When Shen Chuchu received the notification in the morning, she was so shocked. On Taobao, there was a two hundred yuan cap for each red packet* you could receive and she had just counted fifty red packets in total!

*TL-note: Red packets/envelopes is a feature in several Chinese apps (i.e. Wechat) that allows you to send money to another person. In real life, giving red envelopes (lucky money) is a tradition during Chinese New Year and sending red packets via online has become a popular way of gifting people money in China nowadays.

I am Yue Lao: Gods never accept bribes.

lily: It doesn’t matter if you are a fake or real god but this is my reward for you. Gods also need to eat so don’t mention it. This bit of money means nothing to me.

Ever since she received Shen Chuchu’s reminder, Chen Xili went ahead and did some research on the events that occurred in March last year. Although a lot of time had passed since then, there would definitely be some clues left behind if there really was anybody who did something.

In less than three days, private detectives had already found the information from that day.

It turned out, Yu Yiting had deliberately looked for her on that particular day! He had already known her identity and approached her with a purpose.

Ha ha! She had lived thirty years and this was the first time she came across something like this! This was also the first time she had encountered such a person!

He obviously wanted to obtain the resources of the entertainment circle through her, but on the surface, he displayed a nonchalant appearance. He did everything to make her happy and the purpose of his lukewarm behaviour was also to attract her. Like that, she had obediently given in and helped him leave his original management company. Despite the opposition from some people in her company, she even claimed that he had the traits to go hot and pulled him into their company.   

Truly a great trick!

She really did not want to admit the feelings she already had for Yu Yiting…and precisely because of this, she felt even more ridiculous.

She had been immersed in the immorality of the entertainment circle for many years and slept with many but to think she had fallen head first for this one. Recently, she even wanted to buy him a car…it was ridiculous to think about it now!

If he had made his intentions known from the beginning then she might have not been as mad. These past years within the entertainment circle, countless people threw themselves at her in order to ask for some benefits. As long as she liked them, she never really rejected them since it was mutually beneficial. She liked their young bodies and handsome faces while they wanted to get some resources through her. It was because Yu Yiting did not make it clear at the start that she felt cheated by his affections.

This was one thing she absolutely could not tolerate.

Want a car? Buy it yourself. Want resources? Fight for it yourself. As for their relationship…uh, it could continue until found the next suitable guy.

She was very thankful for Shen Chuchu’s reminder. Originally, she wanted to purchase the items on her Taobao but it had already been taken down due to limited stock.

In the end, she sent ten thousand yuan of red packets to Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu compared her own income to the nouveau riche* Chen Xili and accepted it.

*TL-note: Nouveau riche is a term, usually derogatory, to describe those whose wealth has been acquired within their own generation, rather than by familial inheritance. The equivalent English term is the “new rich” or “new money”.

To an extent, she warned Chen Xili but this could also be considered as ruining a marriage. Who knew if it would bite her in the end. But first, she would receive the money, then she would think about it! Besides, Chen Xili did not lack money.

At this, Shen Chuchu put on an act.

I am Yue Lao: Many thanks to our benefactor for donating to our temple.

Shen Chuchu thought back to the last time when she drove away a mistress and saved the marriage of Executive Liu and his wife. The system was very generous, she was able to gain twenty experience points plus a chance value. It was precisely due to this that she was able to get the shoot for the Han Group. She wondered if the system would reward her again and give her another chance value?

With this in mind, Shen Chuchu opened the marriage system in a hurry. As a result, Shen Chuchu was struck dumb when she saw the content inside.

Current Level: 7 (20/80)

Acting Skill: 26 (100)

Chance Value: 1 (10)

As a matter of fact, her original experience point was already twenty-five. This time not only there was no experience points added, but it was also actually reduced! This was unscientific, why had it been reduced. She had clearly successfully warned and helped Chen Xili to avoid a playboy. Why was there no contribution but instead, given a punishment!

At this moment, Shen Chuchu was very sad to see the line written below.

[Host, due to your activity the marriage rate has dropped. So five points have been deducted! Please be more cautious in the future!]

Shen Chuchu nearly exploded with anger at these words. How had she made the marriage rate decreased, she clearly did a good deed!!

At this thought, Shen Chuchu angrily opened Yu Yiting’s marriage system. The marriage system indicated that Yu Yiting married twice but it was with different people and they were not as pretty as the ones before. These two were rather average.

Shen Chuchu felt she did not do anything wrong. At least for Yu Yiting, she had decreased the divorce rate which resulted in one less unhappy couple for society. He married one less time but also divorced one less time.

Unless… the issue laid with Chen Xili?

Shen Chuchu quickly opened Chen Xili’s photograph. As a result, there was now a black heart on Chen Xili’s head! A black heart meant they would never get married. Oh my god, Chen Xili why did you not want to get married! This result was simply too heartbreaking.

The depressed Shen Chuchu almost cried. It was not an easy task to gain those experience points and she could not imagine how difficult it would be to gain a level in the later stages. At this deduction rate, she would run out of acting skills again.

Shen Chuchu thought it and decided that she would just have to try everything in such desperate situations and started a private message with Chen Xili.

I am Yue Lao: Benefactor, there are plenty of good men in the world. Apart from one less bad man, there will be many better ones for you to choose from.

Chen Xili replied within seconds: You are right, I think so too. There are plenty of Little Fresh Meats and I should enjoy my life in the present. Marriage, this sort of thing is too big of a risk so I won’t do it.

Shen Chuchu was actually speechless and unable to refute because she felt Chen Xili’s was right. Nevertheless, she tried to persuade her again.

I am Yue Lao: Benefactor, do you truly want to make this decision? Why not reconsider again?

Chen Xili: No, I feel this decision is very fitting and it is also after my own careful considerations. [Cool]

Shen Chuchu decided to give up since she could not persuade Chen Xili. If she had to make the decision between encountering another playboy or staying single forever, then she would also pick the latter.

Moreover, there were still plenty of individuals with marriage needs under the sun and even more who still required her aid in their marriage. There was no need to instill the idea of marriage into someone who might brainwash her instead.

She admitted defeat and gave up.

After a wash, Shen Chuchu started to do the one thing she must do every day.

Practice her acting skill!

Her so-called practice was none other than watching good female actresses in classic movies. She would then imitate the female lead in their speech and copy their performances.

Frankly, Shen Chuchu did not even know if it was useful. After all, she never received any professional training and had never been taught what she must do. She merely watched a documentary before about acting skills and one of the female actresses also mentioned she never had any professional training. From the start, the female actress watched a ton of excellent films to enrich her own acting knowledge hence Shen Chuchu also decided to follow her.  

However, she soon realised the benefits.

As of now, her acting skill was twenty-six but her actual acting skill was only twenty. Those extra points, she had no way to skillfully put them to use. Just like back at the shoot for the Han Group, she was unable to coordinate some of her limbs and her mind was unable to keep up with her body. It took several hours to overcome the problem by a little bit.

Now the acting skill had increased by two points since then, so it would make it even harder for her to work with. Therefore, she could only practice more at home so her body could keep up with the sequences in her mind.

After a whole month, the jewellery advertisement she did for the Han Group was released while she was matchmaking and self-disciplining her acting skills.

Naturally, she did not hear this from her manager due to Xinming’s uncaring attitude towards her. She received no information at all related to the later stages of the advertisement campaign.

However, she was not retarded or braindead. Regardless of Xinming, she could still be self-reliant. The Han Group had an official Weibo and she naturally paid a lot of attention in this aspect due to her own lack of exposure.

The first thing Shen Chuchu wanted to do was share the post when she saw that the Han Group had posted the advertisement on their Weibo. This was an exceptionally good opportunity to mix in with some familiar faces during the hype and she would be a fool if she did not hurry.

Fortunately, the company had already registered her on Weibo and did not take her account password so this Weibo was still in her hands.

Shen Chuchu V: True love is worth waiting for [Tease] // Han Group V: “In the vast boundless sky, in the endless wilderness of time, in the oasis of the Sahara Desert. I suddenly turned around and turned out that you were not far off in the distance. Those years of endless waiting are worthwhile to meet you at this moment. Waiting for you, waiting for true love. Are you still waiting?” Leaf-shaped earrings, waiting for the happiness of your life. @Shen Chuchu [Video]

After she finished sharing, Shen Chuchu remembered to watch the video. Once it ended, she felt she was absolutely beautiful. Her awkward acting skills did not matter because it could not be seen in this advertisement anyways. It only showed her extraordinary beauty. She admired it for a while then went to read the comments underneath.

“What beautiful earrings [Drool]”

“I wonder if it’s expensive. I really want to buy it. [Frantic]

“Can I really find true love if I wear these? [Pout]

After a dozen or so, Shen Chuchu finally found a comment that praised her.

“If I had the looks of the girl in the advertisement then I would have already bought a bunch of nice looking earrings. So it doesn’t matter if the earrings look good or not, it still depends on the face.”

She finally felt at ease after seeing this comment.

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