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  1. Celebration Feast (Part 2)


I was pulled by Senior Sister to the clothing store from before. She went in while holding my hand loosely. Currently, Senior Sister was looking through the women’s clothing. But why did she bring me here, was she having me pay? The celebration dinner was about to begin and she was shopping? I seriously didn’t understand her…


“Little Brother, Little Brother.” Senior Sister held a pink dress and called out to me, “What do you think?” Senior Sister pointed at it and asked.


“Not bad, it’s pretty.” I looked it over and answered.


“Hmm..then this one! Can you get me the S size!” Senior Sister pointed at the dress and asked the salesperson.


That’s not right! According to Senior Sister’s build, she was clearly a medium! How is it small? Don’t tell me…


“Little Brother, try it out!” Senior Sister took the dress from the clerk and threw it at me with a wicked smile.


Of course! You’re just trying to dig me into a hole!


“Why, Senior Sister?”


“Because you’re the female lead.”




On what grounds are you using to dig me into a hole? Do you think this is fun!


“No…” I refused.


“Oh? Is that so? Then I might just suddenly slip out that one event!” Senior Sister said while taking out her phone and scrolling through her contacts, ready to make a call.


“….I….I’ll wear it!”


“That’s the right choice!” Senior Sister watched me as she put her cell phone away.……


This person simply was just a demon, to threaten me with my weakness….is simply a beep~


I took what Senior Sister threw at me and entered the fitting room. After a minute, I looked in the mirror at the clothes that were on me…white delicate skin, coupled with a pink dress, the mirror reflected back a delicate-looking girl!


Sigh…Why did I, a boy, have to be born with this kind of appearance…


“Little Brother, have you finished changing yet?” Senior Sister asked impatiently outside.


“I’m finished,” I replied and walked out of the fitting room.


“Ohh! So adorable!” Senior Sister watched me with an excited expression as I walked out.


“I don’t want others saying that I’m adorable…” I helplessly answered. After all, what kind of guy would want a girl to say to him: “You’re so adorable!”


“Clearly you’re very cute. Come give Senior Sister a hug!” Senior Sister then came up to me and gave me a bear hug. Seeing this, I tried to dodge but I couldn’t do it in time and I was hugged by Senior Sister, plunging straight into her oppai. Even though I didn’t dislike this, Senior Sister’s oppai were lethal weapons! After almost being suffocated to death once, I tried to reason with Senior Sister this time.


“Senior Sister, men and women shouldn’t touch each other. Don’t you understand that?” I faced Senior Sister with despair and asked.


“Of course, I never thought of you as a man…”




Unexpectedly, she didn’t think of me as a man. I have been defeated…


“Excuse me, we were wondering if we could take a picture?” I was thinking about why Senior Sister didn’t consider me a man as a clerk from the checkout counter came over.


“Ehhh?” I blankly looked at the clerk.


“I want to take a picture of you to put in front of the store to gain publicity since you’re so cute!” the clerk explained.


Why did so many people say I was adorable! Senior Sister, even Li Ming, even Cheng Zixi and even a total stranger, can’t they tell that I’m a guy? I even wear male clothing!


“Little Brother, I support you!” Senior Sister playfully said on the side.


You might be making playful remarks on the side but help me!


“This…” I hesitated somewhat.


“If the customer is not willing, we won’t force it,” the clerk saw my hesitation and said.


“Little Brother, go! This is an opportunity to market yourself!” Senior Sister fanned the flames. But the words ‘market yourself,’ where did they come from? I just didn’t want to have a photograph of me in women’s clothing hanging in a lot of shopping malls.


“Sorry, I…”


“We can give you some remuneration for doing this.” Before I could finish, the clerk cut me off.


Remuneration? Am I the type of person to sell my moral integrity? Actually, I am this kind of person. You can’t eat moral integrity, after all.


“Alright,” I agreed.


“Thank you.” The clerk, who knew for how long, raised up a camera.


The clerk put me into moe, moe poses, and took photos in our agreement. Then gave me the remuneration, and even gave me the clothes. When I went to the fitting room to change, Senior Sister stopped me.


“Little Brother, you’re wearing this to the banquet.”




“No reason.”




It turned out that she wanted to humiliate me in front of all the members…


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