In the hot summer, a social withdrawal like me is headed to the supermarket because of low food supply.

“Look, that girl over there is so cute!”

“Oh? Hey you’re right! Is she perhaps a celebrity?”

As I walked, every time a person saw me they would always say the same thing. But I’m actually not some cute girl nor am I a celebrity, because…… I am a boy!


Translated by ScipioM

Edited by bel

Chapter Index:


Chapter 0: Prologue

Chapter 1: Goodbye Old Friend

Chapter 2: Cutting Hair

Chapter 3: Everything Will Be Alright

Chapter 4: The Eve of the Collapse of Morals

Chapter 5: End of the Calm Days

Chapter 6: Conspiracy

Chapter 7: Chosen as a Female Actor?

Chapter 8: Beginning the Drama Club’s Official Rehearsal

Chapter 9: The male lead is actually…

Chapter 10: Senior Sister Is A Fujoshi?!

Chapter 11: Streaming Crisis?!

Chapter 12: Buying a Webcam

Chapter 13: I really am a boy!

Chapter 14: A chance encounter with a Drama Club Member

Chapter 15: It’s Makeup Of Course!

Chapter 16: Date?!

Chapter 17: Why am I always unlucky!

Chapter 18: Why do you always target me?!

Chapter 19: King’s Game

Chapter 20: Culture Festival(Part 1)

Chapter 21: Culture Festival(Part 2)

Chapter 22: Culture Festival(Part 3)

Chapter 23: Who is destroying me?!

Chapter 24: Celebration Feast(Part 1)

Chapter 25: Celebration Feast(Part 2)

Chapter 26: Celebration Feast(Part 3)

Chapter 27: Rainy Story(Part 1)

Chapter 28: Rainy Story(Part 2)

Chapter 29: Rainy Story(Part 3)

Chapter 30: Rainy Story(Part 4)

Chapter 31: Rainy Story(Part 4)

Chapter 32: Crisis

Chapter 33: The promise with Senior Sister

Chapter 34: Senior Sister’s Sudden Confession

Chapter 35: Tomorrow is a new beginning


Chapter 1: The First Date Together with Senior Sister?

Chapter 2: The Date (Part 1)

Chapter 3: The Date (Part 2)

Chapter 4: The Date (Part 3)

Chapter 5: The Date (Part 4)

Chapter 6: The Date(Part 5)

Chapter 7: The Date(Part 6)

Chapter 8: The Date(Part 7)