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  1. Celebration Feast (Part 1)


“Ah~” I walked to school, yawning.


Because of yesterday’s stream, I hadn’t controlled my time…I had to finish the stream earlier this morning…I felt sleep overtaking my body. If I close my eyes, I could just fall to sleep…


“Yo! Little Yan, good morning!” Li Ming suddenly came up to me, scaring me.


“I told you…don’t scare me, my heart can’t take it…” I patted my heart weakly and told Li Ming.


“Eh? Why do you look so dead so early in the morning?’ Li Ming noticed that I didn’t seem very energetic. Because Li Ming had scared me, I wanted to just kick him.


“Ah…That’s because of some stuff yesterday..” I told Li Ming of the things that happened the night before.


“Oh, I see…” Li Ming said. “The username Qinshi Mingyue seems kinda familiar…”


“Who? You know who it is?” I heard what Li Ming said and I became excited.  This person was destroying me, I can’t possibly let him off!


“I think my sister had a username called Ginshi Mingyue,” Li Ming said, thinking. The sister that Li Ming was talking about had to be the president Li Xue, that two-faced fujoshi was the one who had planned last night.


But how did she know my Weibo username? I don’t remember Li Ming and Cheng Zixi ever talking about my streaming, right? Forget it, I’ll ask this unreliable Senior this evening during the celebration…


Today, I went to school and slept the whole time. Nobody called me out for sleeping in class. After all, who told the teacher to be so sleep-inducing?


“Yo? If it isn’t Little Brother?” Senior Li Xue was walking down the hallway and I asked her about my suspicions. Now it was time to find out if it was Senior Sister who had started this whole affair.


“Ah? You’re talking about the video?” Senior Sister looked at me with a question mark over her head saying, “What?” but after a moment, it immediately changed…


“Yeah, that was me,” Senior Sister calmly replied.


Crud….you admit it?


“Senior Sister, why did you do it? How do you know my Weibo?” I asked, getting to the core of the problem.


“That day I was watching XX live stream and saw a small streamer suddenly rise to the top 15. I was curious and took a look. I didn’t expect the streamer to be you,” Senior Sister said. “The video was from a friend who had filmed it last night.”


“So it was you!” I shouted at Senior Sister.


“Ehh, Little Brother, you don’t have to be so excited. Your subscription count has risen even further and it was thanks to me!” Senior Sister proudly said.




I have never seen a person so shameless….


“Little Brother, we should go together after school,” Senior Sister said.


To be frank, the person in front of me, no matter how black-bellied and two-faced, was still a pretty girl. How could I refuse?


“Alright,” I replied without thinking.


“Great, I’ll come to your class after school to pick you up, so don’t you dare run off!” Senior Sister touched my nose and said.


“I know.” I blushed red. After all, there was a beauty in front of me, not being shy would be difficult!


“Little Brother, why are you so red? Fever?” Senior Sister looked at me with worry.


“Nothing, it’s nothing!” I shook my head.


“How could it be nothing! Your whole face is red,” Senior Sister said as she put her forehead to mine.


“Woah! What are you doing, Senior Sister?” I jumped back in fright from Senior Sister’s brazen actions.


“Checking your temperature, but it looks like you have no problems.” Senior Sister nodded and said, “Since there isn’t a problem, I’ll go first. Bye bye!”




Watching Senior Sister leave, I felt some regret. Why did I push Senior Sister away! It was such a good opportunity! I really am stupid…


Sigh…I should go back to class (to sleep)…


“Little Brother, I’m here to take you with me!” Senior Sister called out from the door.


“Okay okay, I’m coming.” I reached for my textbook and responded.


“Wow! Isn’t that the drama club president?” “Yeah! She’s just as beautiful as on the poster!” “Senior, please be my girlfriend!” …


I was in the middle of putting my things away as guys in my class looked at Senior Sister like they saw an idol. Senior Sister was well known in the school, but what poster was the one guy talking about?


“Sis, why did you come to my class?” Li Ming stood up, watched his sister walk in, and asked. You must know that Senior Sister had never wandered about to a Year One class.


“Of course I came to bring my female lead! My foolish brother.” Senior Sister tapped Li Ming’s head.


“Why?” Li Ming had some doubts.


“Why do you care? What are you doing?” Senior Sister impatiently asked him. I walked out with Senior Sister in front of me, holding my hand.


“There has to be a dirty deal going on.” Li Ming stood at the classroom window, watching as the two left the school. He rubbed his head and said his thoughts out loud.


“Senior Sister, what’s wrong?” My hand was being pulled on by Senior Sister.


“Before the time for the celebration, I need to buy something.”


“Buy what?”


“Let’s go, you’ll know.” The corner of Senior Sister’s mouth faintly curled up.


Why do I have a weird premonition…


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