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  1. Culture Festival (Part 3)


Since we were the first performance, we could watch the rest of the evening venue in the background. Normally I’d be sitting with Cheng Zixi, but today he had done this in front of so many people. I hate him right now so I found a seat that was the farthest away from Cheng Zixi.


“Who would’ve expected, even though you have the president, you would also go after men…” At this moment, the one sitting next to me and teasing me was Qin Shiyue. I was in a bad mood and didn’t bother arguing with her, so I ignored her and watched the stage.


Qin Shiyue discontentedly kicked me and turned to watch the stage.


But because of what had happened during the evening venue, I didn’t feel good at all! It would’ve been better if there wasn’t that kind of problem….at least nobody had asked me about it. After I had kicked Cheng Zixi, the club advisor had come to find me but she was only there to tease me… Then, the other club members came to mess around too. If it wasn’t for Senior Sister, I don’t know how I could’ve gotten away.


Sigh…I feel like they’re going to mess around with me for a long time…such bad luck….


“Little Brother, let out your feelings and don’t mind what they say.” Senior Sister saw my sad expression and consoled me. “Anyway, Senior Sister will support you!” As she finished, she had a rotten expression. Senior Sister really was a fujoshi…


“Senior Sister, please stop messing around with me…” I said with a broken expression. This really was a bad joke… Cheng Zixi was the one who had forcefully kissed me and had caused a shadow in my mind…this was beep~…


“Hahaha! Alright, since you can’t take a joke, let’s get to business.” Senior Sister turned her rotten expression into a serious one. “I plan to hold a celebration tomorrow for our success, so go to XX Hotel at seven in the evening.”


Yo? There’s still a celebration? Not going, not going. But I’ve heard that XX Hotel is the best in our city, so fancy. It seems the president isn’t just a fujoshi, but also a nouveau riche*…

[ED: *”people who have recently acquired wealth, typically those perceived as ostentatious or lacking in good taste.” I was unsure whether to replace it or not so I’m leaving the definition here, just in case. It’s typically a derogatory term.]


“Okay, I’ll go tomorrow!” I replied.


“Good.” Senior Sister nodded. “Oh! Right, Little Brother,” Senior Sister thought of something at the last moment. “I advise you not to be angry at Cheng Zixi, it was just acting, after all.”


“It’s just acting! Clearly, we had not agreed on really kissing!” I angrily said loudly. Some people watching the stage looked back.


“Actually, I told Cheng Zixi to do it…..ahaha…” Senior Sister awkwardly scratched the back of her head and said with a laugh.


“So you’re the mastermind!”


“It was so the play can be in full effect~” Senior Sister stuck out her tongue and knocked on the side of her head with her fist.




This person…forget it, with such a moe expression, how could I not forgive her…


Now the announcer announced the end of the evening venue. This meant the culture festival had also ended. We went to our respective classrooms to get our bags before going home.


As I got up to leave, Cheng Zixi called out to me. “Ling Yan, it wasn’t on purpose, the president told me….”


“Forget it, since it’s also not your fault …” I sympathetically looked at him, who was a head taller.


“You’re forgiving me?” Cheng Zixi tilted his head and asked.


Yeah, I didn’t want to have stiff relations with Cheng Zixi so I forgave him. “Then let’s go back home,” I invited Cheng Zixi.




When the two of us went to the auditorium, I saw a familiar looking girl, but I couldn’t remember who it was. However, I’m sure that she couldn’t have come from out of school. Why do I say that? Because I already knew every girl in the drama club and I had never seen this girl. It could be said that I didn’t feel too good….but I might just be too sensitive.


At this moment, the girl was also looking at Ling Yan. She watched the two of them leave, then had a devilish expression, “I finally found you…”


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