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  1. Conspiracy


My life was pretty ordinary. Wake up, go to school, then go back home after school. Go home and start live streaming. Stream until 10 o’clock and start homework. Do homework until 12 o’clock and then go to sleep. That was my daily life.


I thought those kinds of days would continue, well, until yesterday…


Yesterday I had asked Li Ming to help me find my glasses and returned back to the classroom with him and Cheng Zixi. After entering the classroom, Li Ming stole my glasses and my secret was exposed.


Yesterday the other students would look at me strangely. I knew that was going to happen. Oh~ It seems like it’s just gonna be like this…


“Hey, pretty girl, wait for me!” The voice that I didn’t want to hear—it was probably Li Ming’s. In about a minute, he ran up to me, gasping for air. “Ha…ha…so…so tired….Why didn’t you wait for me?”


I glanced at him and said, “Why should I wait for you? Didn’t yesterday make it clear!”


“Oh, if you know something good, then you have to tell everybody else, you know,” he laughed and said.




“So? What kind of justification is that?”


“No, of course it isn’t limited to just this…Ah!” I didn’t wait for him to finish and kicked him to the ground, then started walking towards the school.


At this time, Li Ming crawled up from the ground.


“Ouch ouch ouch….Why do you need to be so fierce…” Li Ming slowly stood up, and Cheng Zixi came up from behind him. “I really put you in trouble, Student Li Ming,” Cheng Zixi said as Li Ming got up.


“Never mind that. When Ling Yan asked me to get his glasses, it really shocked me. Don’t you think he’s such a cute shota?” Li Ming’s face held some excitement.


“He used to be really cute, I didn’t expect him to change after so long.”


“It seems Student Cheng and Ling Yan are childhood friends?” Li Ming asked.


“Yeah, but that was a long time ago.”


“Then are you going to help me with one thing?”


“Ah? What is it?” Cheng Zixi tilted his head and asked.


“Exactly…” Li Ming whispered into Cheng Zixi’s ear.


“Interesting, I accept.” Cheng Zixi showed an evil smile after listening to what Li Ming said.


“Of course, I hope we have a pleasant cooperation!” Li Ming stretched his hand out to Cheng Zixi and the latter extended his right hand. An evil plot had just been agreed upon.


Meanwhile, I was alone in the classroom surrounded by a group of girls.


Being surrounded by girls is usually a happy affair, but I was fundamentally not happy and couldn’t leave because…


“Student Ling Yan, your skin is so smooth, tell me how you keep it so soft!” “Wow, Student Ling Yan, your skin is so white~” “Exactly, it’s even whiter than a girl’s skin!” “Student Ling Yan is so cute! I really want to hug him.”…


This was my current circumstances…Oh god! I, a grown man, was being called cute and so on by a group of girls…


Just as I couldn’t do anything, the bell rang. Ha…saved. I was finally able to go to my seat.


Li Ming walked over to me with a poster of a beach. “Ling Yan, you should do this!” Finished speaking, he pointed towards the poster for me to look. When I read it, I nearly spit out my heart. The top of the poster clearly said that the theater was recruiting actors. Don’t tell me this is what I think it is…

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