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  1. The First Date Together with Senior Sister?


“Little Yan, I’ve come to take you!” Senior Sister stood at the classroom door, waving at me.


“Oh, I’m coming!” I picked up my school bag and said.


“Little Yan, why did it take you so long?” Senior Sister watched me walk out the door and pouted, complaining.


“Today Teacher Liu dragged out the class, blame me?” I gave an innocent look.


“Forget it, hurry up, today I’ve prepared to show my prowess!” Senior Sister said. Soon after, she took my hand running towards her house.


“Sigh…Ling Yan, after finding a girlfriend, you even forget your friend,” Cheng Zixi complained to Li Ming. At this moment, Li Ming was putting all his strength into biting the pen in his hand and was wrathfully looking at Li Xue and Ling Yan.


“Damn Ling Yan, I thought of you as a brother, but you want to take my sister! Moreover, you’ve actually taken her, unforgivable!”


“Little bro, just move on,” Cheng Zixi consoled him. Think about it, his older sister was with his friend. Who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable?


“Then won’t I have to call him brother-in-law from now on? Unforgivable!”


“Fuck! So this was what was on your mind!”




Senior Sister pulled my hand at a small job towards her house’s doorway.


“Senior Sister, why are you in such a hurry?” I massaged the hand that Senior Sister had taken.


“Of course, because there is a problem.” Senior Sister took her house key out of her pocket to open the door.


“What problem? To be in such a hurry.”


“You don’t have to care right now, quickly change your shoes and sit on the sofa to wait.” Finished, Senior Sister went into the house.


“In the end, what do you want…”


After changing my shoes, I went to sit on the sofa in the living room to wait for Senior Sister. After thinking about it, I’ve been with Senior Sister for 14 days now. Recently Senior Sister has been acting coquettishly around me a couple of times had increased a lot. The two of us didn’t go on a date and it was still like before, I haven’t even invited her out. I really was disappointing. Every time I wanted to, I would become scared of Senior Sister declining, although it would also be impossible for Senior Sister to refuse. However, I still didn’t dare say anything.


“Ah!” Just as I figured how I would ask Senior Sister on a date next, a shriek came from the kitchen. I heard the sharp yell and hurried towards the kitchen. I opened the door, only to see Senior Sister on the ground rubbing her butt.


“Senior Sister, are you alright?” I went towards Senior Sister.


“No problem, just fell down…” Senior Sister miserably said.


“Eh…I’m curious how you fell?” I looked around and there weren’t any oil stains on the floor, and there was next to nothing on the ground. Could this be the legendary falling on level ground?


“Just fell….” Senior Sister replied with a sob.


“In brief, everything’s fine and good, but Senior Sister, what are you doing?” I looked at the chopping board and the vegetables on it, and asked.


“I just wanted you to experience the cooking skills that I painstakingly learned.” Senior Sister slowly stood up and proudly said.


So it was like this, no wonder we hurried back.


“Then should I help?”


“No need, I can do it myself.” She pushed me out of the kitchen, “You should go over there and just wait.”


“Okay, okay.”


I just sat on the sofa as I heard the sound of vegetables being stir-fried. Not long after, Senior Sister came out with a plate.


“Little Yan, quickly come and try my best!”


“Do you mean these unknown things?” I looked at the plate emitting a black smoke with black unknown stuff on it, not daring to eat it. “What is this?”


“Hey, it’s bad manners to ask what it is!” Senior Sister resentfully looked at me, “I’m waiting for you to eat it before I tell you.”


Forget it, this was Senior Sister’s feelings, it can’t be wasted. Even if I die, I need to eat it! I picked up my chopsticks and picked up a piece, placing it in my mouth.


Umm… a little sweet, soft, and pretty good.


“How is it?” Senior Sister looked at me in expectation.


“It’s pretty good.” Senior Sister relaxed after hearing my evaluation, “But, what is this?”


“You still don’t know? I’ll give you the popular scientific name, black-eyed peas bread.”


“I know it’s black-eyed peas. However, I’ve never seen it this black….”


“That’s because when I was making it, I put some black chocolate and put too much.”


“…” If it were not me sitting here and it was other people, and you didn’t explain, everybody would be too afraid to even touch this thing…


After finishing the plate of black-eyed peas, I looked at the kitchen as Senior Sister washed the dishes. Currently, it looked like we were a married couple.


“Little Yan?” Senior Sister called my name from the kitchen.




“Do you have time tomorrow?”




“Then how about we go here!” Senior Sister came from the kitchen in front of me with two tickets in hand, looking at me.


“This is?” I didn’t understand and looked at Senior Sister.


“A new amusement park opened up, let’s go and play!”


“Okay.” How could I decline Senior Sister’s request? So I agreed without thinking. Wait, isn’t this a date?


“Then you agreed, tomorrow we’ll meet at the station at 8.”




This is the first date with Senior Sister, I’m looking forward to this!

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