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Li Yutao walked out from the other room and when he saw Wan Shanshan’s expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wan Shanshan changed her expression and smiled, “Nothing.”

Li Yutao nodded his head then remembered the events of last night. He looked around and said in a quiet voice, “Do you think if Shen Chuchu found out last night was our doing, will she…?”

Wan Shanshan stopped Li Yutao and laughed with irony, “Will what? Impossible. I’ve seen many newcomers like her, they just like to be arrogant. Once she’s had a taste of the benefits, she might even be grateful towards me. Anyways, this thing doesn’t concern us. Her manager made the call and it was Executive Chen who forcibly took her away. It doesn’t concern us so you don’t need to worry.”

After hearing Wan Shanshan’s words, the guilt in Li Yutao’s heart became a bit lighter. Although he still felt a thread of remorse for Shen Chuchu but this was nothing compared to the movie he was going to shoot.

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