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☆ Kiss


The cake-faced boss Yin was met with sudden poisonous hands. What was this bullshit, the good mood was instantly destroyed.


Yin ze called out to the moon, “Little moon, this woman is too fierce, she’s a bully! She’s bullying a handsome guy!”


Gao Yulan was actually also shocked by her behavior. But after Yin Ze called out, she became calm again. Yeah, this was Yin Ze, a troublemaker, doing whatever to him wasn’t overly excessive.


“You’re too much.” She thought whatever she did to him wouldn’t be too much. Yin Ze cried out. “I had to work until midnight and when I went back home you called me to drive you to your appointment. Then when you looked down, I brought you out to look at the scenery. Now I’ve spent the whole night listening to your worries, and after you were comforted by my emotional service, you do something evil to me,” he complained. “Oh, how could this be so, Lan Lan, your heart is so poisonous!”


Even though Yin Ze’s act was over exaggerated, what he said was the truth. Gao Yulan felt guilty. She wanted to explain, but she also didn’t know why she had all of a sudden pinched Yin Ze’s cheeks. After a moment, she said, “Sorry, sorry.”


Yin Ze pouted and rubbed his cheeks. “Sorry and it’s okay? If every bad person was like you, the police officers wouldn’t even have to try for their salary.”


Gao Yulan blinked, thinking, and then reacted. What he said was if a bad person said sorry and went, the police officers would be unoccupied so they would get a free salary. Gao Yulan thought for a moment and smiled, then she thought even longer and sighed. His sentence was good, but he didn’t have to be so confusing.


“Well, I’m sorry I said that. I’ll invite you out to eat later.”


“Invite me out to eat? Do you know what I am? I have a restaurant. You’re inviting a restaurant boss out to a meal, isn’t that not sincere?”


“Then what do you want?” Gao Yulan pouted playfully. “You want to pinch back?”


“No way. What man would do something so childish? How could I feel accomplished just pinching your face?”


Gao Yulan pouted. “You are childish.”


Yin Ze chuckled. He leaned his face close to Gao Yulan and bumped her shoulder with his: “Hey, didn’t you say that after I helped you out today you would thank me seriously?”


Gao Yulan’s heart jumped. “What do you want?” After thinking for a second, she revised her statement. “I can’t spend money, I don’t have a job or money.”


“No money, no money, alright.” Yin Ze stroked his chin, “Do you know what women would do in the ancient times when they owed something and didn’t have money…”


“What?” Gao Yulan glanced at him waiting for him to say ‘give one’s heart.’ If he dared, she would really kick him off the mountain.


“No, no, ‘give one’s heart’ is too cheesy, or would you give it to me?” Yin Ze smiled and his eyes shone “Your heart is too easily taken advantage of.”


Gao Yulan blushed. Looking at him, she bit her lip and said, “You’re teasing me again. Easily taken advantage of, your ass. You said you were going to accompany me to the hotel and then you skillfully pick up that pretty girl in the blink of an eye?”


“Oh, that’s my little sister,” Yin Ze said without any thought or guilt.


“‘Special’ sister? Cousin? Intimate woman?” Still a sister, it could really change.


[TL: This may get a little confusing but bear with me. Yin Ze is saying that the woman that he was with is his little sister (妹妹) and Gao Yulan asked if she is his fuck buddy(干妹妹) (I said ‘Special’ Sister to go with the whole thing), younger female cousin (表妹), and intimate woman (好妹妹). In all of these, they have 妹 or 妹妹 which can be taken as my little sister, or a young woman that you are acquainted with. Yin Ze is using ‘little sister’ while Gao Yulan is thinking he meant ‘young woman.’]


Yin Ze didn’t reply. Instead, he took a breath in and asked, “Do you smell something weird?”


Gao Yulan was startled and sniffed. “No, there isn’t any smell. What could smell, don’t tell me something’s burning?” She turned and looked at the car, it couldn’t be the car that was burning, right?


Yin Ze pulled her back and seriously said, “Smell again, it’s a little sour.”


Gao Yulan seriously smelled and leaned closer to Yin Ze, but still didn’t smell anything. Yin Ze said, “The sourness is like somebody drank some vinegar, do you smell it?”


“I don’t smell it.” Gao Yulan replied then realized. She punched him. “You’re teasing me again, you really are annoying.”


[TL: When Yin Ze said that it smelled like vinegar (醋), the character has a double meaning of jealousy (醋), and this jealousy is very specific of a love rivalry. I hope everybody understands. If you don’t, it’s Yin Ze saying that Gao Yulan is jealous of him seeing other girls, so he “smells jealousy coming from that spot.”]


Yin Ze laughed out loud, enduring the punch from her happily. He patted Gao Yulan’s head. “She really is my sister, my stepsister. She was born after my dad and the other woman were married.”


Gao Yulan’s mouth fell open. How could it be such a coincidence? Shortly afterwards, she remembered what had happened. “Then, then, didn’t I embarrass myself in front of your little sister?”


Yin Ze smiled. “You didn’t, she had already left before you started making a disturbance.”


“Oh, oh, that’s good. If she saw us beating somebody up, that wouldn’t be very good.”


“What’s wrong with that?” Yin Ze shook his leg. “It’s not the first time she’s seen me in a fight.”


“Why did you get into a fight?”


“I’ve been practicing since I was young!” Yin Ze gestured towards his arm, not turning away from the topic.


“You’ve been a bad kid and getting into fights?” Gao Yulan was quite interested in Yin Ze’s little matter.


“What bad kid, I never got into a fight for no reason.”


“I don’t believe you.” Gao Yulan chuckled. Even though he’s thirty, he’s so weird, he must have given headaches to the adults when he was a child. “Tell me an instance of it happening.”


“One time, that quack doctor made fun of my name so I went and beat him up.”


“You were classmates?”


“Yeah, I was classmates with that quack doctor and Officer Lei Feng from middle to high school. We would always get into fights with each other.”


“The Lei Feng that became a police officer also got into fights?”


“Yeah, we beat him up the most.”

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“When he was smaller, he was asking for it. The first time we fought was when I dropped my pen beside him and he didn’t help me pick it up. I beat him up.”


“You were this bad? You would beat somebody up for this.”


“When I was a child, whether good or bad, I would make a move, and then this inflexible guy Lei Feng popped up, unwilling to help people.”


Gao Yulan laughed out loud. “Looks like you were the one that was asking for it.”


“Hey, how could you say that about your benefactor?” Looking at her flowering smile with the moonlight washing over her reddish cheeks, Yin Ze felt his heartbeat speed up and he thought about the past. He didn’t say anything and Gao Yulan all of a sudden shouted out, “Right, I almost forgot.”


Yin Ze was startled. “What?”


“That…” Gao Yulan felt somewhat embarrassed, but still asked, “Do Doctor Meng Gu and Officer Lei Feng have girlfriends?”


Yin Ze narrowed his eyes. “Why.”


“Ah, just asking about it, and wanting to hear it.”


“Why would you want to hear it?”


“Why would I want to know? You just have to tell me or not.”


“Are you asking or asking for somebody?”


Gao Yulan bit her lip, debating if she should let out that Chen Ruoyu wanted to know. If there was no chance and Yin Ze went to tell her, wouldn’t Chen Ruoyu feel embarrassed?


Yin Ze looked at how she was acting and snorted. “It’s Chen Ruoyu, isn’t it?” The only female friend that had seen Meng Gu and Lei Feng was Chen Ruoyu. If it wasn’t her, who else could it be?


Gao Yulan was seen through and nodded her head, but still helped Chen Ruoyu, saying, “She just wanted to know, she wouldn’t do anything bad.” She looked at Yin Ze’s expression and continued, “You know that Doctor Meng Gu and Officer Lei Feng look young and promising, it’s normal that there would be women that would want to know a little more about them.”


“How about me?” Yin Ze looked unhappy.


“She didn’t ask about you.”


“She didn’t ask about me.” Yin Ze felt even worse. She boasted about Meng Gu and Lei Feng but when it came to him, they didn’t even ask. Doesn’t that mean he’s worse than the two of them?


Yin Ze felt depressed. How much patience could he have? The whole night he was being gentle and then, like always, she would wreck him. If he waited, wouldn’t she be like the stupid Chen Ruoyu and talk about Meng Gu and Lei Feng a lot? And would Guo Qiuchen even prevent it?


Thinking of this, Yin Ze gave a long sigh. He was so busy and then on the other side was something even worse? If he didn’t step up, wouldn’t he miss it?


“Yin Ze.” Gao Yulan didn’t know what was wrong, but she could see that her mood wasn’t right.


“When you were framed that one time, did Chen Ruoyu do anything for you?” Without any option, she had to tell him what he wanted to know first.


“No. When I found the chance to explain to everybody, she tried to help me and put in some words, but everybody didn’t listen, she also couldn’t say anything.”


“So you fought on by yourself?”


“I didn’t fight on, I ran away.” Gao Yulan pursed her lips, what Yin Ze said was right. She really was a steam bun. “Later I got a text from Chen Ruoyu saying she was sorry. Then later I knew that she was my best friend that didn’t just come and go. Originally, the three of us were best friends.”


[TL: A little confusing here but Yin Ze turned the conversation around to talk about Gao Yulan’s past. By three best friends, I’m guessing the three were Gao Yulan, Chen Ruoyu, and the boyfriend stealer.]


Gao Yulan thought for a second and asked, “Why do you ask?”


“I’m looking to see if Chen Ruoyu let you down or not, and whether I should help ask about Meng Gu’s relationship status. Lei Feng is already married.”


“Ah? Wait, wait, Ruoyu hasn’t thought it through completely. If you say something, Chen Ruoyu would be embarrassed.” Gao Yulan was startled.


“If I don’t say Chen Ruoyu is asking, how would I ask Meng Gu? And how would I know if he has a partner already?”


“Aren’t you his good friend? You don’t even know if he’s single or not?”


“It looks like he’s single, but how would I know for sure? Maybe he has somebody in mind, how would I know?”


Gao Yulan opened her mouth and her heart began to beat really fast again.


Yin Ze looked at her foolish expression and tapped her with his shoulder. “Quickly ask me who I’m thinking about.”


“Well, you said that Doctor Meng Gu made fun of your name. What’s wrong with it?”


Changing the subject? She actually knows how to do it?


Yin Ze squinted his eyes at her intently and waited.


Gao Yulan suddenly jumped up. “It’s getting late, we should quickly go back. There’s still work tomorrow.” She quickly went towards the car, waiting for the car doors to be unlocked and so she could enter to hide her embarrassment.


Just as she hurried towards the car, Yin Ze had already overtaken her. He grabbed a hold of her and pulled her body into his embrace. He used his arms to trap her, not letting her go. These feelings, these circumstances. If he didn’t make a move, he would be a fool.


“Why is your face red?” Her face was flushed pink.


“Where?” She said, not daring to look, instead focusing on a button on his shirt.


“You’re so embarrassed, you know who I’m thinking about?”


Gao Yulan bit her lip, her heart jumping out of her chest. It was happening all in front of her, how could she not know? The two of them seemed to interact well with each other, but they also hadn’t known each other for very long. In her mind, with her heart jumping and wildly beating, she was also somewhat happy. What was happening?


Yin Ze sighed. “You really are the first to start puppy love? Not even tricking me?”


Say she was tricking somebody? Gao Yulan, hearing this, looked and glared up at him. “As if I would trick somebody.”


This one look, she was able to catch Yin Ze’s eyes and smile. He stared into her eyes and lightly narrated, “Hey, stop acting stupid, let me chase you.”


Gao Yulan wanted to hide but couldn’t as her face turned red. “Doesn’t chasing after somebody require the other person to agree?”


Yin Ze’s smile became bigger. “So what you mean is also what I mean? I’m your boyfriend.”


“No way.” This guy was so troublesome, using tricks on her.


The more embarrassed she was, the more happy Yin Ze was. “Do you wanna know why my name is so weird?”


Changing the subject? Gao Yulan didn’t understand what Yin Ze was getting at. She looked up again, seeing him smile as his face came closer and closer. Gao Yulan tried to back up but found herself still in his embrace, unable to move.


“I’m a lascivious thief.” As his words ended, his lips fell on top of hers.


[TL: Nobody would ever get this unless I explained… This is a play on words with his name. His name Yin Ze (尹则) sounds like the word Yin Zei (淫贼) which means lascivious, obscene, etc., thief or evil thing.]


Gao Yulan felt her mind go numb. Everything present before her eyes overlapped: what had happened in her dream, his arms around her, Yin Ze’s soft lips on top of hers. She was startled into wanting to shout out as she felt his tongue in her mouth.


The fiery hot tongue tangled up with hers. Gao Yulan’s head became even giddier as she felt herself quickly unable to resist. She reached out and grabbed his arm. Yin Ze held her tighter, stroking her back.


Gao Yulan recalled the dream when he had held onto her and kissed her on the neck. Thinking of this, she felt a big hand go to her nape, slowly stroking her skin. Slowly she sucked back and quickly felt as if he would eat her up.


She didn’t know how long the kiss was, but she felt her whole body become soft as if it were mud. She later knew that she wanted to rest, finished, she was out of saliva.


[TL: Finally some progress!]

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