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  1. Cutting Hair


I got up at 7 o’clock in the morning.


Why so early? Because yesterday, my former friend came to my school, and was also in my class. Because my hair was too long, my teacher warned me to go cut it, and while we were going home, Cheng Zixi proposed that we go today to cut my hair. To make sure the shopkeeper would cut my hair well, we agreed to go early in the morning at 8:30 and meet in the Center Plaza where the statue of Grandpa Mao was. Then we’d go to the Commercial Street for my haircut.


Why was I so adamant against cutting my hair? Well that’s because…


When I was washing up in the bathroom, I lifted up my bangs from over my eyes in front of the mirror. I had clear, white skin with shoulder level hair, and I looked like a girl. However, it’s a pity that I’m a pure male.


Luckily, my bangs covered my face so nobody could recognize me as a girl…


My hair has been messy since high school started. If my hair was long, the teacher usually wouldn’t force me to get a haircut. However, it seems since I didn’t cut my hair over winter vacation, the teacher was forcing me to cut it…! Why didn’t I just cut it a little during winter vacation?!


Forget it, I can’t regret it now. I need to quickly think of a solution…


After washing up and eating, I looked at the time. 8:20. If I start walking to the Central Plaza, I should get there at around half past eight. So I locked the door and started walking to the Central Plaza.


At the Central Plaza, my eyes scanned the statue of Grandpa Mao, looking for Cheng Zixi’s figure.


Finally, I found him looking around next to the left foot of the statue. He also saw me and waved over to me, I also jogged towards him.


“You’re late by 2 minutes, it’s 8:32 now~” Cheng Zixi pointed at his watch on his left wrist, smiling.


“It’s only two minutes, who cares… But seriously, how long were you waiting?”


“I didn’t come too early, about 8:20. Your house is closer and you’re still 2 minutes late…”


“Because my house was closer, I thought I could come a couple minutes later…” I tried to explain.


“Forget it, forget it. Let’s go to the barbershop before we have to wait for more people in line.” Cheng Zixi, not letting me to explain, pulled my hand and walked down Commercial Street.


As we went to the barbershop, we passed by the optometry and the glasses caught my attention. The glasses over there looked big enough to cover my face…


“Little Yan, what are you looking at? Let’s go.” Cheng Zixi, ahead of me, saw that I wasn’t still walking with him.


“I know, I know, I’m coming,” I responded.


Let’s see when we come back…


We had walked for about 5 minutes, before arriving in front of Cheng Zixi’s recommended barbershop.


The barbershop wasn’t any different from any other barbershop. Maybe it was a little bigger. We walked in and the shop assistant came up.


“Excuse me, you two gentlemen are here for a barber or…”


“My friend needs a barber to cut his hair so that it suits him.” Cheng Zixi said before the shop assistant had finished speaking.


So you want to cheat me…


“Okay, please come with me to wash your hair.” Then the store assistant took me to  a place to wash my hair. Cheng Zixi sat on the couch for customers and waited, playing on his phone.


After washing my hair, the shop assistant arranged a barber.


“Sir, what kind of haircut do you want?” The barber asked.


Truthfully, I didn’t know…


“You choose what kind of hairstyle might look good on me.” I said simply.


“Okay.” The barber agreed and started to work.


Seeing my hair falling, my heart couldn’t bear it. This hair had accompanied me for a semester, after all.


After a while…


“Miss, how about this hairstyle?” The barber asked.


I felt like what he said wasn’t right. He couldn’t have said Miss, right?


I looked at the mirror and nearly threw up my breakfast.


In the mirror the bangs that had covered my eyes had been cut short to my forehead. The messy hair had been fixed up from washing it earlier. He had even taken a little off the back. These were fucking women’s bangs! Fuck, does this store even want any more business? Don’t fuck with me, my hair should be shorter, right? I’m wearing male clothes, how do you think I’m a girl?


“Yo, that hairstyle ain’t half bad. It suits you, hahahahaha…” Cheng Zixi said, taking joy in my misfortune.


At that moment, “Fuck your mother” ran through my mind…


“Bro, I’m a guy, how did you cut me such a cute hairstyle?!” I angrily shouted at the barber.


The barber looked at me in shock. “I’m sorry, part of the way through I thought you were a lady and I cut this hairstyle. I’m sorry, Sir. Here, I’ll give you this haircut for free. If there are any demands, please put them forward.”


“Alas… Cut my hair shorter then.” I said.


“Okay, sir.” The barber picked up the scissors again to cut.


Another moment later….


“Sir, I finished cutting. Do you like it?” The barber asked, lowering the scissors.


Looking in the mirror, the hair was cut shorter and neatly, but the bangs were still the same…


The mirror still showed a cute girl with short hair… Let it be, this hairstyle was more neutral. Besides, he didn’t know how to cut hair. Do I need to buy large decorative glasses to cover up my face?

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