When Shen Chuchu received the notification in the morning, she was so shocked. On Taobao, there was a two hundred yuan cap for each red packet* you could receive and she had just counted fifty red packets in total!

*TL-note: Red packets/envelopes is a feature in several Chinese apps (i.e. Wechat) that allows you to send money to another person. In real life, giving red envelopes (lucky money) is a tradition during Chinese New Year and sending red packets via online has become a popular way of gifting people money in China nowadays.

I am Yue Lao: Gods never accept bribes.

lily: It doesn’t matter if you are a fake or real god but this is my reward for you. Gods also need to eat so don’t mention it. This bit of money means nothing to me.

Ever since she received Shen Chuchu’s reminder, Chen Xili went ahead and did some research on the events that occurred in March last year. Although a lot of time had passed since then, there would definitely be some clues left behind if there really was anybody who did something.

In less than three days, private detectives had already found the information from that day.

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