The current Li Yutao and Zhao Xinran were not enough to be on the top search but the combination of the two, added with some scandalous news was definitely enough. Just like the saying goes, good things do not go out the door but bad things travel thousands of miles. As for the scandal, the heat that it spread was very quick.

“Simply wtf! How can Li Yutao do something like this, they had only been together for over a month? This is really bad for Zhao Xinran. [Curse]”

“I am very suspicious whether Zhao Xinran was aware or not. It would be really sad if she was not but if she did know then…that is very scary. [Hard Thinking]

“Carry away our Xinran, no need for an explanation from the player Li Yutao [Goodbye] #LiYuTaoPlayer#

“What did I say in the beginning, love will die a quick death if you show affection too quickly in the entertainment circle. But this is my first time witnessing it died this quick 23333333*”

*TL-note: It’s the emoji No. 233 on it means laughing out loudly while beating the ground/your thighs with your palms. 

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