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  1. I really am a boy!


I abandoned Li Ming who was lying on the ground and turned to go home.


Just thinking about streaming was vexing…with this appearance, they would probably think I was a girl. I still had the glasses. Even though they weren’t comfortable to wear, they would cover me up.


When I got home, I opened the door and went directly to my room. I looked at the time, 8 o’clock, on time to be late. I took out the webcam I had purchased and put it on my computer to test for any problems. I logged onto my channel to start the live stream.


My God! What happened? What was going on? 5324 people were waiting for me to start? This is my channel, how could there be so many people waiting for me to stream? This amount of people was practically one of the more popular streamers, don’t tell me it’s because I said I was going to reveal my face yesterday? These people…now I know why I wasn’t as popular before.


Putting the webcam in position, I corrected the placement of my microphone. I hid my nervousness and slowly moved my mouse towards the button to start streaming.


“Click.” With the click of my left mouse button, I began the stream.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the most handsome Lao D is back! I’m grateful for everybody who has been waiting for me to stream, I thank you!”


“Fuck me! Lao D was a girl! And is even a loli!” “So cute!” “I already deduced that Lao D was a girl.” “Loli is love. Loli is life!” “Gentlemen, I love loli’s!” “So cute, it’s a boy!”…


I had just started speaking and my computer was already barraged with comments. There were so many comments that it even covered my game icon. I turned off my comment section, and within seconds there were dozens of comments refreshing every couple of seconds. Wait…did I not wear my glasses? How can it be like this? Thinking of this, I reached my hand to the bridge of my nose but there was nothing there. My glasses? Where are they? My glasses are gone! Yep, yep, what I was thinking… I was correct. When I walked into my room, I had left my glasses on top of the shoe cupboard… The glasses weren’t comfortable so when I got home I took them off….ah! I’m so stupid!


“I’m a guy, not a girl!” I hurriedly explained.


“Unbelievable! No matter how I look at Lao D, it’s a loli!” “Loli Lao D, shouldn’t hide it!” “Loli, Loli!” “Exactly, exactly, even your voice sounds like a girl’s!” …


“Alright, returning to the topic. Today I’m bringing everybody to play a game by xx company, the first person horror game 《xx》” After looking at the questions, I didn’t try to explain at all and just started to play.


Starting the game brought on strange music and the main menu drifted out from a black background. Because this game was created by a game company from Japan, it wasn’t introduced into my country until 2 months later. The game hadn’t been translated yet and was still in Japanese. But how could I let that stop me?  Before, in order to play gal games*, I had self-studied Japanese for a year. So I know some common Japanese and had a rough idea what was going on.


[ED: *They’re also known as bishōjo games, in case this is confusing.]


Hitting the play button, the game started the tutorial and an introduction to the story. The story went like this:


The male main character had gone to a small town because of a business trip. After he finished his work and was preparing to go home, he saw an old man fall over on the curb. The male main character, with his kind heart, went to help the old man. Just as the male main character approached the old man, the old man got up and threw himself at him. The male main character saw something was wrong and ran away. At that moment, a passerby went passed the old man and the old man turned to the passerby and bit into his throat. Momentarily, scarlet blood bubbled out of his neck and onto the old man’s clothes and his clothes. The male main character, frightened, hurriedly called the police. But when the police arrived, the passerby had been eaten by the old man and only bones remained. The old man was long gone.


The male main character was the only witness to this incident, so the police officer took him back to the police station for questioning. After a while, the male main character finally left the station but had missed the train, so he had to stay at a small hotel until morning. Then he could buy another ticket home. In the evening everything began to change. Everybody in the city had become zombies. The male main character could only try to escape the city and survive.


Umm, I love this kind of story, it’s nothing new. How could I be scared? Such a joke!




“Lao D’s scared look is so moe!” “Ambulance! Somebody call the ambulance, Lao D is so moe!” “Such a cute scream!” ….


Eh, this was embarrassing…


This can’t be blamed on me! Who could’ve told me that a zombie was going to suddenly appear on my screen? If you don’t prepare yourself, any normal person would be frightened! It’s not because I’m timid!


Tonight’s stream was really good, but also tiring…so tired…


I looked over and saw that there were about 10 thousand people watching, which made me a little excited! But I really need to make it clear on my Weibo that I am a boy!


[TL: Weibo is a micro blog site]


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