somewhat nervous but had no power to refuse. She had no choice but to continue smiling. Who let her play the role of a gentle and virtuous wife!

Not long later, Xie Shuo and Xie Yuran went outside to discuss the company matters. Only Ye An and Xie Baiyan were left in the room.

Ye An sat at the bedside and tucked Xie Baiyan’s quilt in while she waited for him to speak.

Xie Baiyan looked at her, saying gently, “A’ Shuo’s condition is now much better than before; thank you.”

Ye An was flattered by such a gracious comment. She smiled humbly. “You’re exaggerating. He and I are husband and wife; taking care of him is my responsibility. It hasn’t been hard on me at all.”

Her thoughts: It has been really hard; this Eldest Young Master was especially difficult to serve.

Xie Baiyan leaned on the pillow, observing her expression. He suddenly said, “An An, you’re a smart girl.”

Ye An was dumbfounded: …He should be all right; his mind wasn’t broken.

“You probably know the current situation in the Xie family. If A’ Shuo continues to be depressed, and if I cannot continue on one day, the Xie family can only hand the position to Xiao Ran or some outsider. My father doesn’t care which of his grandsons take over the business. As long as the business exists, it will be the same in anyone’s hands. But I only have one son; I can’t help but…”

Xie Baiyan sighed.

“As for Xiao Ran, even though I watched him grow up, there will always be a barrier between him and me. He was clever and thoughtful as a child, but his temperament has changed a lot–especially in the past few years. Even I can’t see through his character. It would be best if he didn’t have any bad intentions, but if…”

The “what if” part went without saying.

Even Ye An, an outsider, was suspicious of Xie Yuran, not to mention Xie Baiyan.

“You’re A’Shuo’s wife, so you probably wish the best for him too. Please take care to help him.”

Ye An didn’t expect for him to plead for such a serious request. He even entrusted her with such responsibility. After considering it for a moment, she asked, “Do you want for him to return to the company?”

Xie Baiyan shook his head. “With his current condition, it would be very difficult for him to return to the company to resume his past position. It would be fine if he would cheer up a little bit and manage his day-to-day matters. This way, if something happens, he would be able to take care of himself.”

Seeing Xie Baiyan’s graying hair and worried expression, Ye An couldn’t help but feel pity. In the end, it was the father that would take all of life’s cruel lessons for his son. Why couldn’t she have this kind of fate?

But what he said was true. As Xie Shuo’s wife, if something happened to him, she would not be able to live peacefully.

“Don’t worry too much, I’ll try my best. Speaking of which–” Ye An sent a smile in consolation, “Didn’t you schedule an appointment with a renowned medical professor on the 15th? Maybe he will find a cure.”

When she smiled, her eyes appeared crystal clear and reflected the light. Xie Baiyan seemed to be infected and began to smile as well.

He had indeed made the right choice in choosing her as his daughter-in-law.