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  1. Rainy Story (Part 5)


“Ah…finally finished…” I turned off the computer and lied powerlessly on the desk.


“Don’t lie there, get up!” Senior Sister pulled me up. “It’s not too early, go to sleep earlier today.”


“Sleep where?” I turned and asked.


“Eh…” Senior Sister thought for a moment, “Sleep in my parents’ room tonight.”


“This…Senior Sister, your parents won’t care?” I asked.


“Don’t worry, they won’t say anything about it and they’re also not home. Or you can sleep with me….” Senior Sister, somewhat embarrassed, looked down with a blush.


“I’ll sleep in Senior Sister’s parent’s room…” I didn’t let her finish and cut her off. Senior Sister said these words to make me go along with the suggestion before, I could see that clearly.


“Is that so…Then I’ll go clean up, you wait here.” Senior Sister entered the bedroom and I didn’t see wrong. When I had refused her, Senior Sister was disappointed for a split second…no, I saw wrong, how could Senior Sister be like this? Clearly, she was just saying those words to give me a hard time, right? Forget it, whatever. Currently, Senior Sister was still tidying the room, I should go help out. Thinking this, I pushed open the bedroom door. Senior Sister was in the middle of spreading the bed sheets.


“Senior Sister, is there anything I can help with?”


“Help me take out the blanket from the bottom of the wardrobe.” Senior Sister pointed towards the wardrobe under the bed. I took out a blanket from the wardrobe that Senior Sister had pointed to.


“This should be it!” Senior Sister stood up and stretched her body, “Sleep earlier today. You still need to go to school tomorrow, don’t be late!”


“I know!” I replied. Senior Sister nodded her head and walked out of the bedroom. I watched Senior Sister close the door, and I fell onto the bed. Sigh…today really was tiring….




A loud sound woke me up, making me crawl out of bed to get up. I looked outside and it seemed to be thunder, I then continued to go to sleep. Eh? Why do I hear a door opening mixed in with the thunder?


“Ah, Little Yan, are you asleep?” Senior Sister, in pajamas and holding a pillow, stood in front of me.


“I just woke up from the thunder. What are you doing here Senior Sister?” I gazed puzzled at Senior Sister holding a pillow.


“Can we sleep together?” Senior Sister held the pillow and burrowed half her face into it, only showing her two eyes looking at me. Oh…Senior Sister is so adorable! I just want to grab onto her!


“Well…Actually, I’m afraid of thunder…” Senior Sister was still burying her face so much that I couldn’t see her expressions, but it was not hard to see that she was afraid. “When there was thunder before, I would sleep with my parents…” Senior Sister continued saying. Who would’ve expected the fearless Senior Sister to be scared of thunder…but Senior Sister, can you not be so moe! If you do this, I can’t control myself!


“So, can I sleep with you?” Senior Sister looked at me miserably. Ahhhh! I can’t take it, it’s too moe! My Senior Sister is too moe! How could I refuse your appearance!


“Alright…” I finally replied to Senior Sister. No, I wanted to refuse, but her appearance made me unable to refuse! So cute! What can I do!


“Little Yan is the best!” Senior Sister said while crawling into the bed, and lying down next to me. Suddenly from the sky came the sound of thunder.


“Ah!” Senior Sister, hearing the loud sound, held onto me. Hey! Senior Sister, that’s what your pillow is for, I can’t breathe!


I struggled in Senior Sister’s embrace, hoping she would let go of me, but it seems like there is no use.  At first, I thought I was screwed, but then Senior Sister’s hands loosened. I turned to look and it looked like she was asleep… I smiled at her adorable sleeping form, Senior Sister really was just like a child. If only there was somebody to take care of her. Although a beautiful woman was sleeping next to me, I didn’t have any evil ideas. Because it was such a beautiful scene, who would want to break it?


“Little Yan, get up!” Senior Sister opened the window and the sunlight streamed onto my face, “If you don’t, you’ll be late!”


“Five more minutes…” I curled up and said.


“Quickly get up, breakfast is done and it will get cold!” Senior Sister tore away the blankets. “Hurry up, you have two minutes to get changed!” Finished, Senior Sister left the room, leaving me shivering in the cold.


I put on my school uniform and went to wash my face and brush my teeth before going to the dining room table. Senior Sister sat at the table with her phone and an untouched bowl of porridge. She must be waiting for me. I sat down across from her and drank the porridge.


“Little Yan, thanks to you, I slept peacefully last night!” Senior Sister put down her chopsticks and smiled at me. Great, you felt peaceful, but do you know that last night during the thunder, you hugged me with all your strength and almost strangled me to death….


“If you feel okay, that’s great…” I bitterly replied.


“It’s about time, let’s go!” Senior Sister picked up the bowl took it to the kitchen, then walked towards her front door with her bag.


“Senior Sister, wait for me.” I also picked up my school bag to go.


“Then let’s go!” Senior Sister opened the door, letting the sunlight stream onto us.


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