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  1. Crisis!


After it rained last night, the morning was especially bright and beautiful.


“Umm~ Today is nice!” Senior Sister said, stretching. “Little Yan, hurry up, I’m not waiting for you!”


“I’m coming.” I put on my shoes and ran outside.


“To take so long to wear your shoes, so troublesome.” Senior Sister watched me come out and pouted while complaining.


So moe! Senior Sister, can you not so suddenly be so moe! I can’t stand it!


“Hehe….” I chuckled, scratching my head.


As we walked to school, a lot of people looked over. It was probably because of how cute Senior Sister is. After the last time she had come to my class, she had also created a commotion. I don’t know why, but it felt like there were people watching both of us.


Finally at school, Senior Sister and I parted ways to our own classrooms.


“Yo, why are you here so early today?” Li Ming saw me enter the classroom and asked.


“Because of some reasons, I had to come early…” I can’t possibly say that I had stayed at Senior sister’s house, and early in the morning Senior Sister woke me up. How could I?


“Forget it, I was just asking.” Li Ming’s mouth twitched.


I didn’t mind him and went to take a seat. I took out my textbook to review. Don’t look at me as just a good-for-nothing, my grades were still good. Every time we took an exam, I would be in the top 150. That’s all because of my unique learning style, and that is to only study the night before the exam.


As I was engrossed in studying, the class monitor Zhang Xiaoya came over.


“Ling Yan, I have something to talk to you about. Come with me for a second,” said the class monitor, pulling on my clothes and taking me outside.


“Class monitor, why are you looking for me?” I asked, puzzled.


The class monitor stared at me and blushed a little before saying, “Well… This morning I saw you and the Drama Club president  come out of the same house…”


Damn… this was a disaster. Senior Sister was seen, and it was the class monitor who had seen. What would happen if a teacher heard about it? It’s certain that the education aspect will not be complicated… what can I say to push this away? C’mon, think, think!


“Actually…there’s a good reason for this!”


“Okay, I understand, you don’t need to explain!” As I prepared to explain, the class monitor suddenly cut me off. I saw the class monitor’s face had turned red, with steam rising above her head.


Class Monitor, wait for me to finish…let me finish, this is a misunderstanding… As I was vexed by what was happening, the bell rang. The teacher entered the classroom with a book. Let it be, I’ll explain to the class monitor carefully after class…


With great difficulty, I waited until class ended and went to the class monitor. However, she seemed to be deliberately avoiding me. She had been this way after seeing me this morning.


My God! Class Monitor, can you not just listen to me! Just as I had worried, a story of Senior Sister and I was being spread around campus…


After eating in the afternoon, I laid on my desk, preparing to sleep. Li Ming suddenly ran up to me and clapped down on the desk, frightening me. I almost fell off the desk.


Oh, it’s Li Ming….what’s wrong?” I rubbed my eyes.


“Little Yan, Little Yan. I didn’t think….sigh…” Li Ming, halfway, sighed heavily.


“I what?” I absently looked at Li Ming.


“You look for yourself,” he said, taking out our school’s daily newspaper.


I took the newspaper and written for the lead story was “The 7th Cutest Girl on the Cutest Girl List, the Drama Club President and a Little Shota Junior Come Out of the Same House?” and underneath was a picture of Senior Sister and me leaving the house.


Fuck! What is this? Voyeur! Taking a picture of somebody else’s doorstep! And who is this little shota? I’m clearly very handsome! This is the school newspaper, right? How was this approved? Teacher, what is wrong with you!


“Ling Yan, please come to the office.” The teacher suddenly came into the classroom.


This is horrible…



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