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  1. The Eve of the Collapse of Morals


The next day, I was awoken by a noisy ring.


I stumbled out of bed to turn off the alarm.


Ah~ Just thinking of going to school like this gave me a headache… Although I wouldn’t get scolded by the teacher, I wondered what the other students would say…


Putting on my slippers, I unsteadily went to wash up. In the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and, seeing my messy hair, I couldn’t help but think: I look like a girl!


After washing up, I went to my room and put on my school uniform and the glasses I bought yesterday. This made me kind of look like a guy…


Looking at the time, it was already half past 7. Shoot, I’m gonna be late! I grabbed a pineapple bun from a small table and ran out the door.


[TL: If you look up ‘pineapple bun’, you can see what it is. It’s a really sweet confectionary kinda bread. 😀 I love them so much.]


Not too long after I left, I found Li Ming nearby.


“Yo, Li Ming, you just got out too?” I walked up to Li Ming and asked him.


Li Ming looked at me and blankly stared for a moment before suddenly realizing: “Oh, it’s Ling Yan. I didn’t recognize you after you cut your hair.”


“…Did my image change that much?”


“Not only that—after you cut your hair, you really changed. But are you nearsighted? Why would you wear such disgusting glasses?”


“You can’t control me, I like them!” I got angry hearing Li Ming ask where I got these disgusting glasses… I wouldn’t wear them if I didn’t have to…QAQ


[TL: It’s a face that the author put.]


We chatted while we quickly headed to school. Actually, the distance from my house to school wasn’t really far and only took 10 minutes to walk.


At the classroom, the teacher wasn’t there yet, so Li Ming and I hurriedly went to our seats.


Today really was calm~ Of course, before Cheng Zixi got here, I still thought that…


After sitting for two minutes, Cheng Zixi and Teacher Liu entered at the same time. He said that he got to school really early and was invited to have tea with Teacher Liu in his office…


After the first class of the day was finished, Cheng Zixi came over to me. I had a really bad feeling…


“I didn’t expect you to actually wear those glasses, they really are ugly…”


“If it’s ugly, stop looking!” I didn’t want to say anything, but you had to point it out?!


“Don’t bother me. I want to go to sleep, so tired…” I waved Cheng Zixi away.


“Alright, then I won’t disturb you.” Finished speaking, Cheng Zixi returned to his seat.


I watched him walk away and quickly took my glasses off, putting them in an easily accessible place. Then I buried my face in my arms on my desk to sleep.


I don’t know how long I slept but somebody shook me awake. I looked up and unexpectedly saw Cheng Zixi.


“Mmm… Zixi, what’s the time?” I asked lazily.


“It’s a little past 10:30.” Cheng Zixi stated. “But you really can sleep, you slept for three classes.”


“‘Cause there was a really good game yesterday and I accidentally played for too long…” Because I sat in the last row and was so short, the teacher couldn’t even see me sleep.


I spoke, reaching for my glasses. But the area where I put my glasses was empty. I started to search…


“What are you looking for?” Cheng Zixi noticed my plight.


“My glasses? I should’ve put them here? They’re gone?” I couldn’t find my glasses, but what I didn’t know was this was all Cheng Zixi’s plan…

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