Sun Biyun who was watching from the side quickly pulled her husband’s sleeve and quietly said, “Old Chang, I can see there is something on Chuchu’s mind today or she’s not feeling well. Why not shoot again tomorrow. She is still a newcomer so you shouldn’t scare her.”

Director Chang heard Sun Biyun’s words and tried to restrain himself, but in the end, he exploded. He shouted at Shen Chuchu, “Shen Chuchu, what are you thinking? You are acting. Acting is such a holy thing so how can you treat your career like this and have no respect! If you don’t want to become an actor then leave.”

As soon as Director Chang finished, the set fell silent and nobody dared to speak.

Shen Chuchu closed her eyes and let out a big breath. She slowly walked to the front of Director Chang and said with guilt, “I’m sorry, Director. My state is not good today.”

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