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  1. Culture Festival(Part 2)


I opened the door to the drama club and a round object flew towards me. Luckily, I reacted fast enough and dodged.


“Ah!” I had dodged in time as the round object hit Senior Sister who had been behind me.


I picked up the round object on the ground and it was just a flower ball.


“I’m sorry president!” I was careless and it hit you…” Qin Shiyue upon seeing this ran from the classroom.


“No problem, but what happened?” Senior Sister rubbed the place where she had been hit, and gave a meaningful glance at Qin Shiyue.


Qin Shiyue saw that Senior Sister wasn’t angry and explained: “I bought it at a store and wanted to take it home to user as a decoration, but some of the girls in the classroom started to play around with it and then this…” She glanced at the girls behind her as she finished explaining.


“Alright, no more playing around!” Senior Sister with her leader persona shouted at the members behind her, “The evening is about to begin, everybody hurry and get ready! Hey? Where’s Cheng Zixi?” Senior sister saw that the male lead was not in the crowd.


“He went to the bathroom, and should be coming back!” In the back of the classroom a short haired guy said.


“Alright. Little brother, you should also hurry!” Senior Sister ordered me.


“Okay, okay, okay…” I agreed and grudgingly entered the utilities room.


I put on the pure white lace dress and came out of the utilities room.


“Ah! So cute! Not bad not bad!” Senior Sister patted my face foolishly . “Everybody set up the table, so I can put the makeup on.” Senior Sister had everybody spread the cosmetics on the table.


Senior Sister finished putting all the makeup on in half a hour. Because the play was set in modern times, every girl had some light makeup. If it was heavy make up, it wouldn’t go with the play.


“Everybody get into positions, it’s about to begin.” Senior Sister looked at everybody’s finished make up and felt accomplished.


“Yes.” Everybody replied.


“Hey, hey? Who’s that girl? So cute, but I’ve never seen her at the school.” A boy sitting in the pavilion asked the boy next to him.


“She might not be from our school, afterall the culture festival also has off campus personnel that could join.” His friend answered him.


“There is that!, ha” The boy awkwardly laughed.


I walked back stage and, and could hear them talking about me. But, as everybody could see, I am a boy! I may be wearing a dress and have makeup on, but I am not a girl! Be aware there is sometimes something more than the eye could see.


“That child is the female lead?” As I entered the backstage, Senior Sister and the teacher stopped. Afterwards I head Senior Sister say that this teacher was the drama club advisor.


“Of course! Isn’t it cute?” Cute, right!” Senior Sister excitedly replied.


Cute, yes cute, but I haven’t seen this kid at our school? The school doesn’t allow external help.” The teacher said.


“No, no, no, this isn’t external help.” Senior Sister waved her finger back and forth and declared, “This is my little brother!”


“So that’s why…Since it’s student at our school, I don’t think there would be any problem.” The teacher realized, but…


“Eh? Li Xue, the little brother you’re talking about…”


[TL: Okay, so I knew this was going to bound to happen but yes, I’ve translated the terms Senior Sister and Little Brother wrongly. But I do have a reason why, the literal translation would be senior and junior, or senpai and kouhai, but they’re very specific like a boy junior or a girl senior so I switched them to Senior Sister and Little Brother. So I hope everybody understands why the teacher asked about little brother, it’s more like your male junior? Or something close to that.]


“Oh, yeah he’s a male student!”


Not waiting for the teacher to finish, Senior Sister cut the teacher off and said the truth. The teacher unconvinced looked at me.


“Okay, then quickly go, the next ones are you.” The teacher hearing the start of the evening venue said while looking at me up and down. This look really made me feel uncomfortable. Seriously, is a boy that good looking…


As the play started, all the members entered a state of seriousness. Everybody took everything seriously and made no mistakes. Finally it was the last scene, where the male lead and female lead made the oath and kissed each other. I and already talked to Cheng Zixi earlier, and we were just doing a fake kiss.


When I was about to turn around, Cheng Zixi grabbed onto me. This wasn’t in the script? Cheng Zixi what are you doing! I thought before Cheng Zixi forcefully kissed me. Although it was only for two seconds, and he hadn’t used is tongue, I still wanted to vomit… because I wasn’t gay! I’m not gay! But, this move made the audience to cry out, even the members who were acting were also frightened.


As the curtain closed, the members and I went to the back stage. After going to the backstage I kicked Cheng Zixi, and like always he fell to the ground.


“Little brother, how do you feel?” Senior Sister giggled at me.


“Go away!” I had just been forcefully kissed by a guy and you ask how I feel, you really are a fujoshi!


Sigh… after going through this, can I really go back to my daily life? I sighed as I dumbly thought.

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