“CEO Han, Thank you very much!”

Shen Chuchu even changed the term “you”* in order to show her respects. As expected, Han Xingyan did not reply to Shen Chuchu but she was not bothered by it either. Han Xingyan was the CEO of a company so naturally, he would not have any time in his day to pay attention to her little chit chat.

*TL-note: There are two ways to say you in Chinese: Informal (你) and Formal (您). 

When Wang Qian arrived, they both started to pack everything up. This apartment was rented from the company so it would be best if she moved out as soon as possible now that her contract had been terminated. As for where to move to, Shen Chuchu had not decided yet.

She wanted to pack everything up first. Then she would go out tomorrow and decide after.

When everything was nearly sorted, Shen Chuchu told Wan Qian to go home.

Early morning the next day, Shen Chuchu spent some time on her make-up. She waited for Wan Qian to arrive and then they both went to a company. 

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