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☆ Little Sister


Gao Yulan waited for her mood to calm down before calmly walking out as if nothing had happened. After exiting she saw Yin Ze and the cooks working busily. The people that came here to eat didn’t come alone, but in groups. So at this time there was a lot of people and Boss Yin was busy.


Choose ingredients, clean, cut, put in pot and season, then arrange. Everybody was moving as if they had a tacit understanding. Gao Yulan sat at the small table eating while holding her chin and looking at Yin Ze.


Love? The two of them were completely different, were they really in love?


What did she like about him? Those feelings just came so fast. It was like staying in a cold room and then in a split second the door opens and a warm breeze invades into the bubble.


Obviously, that night she went to see Hu Tian and there wasn’t anything about love when she called him that night. Then later in the night she was crying in his embrace and he was kissing her.


After that they were in love?


How could it be so magical and inconceivable.


Gao Yulan didn’t understand.But she knew she was in love, she was always thinking about him. Her head was just all him. When she was unhappy, or worried he would say a couple words and she would be already laughing.


Gao Yulan looked at Yin Ze blankly, could she have been in love a long time ago? Could they last 7 years? After all Yin Ze and Zheng Tao were completely different, and now she was also different.


She absent mindedly suddenly felt her head hurt as she stared at Yin Ze. Who knew when he walked over, but he was rubbing her forehead and she blankly stared at him.


“What are you thinking about?”


“Zheng Tao.” Gao Yulan subconsciously replied, and saw Yin Ze’s eyes squint. His face wasn’t happy, quickly spit out two words: “And you.”


“I could never love him.” Yin Ze casually waved his hand: “Don’t think about having us have a date, I can’t stand looking at him.” And Gao Yulan gave him a look and said: “Don’t talk drivel.”


“Then what do you want us to do, don’t tell me that he likes me? Oh, no no no, I’m faithful only to you.” Yin Ze threw himself into pretending. Seeing Gao Yulan laughing he also started to laugh and suddenly gave Gao Yulan a gentle look and told her: “Open your mouth.”


Gao Yulan obediently opened her mouth and TYin Ze put a piece of meat into her mouth: “Is it good?”


The piece of meat was very tender, and had a delicious taste which made Gao Yulan widen her eyes in surprise as she nodded her head. Her reaction made Yin Ze satisfied and he laughingly fed her another piece while saying: “ If you like it, eat more. By the way remember to delete the Zheng Tao folder from your brain.”


Gao Yulan eye’s laughed, as she ate another piece of meat while nodding.


Yin Ze fed her again and said again: “Is it good, have I conquered your stomach yet?” Gao Yulan still nodded.


Yin Ze took a bite and said: “Then if I eat my cooking, I’ll conquer my stomach, then the next step is for you to conquer my body?”


Gao Yulan’s head which was looking down looked up quickly almost choking herself. She hurriedly looked around to see if there was anybody else around them. She gave Yin Ze a blank look , and Yin Ze smiled and gave her water to drink. Seeing that she had finished drinking he moved another plate in front of her, there was 5 other plates with very little but they looked scrumptious.


Yin Ze hinted towards her to open her mouth and Gao Yulan took the chopsticks out of his hand to eat herself.  Yin Ze sat next to her and said: “How is my service?”


“Horrible.” Handing over some water then putting a plate of food in front of her and this was service.


“What’s horrible, I took some food for you to eat since I was afraid you would be hungry, I hope I don’t get found out, or my pay might be deducted.” His voice was low making it seem like that would happen.


Gao Yulan gave him a blank look and asked him in a whisper: “Deduct how much?” She also started to pretend.┇Think┇Rabbit┇Network┇Wait┇Review┇Read┇


“How much is deducted, that would depend on the boss.” Yin Ze smiled and knocked his shoulders against hers suggesting who was the boss.


The outer part of his eyes had some lines making Gao Yulan want to touch them. Then she actually touched them.


“You have to be responsible for touching.”


“You have wrinkles.”


Both of them had said something but this time it was Yin Ze’s defeat. His smile was frozen on his face, as it slowly turned into a sad grin: “You’re eating, you’re touching, and you’re calling the person old.”


Gao Yulan smiled: “You’re older than me. Are you thirty or thirty nine now?”


Yin Ze hadn’t said anything and a chef called for him. Yin Ze got up and said to Gao Yulan quickly: “I’m not leaving because it’s busy, but because you hurt me, hmph.” Yin Ze ran over and listened to what the chef said before the two went to work.


Gaso Yulan kept eating and couldn’t help but laugh, it seems like she really has improved, she could even beat him now.


While working Yin Ze stole looks at her, the more sweetly she smiled the more he looked at her. They gave each other flirting glances till Gao Yulan brought some food for Yin Ning


When Gao Yulan arrived at Suixin Park she saw Niu Niu playing cards with Guo Qiuchen, while Yin Ning was talking with a girl. Unexpectedly it was the girl that Yin Ze said was his little sister from the hotel.


Gao Yulan found a table with food on top of it to sit down at, Yin Ning went over with the girl and said: “Lan Lan, this is my little sister Yin Shu.”


Yin Shu shyly  said: “Hello, My name is Yin Shu. Um. My brother told me about you.” She  stuttered as if she didn’t know what she was saying.


Gao Yulan nodded her head and shook her hand: “Yin Ze also told me about you.”


“Is that so?” Yin Shu was surprised but then looked down, and said quickly: “I, I just came over since I was around the area, and and I also brought a gift. I’m very glad to meet you Big Sis Lan Lan.”


Gao Yulan thought that this little girl really was shy as she replied: “It’s nice to meet you to.”


Yin Shu seemed to not want stay long, after Gao Yulan finished she turned towards Yin Ning: “Sis I’m going first, you guys have fun.”


“Don’t you want to stay for dinner?” Yin Ning tried to keep here there.


“No thanks.”


“Then you should see Yin Ze before leaving right?”


“Nah, I’ll just give bro a call later.” Yin Shu looked at Gao Yulan and smiled: “Excuse me then, I’ll be going first.” Then she turned towards Guo Qiuchen and Niu Niu: “ I’ll be going now, aunties leaving.”


Niu Niu waved her little arm and loudly said:” Bye Bye Auntie.”


After a round of greetings Yan Shu left. Yin Ning handed Gao Yulan a paper box saying that it was a gift from Yan Shu, who would’ve thought Gao Yulan’s name would also be there.


“A gift?” Gao Yulan was a little surprised: “ Why is she giving me a gift?”


Yin Ning smiled ambiguously: “Maybe it’s to curry some favor with the new sister in law? Maybe Yin Ze told her about you?”


Gao Yulan’s face turned red, Yin Ning tapped her shoulder with hers: “You guys are moving so fast, when I asked Yin Ze before he told me to not saying anything that would make you run away.” Gao Yulan’s face turned even redder: “I also didn’t think it would be so fast, no no what I mean is I didn’t think that meeting Yin Ze things would happen like this…”


Yin Ning happily smiled, and pulled Gao Yulan toward the table of food. Guo Qiuchen had already brought Niu Niu to wash her hands and was just going back heard what Yin Ning said: “You’re so  easily embarrassed, our Yin family will later have to shy people and two brazen ones which will neutralize each other out.


Gao Yulan didn’t understand and Yin Ning continued: “You’re just like Yan Shu all shy and bashful, she lived with her mother but she isn’t anything like her mother, Heaven truly does work in strange ways, a woman like that could have a child so different.”


“Mama, Uncle said before that you’re foolish and I was born smart.” Niu Niu put down her opinion.


“Your uncle said that?” Yin Ning said unconvinced.




“Yes.” Niu Niu insisted.


“I don’t believe you, wait for your uncle to come and then we shall see if it’s true.” Yin Ning pinched her daughters nose as if she was Yin Ze.


Gao Yulan laughed: “You and your brother really are the same.”


“And that’s why I said there will be two shy ones and two brazen ones.” Yin Ning said proudly.


Gao Yulan smiled, and felt proud. Niu Niu continued to try to argue again: “Uncle said you’re coarse, and simple-minded.”


“Oh?” Yin Ning scowled. Then turned and saw Guo Qiuchen snicker. She then turned her target to him: “ Am I stupid? Am I coarse?”


“No, no.” Guo Qiuchen turned panicky and hurriedly waved his hands. “You’re the best, the greatest.”


“You hear that?” Yin Ning said to Niu Niu: “It’s the opposite of what Uncle said.” While saying it she put some food to her mouth, as she said it in anger cutely.


Yin Ning was not convinced and said to gao Yulan: “You see, Yin Ze is so annoying and made Niu Niu behave poorly. After work today he will definitely take you out for a date. Ask him if he ever said it and if he did, help me out and just give it to him.”


Niu Niu hearing her uncle being bullied with loyalty said: “Uncle is the most awesome, Sister won’t be able to match for him. Sister if you lose give Uncle back to me.”


“Your Uncle is no match for Lan Lan, Lan Lan will win for sure.” Yin Ning picked some food for Niu Niu while refuting her, and Niu Niu picked up the tofu and said: “I don’t like it.”


“No, you can’t be picky about your food, I’ll smack your butt.”


The mother and daughter bickered over what to eat. Seeing the two Guo Qiuchen sighed in his mind, these two would not be easy to get a hold of.


Gao Yulan sighed inside her mind, her family was the king of the silver screen, was it really a level playing field?

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