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  1. End of the Calm Days


Cheng Zixi woke me up at a time where there was nobody in the classroom. Was it lunch? Our school didn’t allow us to bring lunch from home, after all.


“How about we come back after we eat?”


“Alright…” Eating was more important than glasses? Since lunch was from 11:30 to 12:00 and I hadn’t had breakfast, I didn’t hesitate to agree.


After I exiting the classroom, I felt regret…


“Hey? Have you seen that girl before? She’s so cute!!” “Did she transfer this semester?” “Why is she wearing a male uniform?”


Hearing my classmates talk about me, it was mostly “Why is this girl wearing a male uniform?” But I didn’t notice since I was thinking about whether it was too late to go have lunch… Because I spent some time trying to find my glasses, it was already a little past 11:50. I had to move quickly or I might not be able to eat.


Because the cafeteria would stop serving lunch really soon, I moved even quicker.


“Hey, can’t you be a little slower?” Cheng Zixi, getting left behind by me, complained.


“You can move faster or you can go hungry!” I turned towards Cheng Zixi and rolled my eyes.


Arriving at the cafeteria, I saw on my watch that it was 10:57, just on time. Then Cheng Zixi and I strode into the cafeteria.


The school’s cafeteria was only one floor. Nevertheless, the cafeteria was still big. It had a basketball court and was big enough to seat every student and staff member.  There were also four windows open so nobody had to wait for a long time.


When the two of us arrived, there was no one else there. So after getting our food, we could sit wherever we wanted.


“I say, other than gaming, you’re only active when eating…” Cheng Zixi scoffed.


“What? I’m obviously actively going to class!”


“Yes, yes, yes, very actively going to class to sleep.”


“…” I couldn’t refute that…


‘Oh, did you find your glasses?” Cheng Zixi asked while they ate.


“No… I remember putting it in a little drawer, and there hasn’t been anybody that has gone to my seat…”


“You should go back and look, I’ll help you out.”


…Was he stupid? Why the rush? The glasses were worthless.


After eating, Cheng Zixi and I didn’t immediately return to the classroom, going off into a corner…


“Zixi, do you think I need my glasses  to walk into the classroom? Wouldn’t they see me?”


“Hmm, what should we do?”


“That’s why I told you to come over to think of a strategy..” I didn’t know what to do either…


“Yo, if it isn’t Ling Yan and the new student. What are you doing here?” While Cheng Zixi and I were talking, I heard a familiar voice…


I didn’t want people to see me!!!! This person wasn’t somebody I didn’t know—it was Li Ming.


Shit… If he sees me he’ll tell everybody…


No… What am I supposed to do? It looks like I can only put my hope in Cheng Zixi.


I immediately signaled towards Cheng Zixi with my eyes to help me send Li Ming away.  

He seemed to know what I meant and promptly responded.


He turned towards Li Ming and said, “Oh, nothing. I just asked Ling Yan to take me around the school during lunch. After all, I just came to this school and don’t know my way around.”


“Oh, is that so? Then I won’t disturb you guys. Oh wait, class is about to start. You don’t want to be penalized by the teacher…” Li Ming said, a little scared.


Speaking of that, Li Ming was late one time and had been punished to sweep the whole playground. It seems it has left a psychological shadow on him.


Just as Li Ming was about to leave, he noticed I was acting strangely, since I had my back to him the entire time.


“Ling Yan, are you alright? You’ve been standing there weirdly.” Li Ming said while coming over to me.


“No, nothing. It’s…it’s just that I have a stomach ache and I’m not feeling too well. Yeah, I’m just not feeling too well, nothing important!” Noticing that he was getting closer, I hurriedly made an excuse! But it wasn’t enough…


“Not Important? Do you need me to take you to the infirmary?”


“No need, I have Cheng Zixi helping me. You should quickly go to class! Class is about to begin!” Usually, we’d be inseparable, but right now I really wanted him to leave.


“Now, now, you’re just troubling Student Zixi.”


“No, it’s okay, it’s nothing important..” I didn’t finish before Li Ming came up behind me and grabbed my arm and said, “No no, you have to be careful. What if there’s something else? Then it won’t be okay.”


Finished speaking, he pulled on me and then saw my face. He stared at it, confused, then with a red face, “Eh, have I taken too much **? I think I’m hallucinating, ha…haha… No wait, Ling Yan, what happened to you?”


[TL: The raws have the **. So I dunno.]


Crud, finally exposed? “I’ve always been like this, did you not see me with glasses?”


“I didn’t expect this…I was wondering why you were wearing those glasses, but now I see why…” Li Ming had a face of understanding.


“Well, can you help me find my glasses? I won’t be able to find them after school…”


“No problem, leave it to me!”


After he finished, Li Ming walked to the classroom.


“Oh, you absolutely can’t tell other people about this.”


He didn’t seem to hear, and kept walking.


10 minutes later, Li Ming walked out of the school building with my glasses in his hand.


“Thanks, you saved my life.”


“No problem, helping a friend is what I should do,” Li Ming smiled and said.


“Okay, we should go back now.” I said to the two.


As we entered the classroom, Li Ming took my glasses, “It would be such a pity if other people couldn’t see such cuteness..” Li Ming said while he ran to his seat.


How could you do this!!!!


Suddenly, the class exploded, and today my quiet life drew to a conclusion.

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