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  1. The Date (Part 3)


Even though it was currently lunchtime, there were still a lot of people in the water park. There were a lot of food stands in the water park, so most people would stay to have lunch since it was cheaper and saved time. Senior Sister and I were no exception..


“Little Yan, how’s the takoyaki?” Senior Sister, sitting across from me, asked.


“Not bad. Do you want to try one, Senior Sister?” Seeing her almost drooling, I knew that Senior Sister wanted to have some…


“Really?” Senior Sister’s eyes fell onto the takoyaki, glowing.


“Of course.”


“Then I won’t be polite!” Senior Sister picked up a bamboo skewer and poked into one of the meatballs, throwing it into her mouth.


“Senior Sister, eat slowly….careful and don’t choke.” My warning fell flat as Senior Sister’s complexion suddenly turned. She hit her chest, choking.


“Senior Sister, are you okay?” I went over and patted Senior Sister on the back.


“Fu…no problem…” Senior Sister swallowed the meatball, breathing in a deep breath…


“I say, Senior Sister, why are you eating it so fast?”


“Hehe, you don’t know? If you eat the whole meatball at once, you get the best taste!” The corner of her mouth curled up in pride.


What kind of reasoning was that, how would I know? But with one look, you could see that she was making up excuses, I won’t expose her….


“Oh, so that’s why. Senior Sister, you know so much!” I pretended to be surprised.


“Hurhur, who do you think I am?” Senior Sister crossed her arms, giving an arrogant look.




“Little Yan, what are you laughing at? Is there something on my face?” My sudden laugh made Senior Sister confused, thinking that she had something on her face.


“No, I just thought that Senior Sister looked so cute,” I said with a smile.


“Umm…” Hearing this, her face turned red.


“Senior Sister, do you not feel well?” I looked at the smoke rising off of Senior Sister’s forehead, and I put my forehead against hers to check whether her temperature was normal. If Senior Sister got a fever on our date, I would feel bad.


“Woah!” As I put my forehead on hers, Senior Sister bumped into my head, surprised. Being pushed, my center of gravity became unsteady, and shortly I fell to the ground.


“Little Yan, are you okay!” Senior Sister swiftly came to help me up.


“No problem, but Senior Sister, what happened to you? Usually you wouldn’t react like this.” I slowly stood up with Senior Sister’s help and finally sat down in the seat.


“No, it was just a reflex!” Saying this, Senior Sister pouted, looking away unhappily.


Senior Sister’s appearance right now is ultra cute! No, no, what was happening here? Is Senior Sister being shy? That’s impossible? She was clearly able to go to places with lots of people that look at her with no regard, she was able to hug and kiss me without even a change in her expression, so she absolutely couldn’t possibly be shy. Don’t tell me pushing me back really was just reflexes?


“Alright, Senior Sister, don’t get angry. Now that we’re finished eating, let’s rest for a while and then go play.”


“Why rest for a while?” Senior Sister asked.


“It’s common knowledge that it’s bad for your body to do any big movements just after eating.”


“Oh, is that so! Looks like I don’t have a lot of common knowledge,” Senior Sister said jokingly.


“We should go out and stroll around to help our bodies digest a little faster.” I proposed a suggestion to her.


“Yeah, let’s go.” Senior Sister grabbed my hand, leading me outside. Walking outside, I saw that there were a lot of people in the pool looking like dumplings. It was only the middle of May, but it seemed like the heat came earlier to the city. It was already 25 degrees and there were a lot of people now since everybody wanted to cool off.


[TL: The temperature is in Celsius. It would be about 77 degrees Fahrenheit.]


Senior Sister and I hadn’t walked far before we were stopped by three guys. With one look, you could see they were here to hit on somebody.


“Miss, what’s your number?” A blond-haired guy approached Senior Sister.


“Sorry, I don’t tell my phone number to strangers.” Senior Sister finished and walked away, I followed.


“Then how about QQ!” The blond guy once again approached Senior Sister. It looked like he wouldn’t give up.


[TL: QQ is a Chinese messenger app.]


“Do you think the way you’re acting isn’t disturbing me?” Senior Sister smiled murderously at him.


The blond-haired guy, frightened by Senior Sister, muttered an apology and hastily ran away. Senior Sister really can change dark very fast…


Seeing the three fleeing, Senior Sister let out a sigh.


“Now that the annoyances are away, we should go play, okay?”


“Out of the question, it’s said that you should wait thirty minutes after eating before doing anything strenuous, or you’ll hurt your stomach. And we only came out for two minutes. Senior Sister, can’t you just wait?”


“Since Little Yan said so, let’s go take a stroll!”


“Um, okay!”

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