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  1. The Date (Part 1)


At seven in the morning, my alarm clock rang. I dragged my heavy body out of the bed to get up.


Yesterday evening, I was so excited about the date today with Senior Sister that I couldn’t sleep the whole night and now I felt horrible…no, I can’t go out on a date with Senior Sister looking like this. I must 100% ready. First, let’s wash my face with cold water to wake up.


Thinking of this, I entered the washroom to sprinkle cold water on my face. My drowsiness was gone instantly. Taking a look in the mirror, it was still the same…alright, don’t say it, saying it will make me cry… After I finished cleaning myself up, I went to the refrigerator and took out some bread to eat. After I finished eating, I went to put on the clothes I had prepared last night. Now it was all settled! By then, it was half past seven, about time to go to the agreed meeting point. I locked my door and hurried off.


“Little Yan, over here, over here!” At the station, Senior Sister waved at me.


“Hu…Sorry, did I make you wait long, Senior Sister?” I ran over to Senior Sister and found that it was still 7:45, so she should’ve waited here for a while now. On a date, the girlfriend got there first, I had truly failed….


“Actually, I also just arrived,” she said with a smile. “Let’s go, I’ve already waited, there’s no need to rush!” Saying this, Senior Sister took my hand and pulled me into a run towards the theme park.



“Ah!!” I was sitting on the roller coaster scared until I was screaming. Senior Sister sat next to me like it was nothing and even giggled sometimes.


“I…can’t take this…..” After getting off the roller coaster, I sat down on a chair in the amusement park with an ashen look.


“Are you okay?” Senior Sister gave me a can of cola and faced me.


“It’s alright, I just don’t feel too good…” I took the cola and answered.


“You don’t feel that good, and it’s alright?” Senior Sister sat beside me and opened her cola, taking a drink.


“Ha….Right, Senior Sister are you all right?” I curiously asked.


“Previously, my younger brother would drag me along to go on roller coasters, and now I have a little immunity to them,” Senior Sister replied disapprovingly.


“I’ve never heard of an immunity to roller coasters.”


“You go and ride ten roller coasters a day and see if you will become immune.”


“I think I would die…” Senior Sister really isn’t your average person, the first time I sat on a roller coaster, my life almost flew away from me. Another ten times? This is the way towards immortality….


“Okay, let’s go to the next one!”


The next one wouldn’t be as scary as the roller coaster, right?


“Let’s go, let’s go to this one!” Senior Sister pointed towards the haunted house.


“Okay.” Although I was really scared of haunted houses, it was better than the roller coasters….


The two of us bought the tickets to enter the haunted house. To be honest, a haunted house wasn’t as frightening as a game or a movie, because it was lacking the frightening BGM.


“Ah!” I once again cried out because a zombie had appeared in front of me.


“Little Yan, you’re scared!” Senior Sister laughed.


“That can’t be blamed on me. Who told my mom to like to tell ghost stories? Now everything looks cursed,” I grumbled.


“Scared is still scared, don’t make excuses.” Senior Sister gave a proud look, “But you can just hide behind me!”


“Who’s scared? I’m clearly not scared!” Senior Sister didn’t seem convinced.


“Didn’t you just admit you’re scared?”


“You clearly heard wrong!”


“Oh? Is that so?” Senior Sister asked with a forced smile.


“Of course!”


“In that case, Little Yan, you should protect me!”


“Of course.” I patted my chest confidently. Everything in the haunted house was man-made so if you think about it more deeply, it isn’t as scary. Of course, now I think like this but it would still be…


“Ah, scared me to death….my heart almost gave out…” Senior Sister was supporting me out of the haunted house as I hammered the weird feeling out of my chest. And why you ask would I be supported by Senior Sister? Hehe….that’s because my legs had given out….


“Look at you, you said you were going to protect me, but you became so frightened your legs gave out,” Senior Sister supported me towards a chair to sit down in.


So embarrassing…


“I…I was not frightened!”


“How is that so?”


“Alright, I admit I was scared….”


“Okay, let’s go to the next one!”


“Let me take a rest…I’m dying here….”


“Oh? Then let’s go sit on the roller coaster. After the stimulation, you’ll be all fine.”


“Okay! Let’s go!” I got up with my two hands from the chair, I didn’t want to do that again…


“Then, let’s go!” Senior Sister took my hand and walked towards the water park.

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