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  1. Celebration Feast (Part 3)


“Hey look, that loli is so cute!” A middle-aged man nudged a man in a suit beside him and pointed at a loli in a pink dress.


“So cute,” the man in the suit said, seeing the loli. “But I think the girl beside the little girl is also pretty cute.” The man in the suit turned his gaze to the girl next to the loli.


Senior Sister and I had walked out of the store and people were looking at us. Of course, most of these people were men….


“Senior Sister, we should walk faster,” I said to Senior Sister. Currently, no matter where I walked, I felt the eyes of people. It made me uneasy.


“Don’t worry, the celebration won’t start soon.” Senior Sister, as if accustomed to it, disagreed. Senior Sister was also a beautiful girl. Naturally, there would be people looking at her. Over time you would get used to it.


“Okay…” I replied, dispirited.


“What’s up? Feeling unwell?” Senior Sister looked at me, worried.


“No, no.” I shook my head, “I’m not used to being watched by people…”


“Oh, so that’s the reason! Actually, you don’t have to care about them. Then it’ll be a little better.” Senior Sister patted my shoulder.


You don’t have to care, but I’m wearing a dress! If some guy found out that I’m a guy, they would think I’m some kind of pervert in a woman’s dress!


After enduring all the gazes, we finally arrived at the XX hotel. Senior Sister walked up to the front desk and checked in with the information staff, who brought us to the private room that Senior Sister had gotten. The hotel was worthy of being the biggest hotel in the city; even the private room was about the size of my house. The private room had a chandelier in the middle, with some European decorations mixed with Chinese decorations, which blended together pretty well. The Chinese-European mix was really lavish.


“Little Brother, what do you want to eat?” As I appreciated the decor, Senior Sister was ordering food from the waiter and had asked what I wanted.


“Umm….I don’t have any preferences, Senior Sister, you should pick.” When Senior Sister had handed me the menu, I saw after a glance that the whole menu was all Western food and there wasn’t any Chinese food. I didn’t know a lot about Western food, and with a menu filled with it, I didn’t know what to pick, so I didn’t.


“That’s all then.” Senior Sister took the menu and gave it back to the waiter. The waiter took the menu and left the private room.


“Sigh, nobody’s come yet!” Senior Sister sat down in a leather chair.


“Didn’t we come early?” I took my phone out to show Senior Sister the time.


“There is that…” Senior Sister looked at the time. We were ten minutes early.


“Hmm, Little Brother, come over here.” I had just sat down in my chair and Senior Sister waved me over.


“Okay.” I got up and went to Senior Sister.


“Ah!” I had just walked in front of Senior Sister and she suddenly got up and hugged me. I immediately tried to dodge. It looks like my life will be ended by these oppai now….after two seconds, I still wasn’t being suffocated yet. I opened my eyes and saw that Senior Sister was only gently hugging me, not as hard as before.


“Hey, Little Brother, do you know?” Senior Sister looked at my flushed face in her embrace, “Since the first time I saw you, I….”


Hold on! What was happening? Confession? I’ve never had a girl confess to me! I was a little excited!


“Hello!” Senior Sister was about to say the next word before the door was opened by Qin Shiyue. I was frightened and tried to push Senior Sister away, but Senior Sister hugged me tighter. I was unable to leave Senior Sister’s embrace.


“Eh…” Qin Shiyue looked at the two of us, confused. The current mood was awkward.


“I won’t bother you two then.” Qin Shiyue, after two seconds, finished and closed the door and left.


“It’s not what you think!” I shouted towards the door, this was going to become troublesome…


“Shiyue, what did you see?” Seeing Qin Shiyue walk back out, Cheng Zixi asked curiously.


“I have some big news!” Qin Shiyue excitedly said.


“?” The drama club members each had a question mark over their heads.


“Just a moment ago when I pushed open the door…” Qin Shiyue told the members everything she saw.


“Senior Sister, can you let go of me….” I helplessly looked at her rigid grip that was unwilling to let me go.


“No way…”




Crud, if you don’t let go and the members saw it, wouldn’t they misunderstand?


“Right, Senior Sister, what did you want to say earlier?” I recalled the words of Senior Sister before.


“I’ll tell you next time.” Senior Sister finally loosened her hug and my hands. I was finally free. But why did you have to leave me hanging like that….


“Heh! Eh? You’re done?” Qin Shiyue once again opened the door, and with her were the drama club members.


“Finished what! We didn’t do anything!” I refuted.


“Then explain to me what I saw before!” Qi Shiyue had a slight fiendish expression.


“Alright, alright, that’s enough, hurry and sit. The food’s coming.” Senior Sister saw the waiter push a handcart with the food on it, and urged the rowdy crowd to sit down.


“Little Yan, your eyes are so cute.” Cheng Zixi, about to eat the steak, saw my dress.


“Your words don’t make me happy at all!” I blankly looked at Cheng Zixi.


“Ha….What did you and the president do a moment ago?” Cheng Zixi had originally wanted to tease me a bit, but seeing my cold look, immediately changed the topic.


Sigh…Qin Shiyue really told them all…


“There wasn’t anything!”


“I don’t believe you.”




Stop, you don’t believe me, but I believe myself.


During the banquet, everybody talked about the last couple of days and what had happened. The time quickly passed by.


“Then President, I’ll be leaving first!” The members left the private room waving goodbye. In the private room, there were only Senior Sister, Cheng Zixi and I left.


“Senior Sister, should we also get going?”


“Yeah, let’s go.”


“Then I won’t disturb you two, bye bye!” Cheng Zixi left the private room.


Hey! What do you mean! I already told you when we were eating right? Why are you still like this!


“Then it’s only the two of us. Little Brother, take me back home alright.” Senior Sister watched Cheng Zixi leave and then leaned onto me.


“Alright,” I replied. It was dangerous for a girl to go home this late at night.


“Little Brother, how do you feel about the last couple of days?” Senior Sister asked me as we were heading back.


“Umm…what can I say? The last couple of days rehearsal have been exhausting but it was a rich experience and I was happy with everybody,” I replied. The last couple of days compared to my days before when I was at home were vastly much more substantial. This was also the first time I had fun in the 3D realm. I had only found joy in the 2D realm before.


“That’s good then. Little Brother, are you becoming a member of the drama club?”


“That….” I hesitated at this question. I didn’t really like play stuff.


“You don’t need to answer so fast.” Before I finished speaking, Senior Sister lightly put her finger on top of my lips, “I won’t force you.”


“Thank you, Senior Sister.”


“Don’t mention it, hehe!” Senior Sister exposed an innocent smile.


So cute! Seeing this cute smile really cured a person!


“Right, Senior Sister, what did you want to say that time?” I asked again about before.


“I’ll tell you in the future.”




“Because it’s a secret!”


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