Shen Chuchu’s words made Han Xingyan very ashamed despite the chaotic situation at that time. However, the fact was, the girl was behaving like that due to the effects of the drug while his mind was clear.

The question made it hard for him to answer.

Shen Chuchu felt somewhat complicated when Han Xingyan did not speak and continued, “It doesn’t matter. I am only asking.”

Shen Chuchu then forced a smile, “Thanks for saving me last night.”

Han Xingyan glanced at Shen Chuchu and replied, “No need.”

She thought back to Han Xingyan’s words stating that she could ask him for help. Shen Chuchu pursed her lips, tightened her fist and with a red face she said in a low voice, “But can you help me with something?” 

Han Xingyan retained his original expressionless expression and his thin lips gradually said, “You speak.”

Shen Chuchu stood up from the sofa and walked to Han Xingyan’s side. Her face was slightly red, “I want you to help me dissolve the contract between me and my company. I won’t need you to pay the penalty fee but only that you can resolve it on my behalf. I will come up with the money.”

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