A few minutes passed, or was it ten minutes, an hour? In short, the brief period felt very long for Shen Chuchu. Then the plane finally stabilised.

Shen Chuchu blushed and looked at the man in front of her. The man was very good-looking and was wearing a black sweater and light blue jeans. She quickly bowed her head and apologised, “Sorry, it was not intentional. Also, thank you.”

The man looked at the embarrassed Shen Chuchu and smiled, “No worries, happy to help.”

Shen Chuchu nodded and hurriedly said goodbye to the man.

After getting off the plane, Shen Chuchu thought she would meet some fans again at the airport but this time, nobody recognised her. In an instant, her head cooled down. Wanting to get popular after only a few commercials and supporting roles? Seems a bit whimsical. 

After two days in Hengdian, the opening ceremony was held for [Warm Spring].

At the opening ceremony, Shen Chuchu once again saw the time of death of a partner. This time, it appeared on a man who was over fifty years old.

The opening ceremony had been boring so Shen Chuchu had been randomly clicking on people’s marriage systems. As a result, she got a big fright.

This man’s first wife was nothing unusual, it was his second wife who really frightened her. It was Chen Meng who had recently appeared on the hot search. She seemed to be really lucky today to just happen to click into it.

Upon close examination, she discovered that this man did not marry Chen Meng after divorcing his first wife but because his first wife died. He married Chen Meng a year later.

When she saw the cause of death, Shen Chuchu broke out in cold sweat.

[Cause of Death: From being pushed down the stairs by someone]

So, should she call the police?

“Boss, Boss.” Wang Qian yelled a few times as Shen Chuchu stared at the man in front of her without any response so she quickly pulled her sleeves again.

This time Shen Chuchu snapped out of it and blinked her eyes. She looked at Wang Qian and asked, “What is it?” When she spoke, there was an obvious shakiness to her voice. 

Wang Qian looked at Shen Chuchu with a worried look. However, this was not the right moment to ask right now. She looked at Qin Yingran next to Shen Chuchu and whispered, “Boss, someone is calling for you.”

Shen Chuchu turned her head to the side and saw that Qin Yingran was standing next to her. 

Qin Yingran glanced at the man that Shen Chuchu was staring at then smirked, “Chuchu, if you have any thoughts then you have to consider them carefully. Plenty of people like Mr Dong so you have to work hard.”

Shen Chuchu frowned deeply when she heard this and coldly replied, “You’re mistaken. I was just deep in thought. Sorry, I didn’t hear you calling me.”

Qin Yingran shrugged and said, “Oh yeah, you don’t look like that kind of person. Besides, Director Chang is there to protect you. Not like us who don’t have anyone to rely on and have to rely on our own efforts.”

Shen Chuchu did not know why but looking at Qin Yingran’s face and listening to her, she could not help saying, “Didn’t Weibo recently mention that you and CEO Han’s relationship was very good? Maybe you can rely on him.”

Qin Yingran’s facial expression changed slightly upon hearing Han Xingyan’s name. Afterwards, she seemed embarrassed and said, “He is far too busy and does not have the time to bother with my stuff. Besides, I’d feel bad to always trouble him. Some things still depend on your own efforts. “

When Shen Chuchu heard Qin Yingran’s words, she was stunned on the spot.

She really did think it through and subconsciously only wanted to ridicule Qin Yingran. However, she now suddenly felt like a vicious female with a blabbermouth. They were together now and yet she was ridiculing her. 

“So you two are already together.” Shen Chuchu murmured.

Qin Yingran looked uncomfortable but continued to say, “This sort of thing is not good to disclose to the outside. I still have things to do so I’m going ahead now.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Oh, okay.”

After Qin Yingran had left, Shen Chu stood there for a long time. Afterwards, she laughed, shrugged her shoulders and let out a long sigh.

“Let’s go and go over there too.” As she said this, Shen Chuchu walked to the shooting location. Wang Qian was slightly worried but followed along.

As she waited at the shooting location, Shen Chuchu looked at the man who stayed behind on set and calculated the distance. She hesitated a moment but continued to quietly instruct Wang Qian.

Although Wang Qian did not understand why Shen Chu Chu wanted her to find out these things, she still went without any objections.

After a moment, Wang Qian returned. 

“Boss, at today’s event there are investors, producers, directors and starring actors. Producers mainly consist of…”

Shen Chu listened to Wang Qian and opened the search engine to search them one by one. Finally, after searching the third she found the person she wanted to find.

Mr. Dong, President of Minghua Company.

After finding this person, Shen Chuchu stared at his photo. She did not get the chance to see the content inside clearly earlier but with this photo, she could take a closer look.

After looking at it again, Shen Chuchu still did not have a clue. When she went to his wife’s photo, there was still no useful information. Only that she would be pushed down on that day but there were no reasons. After repeatedly searching a few times and still did not find any clues, Shen Chu looked at the man and helplessly sighed.

She wanted to save this man’s wife but without any clues, she could only give up. After all, she was not some saviour and had no relationship with this man or his wife. Moreover, the relationships of people like them are usually complex and benefit-based. If she went ahead and warned them then she could become a suspect instead.

So she should stay as a good old nobody.

However, knowing that someone was about to die but she did not try to prevent it, she had a very heavy feeling in her heart. After the morning shoot finished, Shen Chuchu watched as Mr Dong took his leave.

It was not until the afternoon when Shen Chu finally gained some spirit to shoot her scene.

This scene was her and Qin Yingran going to the capital for the first time. In fact, the scene of them on the road was in the script but they had to shoot the scenes from the manor first so the order had been changed.

“When I was young, my mother brought me here before but I’ve long forgotten what it looked like.” Miss Cousin said.

Xiao Die held the lady and smiled, “This is my first time in the capital. I only feel that the stone lion at the entrance is mightier than ours.”

Miss Cousin moved slightly sideways and said, “Naturally it is bigger than ours. You must not talk like this later or else people will look down on you.”

Shen Chu looked at Qin Jingran’s position which had blocked her shot in the camera. However, the director did not say anything so she had to go on.

As a result, there were several similar situations. Shen Chuchu finally understood that Qin Yingran was being deliberate. Shen Chuchu became a little furious after thinking about it. She had been respectful towards her nor had ever offended her, yet it was clear that others did not think so. Perhaps, the fact that Xiao Die is not Qin Yingran already offended her. 

Since Xiao Die is her and her part is more important than Qin Yingran then why must she concede?

So while the manor maid was in front leading the way, Shen Chuchu gently held Qin Yingran and warned, “Miss, be careful, the floor is slippery.”

Qin Yingran did not expect that Shen Chuchu would add to the script so she froze for a while.

And because the pause was too long, Director Tian finally yelled. “Cut!”

“Keep walking, why did you stop?”

With Director Tian nearby, Qin Yingran grew embarrassed and looked at Shen Chuchu, “If I am not mistaken, there is no script for this part?”

Shen Chuchu blinked and said, “Really? I can’t add in any parts myself? I seem to remember Qin Yingran-jie added in a few movements herself so I thought it was allowed.”

Qin Yingran looked at Shen Chu, pretending to be innocent, and became slightly angry.

Director Tian seemed to sense the situation and shouted, “That was a nice addition to the script. Take a rest and touch up your makeup. We’ll continue later.”

When Shen Chuchu returned to the rest area, Wang Qian worriedly asked in a small voice, “Boss, what happened there?”

Shen Chuchu drank some water and replied, “Nothing. Just found something very interesting about this circle. Sometimes, although you are the protagonist, if you don’t work hard, it may not even compare to the impressions left by that of a supporting actor. “

As she said this, she looked at Director Tian. She refused to believe that he did not see Qin Yingran’s movements. The first time might be a coincidence but you could not fool anyone if it happened a second or third time. However, since Director Tian did not say anything then these movements must be allowed.

Since Director Tian allowed Qin Yingran to snatch the show then why can’t she? She can’t just let herself be bullied because she was more popular and had a higher status. If others followed suit, then how will she continue to shoot?

She fought back a little so people would understand that she was not easy to bully. Or else, the more you endure, the more people think you can be bullied!

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