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☆ Heart to Heart Talk


The blood slowly rose up to Gao Yulan’s head and face. Her face was red and she was getting dizzy.


She just kissed Yin Ze? Really?


How did that happen? How could she be so careless?


Gao Yulan suddenly recalled that one erotic dream. She was also being careless that time, and it wasn’t intentional!


Her face fully red, she stammered. “ I, I…” After a while, she was finally able to spit out her words. “You’re imagining things.”


“I’m imagining things.”


Gao Yulan nodded her head forcefully. “This could also be a figment of one’s imagination.”


Yin Ze contradicted, “You don’t want to own up to it?”


“You just said that it was just your imagination, what is there to own up to?” Gao Yulan raised her head up, trying to be calm and patted Yin Ze’s shoulder. “Young man, it’s good to be calm.”


Yin Ze focused on her. She felt her face heating up but she couldn’t show any weakness. Nothing happened. Nothing happened. She brainwashed herself while looking back at him.


Yin Ze said, “Oh, my heart is breaking, I’ll go to calm down.”


After he finished, he really opened the car door and got out.


Gao Yulan watched his back, and let out a sigh, leaning back into the seat. She was inwardly grateful for Yin Ze. When she was sad, he stirred up some trouble and made her happy. But she was now very embarrassed, and he pretended to be going away to give her space to calm down.


Actually, he was a really, really good person.


Gao Yulan thought the erotic dream and the kiss on the lips gave the same feeling again. Currently in the car with nobody else, she was able to shout out in her thoughts: This was not on purpose, she really didn’t do this on purpose!


After hiding in her happy place for a while, there was a sudden knocking from the car window, scaring Gao Yulan out of her skin. Looking up, she saw that it was Yin Ze outside, smiling at her. He opened the car door and pulled her out. “Do you want to suffocate yourself to death? If not, come out and see the stars in the sky.”


Outside the car, there was a pleasant breeze with the smell of grass and flowers mixed in. Gao Yulan breathed in deeply, thinking that this was really relaxing.


“Where are the stars?” Raising her head, there was only the moon in the sky, no stars.


“Look over there.” Yin Ze pulled her over to the railing. This was a mountain-viewing platform. If you looked down, you could see City A. The twinkling lights under the mountain were dazzling.


“The prettier it is, the further away from me it seems.” Gao Yulan looked at the beautiful nightscape but wasn’t feeling happy. Did this city suit her?


“Then why did you come?”


Gao Yulan’s mouth twitched and Yin Ze laughed. “Come, come. Today I’m risking my life to be a good person. Come on, I’ll be a trash can for your feelings.” He went to his car and took out beers from the back and a bottle of mineral water. Then he sat down on a rocky overhang and gave the water to Gao Yulan, opening the beer for himself.


Gao Yulan sat next to him, looked at the water in her hand, and then looked at the beer in his hand. “I want a beer.” If you don’t feel good, drinking a beer seemed right.


“No way, your tolerance for alcohol is horrible and you love beating people up. Then you’re going to beat me up all night, won’t that make you feel worse?”


“It won’t happen.”


“You won’t beat me up or you won’t regret it?” Yin Ze winked.


“Neither will happen.” Gao Yulan glanced at him.


Yin Ze laughed, raised his head, and downed the beer. Gao Yulan relaxed, swallowed her saliva, then looked at the lights under the mountain, thinking blankly. She then asked, “Yin Ze, have you ever fallen in love?”


“What are you asking me for? I’m 30 years old now, of course I’ve thought about it, but I’m still single and clean. I haven’t been tangled up. You waiting to be lucky.*”

[ED: *The language used in the raws was pretty ambiguous in that it could be a statement or a question… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]


Gao Yulan didn’t hear his last words and asked him, “What was your first love like?”


Yin Ze looked at her and said, “Promise that after I finish, you won’t renounce me. Then I’ll tell you.”


“Don’t stir up trouble,” Gao Yulan hit him.


“Alright, I’ll tell.” Yin Ze drank from the beer again, “It was when I was in high school.”


“What year?”


“Sophomore,” Yin Ze thought seriously.


“I was a freshman, so I was earlier than you by a year,” Gao Yulan looked at the lights, reminiscing about the past.


“Oh, little moon.” Yin Ze stretched his arm and looked up into the sky to say, “This woman is purposely trying to get me angry, my heart is at a loss. I can’t stay, take me away.”


“You’re too loud.” Gao Yulan smiled in amusement, then tapped his arm. “You’re really annoying.”


“Oh…” Yin Ze covered his face. “She also said I was annoying.”


“Hey…” Gao Yulan tapped him again. With difficulty, he was able to force his emotions down, he was destroying the mood.


Yin Ze let go and laughed, “Okay, your turn.”


“What ‘your turn’, you’re still going. What happened afterwards? Why aren’t you together?”


“Afterwards, when I was entering my first year of university, the problem with my mom and dad dying and the confusing issue of who the property belonged to happened. Even though he was divorced from my mom, he was still paying for our tuitions and everything. After he passed away, we suddenly didn’t have any money. Plus with funeral expenses and so on, the savings we had ceased to exist. I quit school and went to work. You know, I couldn’t find any good jobs. My future was bleak and it was impossible for me to go back to school and study, I had no education. At the time, my girlfriend wasn’t able to accept it and I was to busy to care about her feelings, so we broke up.”


Gao Yulan looked at him, feeling her eyes turn feverish. “Yin Ze, you’re really strong.”


Yin Ze laughed, “You’re praising me, I feel touched. Little moon, you don’t need to take me away from here.”


Gao Yulan had her mood lifted up by him. “Hey, say something serious, don’t be troublesome.”


“Alright, alright, I’ll be serious.” Yin Ze shook his beer. “That time I was actually in despair. If it weren’t for my sister, I wouldn’t be like this today.”


“What did Sis Yin Ning do?”


“She didn’t do anything. Her being there told me that I still had a family to take care of. My sister is really foolish and needed somebody to rely on. If I didn’t do anything, she would be suffering. It was fine if I wandered the streets but my sister was a girl and in her third year of university. She still had one year before she graduated. I couldn’t let her become like me and have nothing. When a man is needed, they will always be able to stand strong.”


“When I need him, he wasn’t there for me.” Gao Yulan whispered, showing sadness. She looked at the beer in Yin Ze’s hand. “I want to drink.”


Yin Ze didn’t refuse this time. He handed it over to Gao Yulan and she poured it into her mouth. She wiped her mouth and said, “I was with my boyfriend since I was a freshman in high school. At first, we were dating and keeping it a secret from everybody. It was senior year when my parents found out. My parents wanted me to quickly take the college exam and get into a good university, so they were against hearing that I was dating. His family, my family, even the school wanted us to break up. That time was so painful, there were so many struggles but we stayed resolute and didn’t break up. Afterwards, my family couldn’t do anything so I promised them that I would get into a good university and not disappoint them. My parents finally agreed.”


Gao Yulan said this and then reached for the beer again to drink. This time she just took it out of his hand.


“I worked hard and was accepted to City B University. Of course, it was the one that my parents wanted me to go to. However, my boyfriend was only able to get into City C University. His family complained that it was my fault for impeding his grades but he told me that it didn’t matter. It was just having a long distance relationship which made him feel ill at ease. He made me agree that when I graduated, I would come back. I agreed.”


Gao Yulan drank again, emptying the whole can. She reached for another can and drank from it.


“At the university, I studied hard and I had a lot of friends, but I missed him. Every two or three days, I would call him if I had the time, and every night I would chat with him online. Then finally my fourth year was done and I was graduating, it was time for me to go back to City C and find work. There was also a male friend that also wanted to go to City C to find work so he went back with me. My friendship with him over the last four years wasn’t bad so I just thought of it as receiving him as a guest, helping him out, finding a hotel, and introducing him to my friends, including my boyfriend. At the time, there were some rumors but I didn’t know since I was very happy. I thought that once I returned, I would live happily with my boyfriend. We would finish our promise from graduation and we would find work and get married.”


She started to cry. “But one day, my friend from university invited me and my friends out to go karaoke. He said that he was about to get a job and wanted to get some friends to celebrate. I sang happily with everybody and then I went to the bathroom. When I returned, I saw him standing beside the door. I walked past him and asked what had happened, he then suddenly kissed me. I didn’t understand what was happening until I heard my boyfriend yell out and separate the two of us. I didn’t say anything and a slap flew towards my face.”


Her tears flowed down, it seemed like tonight she was unusually sensitive. Yin Ze extended his arm out and wrapped her in an embrace. She let everything out, “Then my friends came out to see what was happening and my boyfriend loudly said that he felt something was fishy, he said I was having an affair. Then my friend from university said that the reason he came back this time was to make it clear to my boyfriend. He liked me but he hadn’t found the chance, he wanted my boyfriend to break up with me. I just stood there foolishly, not believing what was happening. I wanted to defend myself. Then a good friend of mine suddenly said that she had said earlier that I shouldn’t fall in love somebody else, she said that I had talked to her about liking other people and wouldn’t listen to her. They all pretended really well of things that had never happened, I didn’t know what to do so I stupidly tried to explain to my boyfriend, hoping that he would believe me that I wasn’t like that.”


“He didn’t believe you?” Yin Ze felt sorry for her, wiping away her tears.


“He didn’t believe me, he cursed me,” Gao Yulan cried. “After that time, my friends drifted away from me. I had no chance to explain. City C wasn’t a big place and everybody’s friends were also my friends. Everybody believed that I was the one that was wrong, so they all stood with him and said that he paid so much to be with me. In the end, I went to a different school to hook up with different guys.”


“That friend from university should’ve still liked you. After you two broke up, he wanted to fill that position right?”


“He said that he hadn’t expected things to be like this.” Gao Yulan rubbed her eyes, “However, I didn’t like him, I only thought of him as a friend.”


“How about that close friend of yours that lied?”


“Afterwards, she married my boyfriend.” Gao Yulan breathed through her nose, after saying everything, it was so relaxing.


Yin Ze took out some napkins and used it to wipe off her face. “You’re crying over a slut like that, you really are a fool.”


“After so many years, I hadn’t cried. Only today, after something happened, did I cry.” She looked up at Yin Ze. Her eyes were wet with tears and her nose was red. Yin Ze moved his hand over and moved aside her hair next to her cheek. “You’re so ugly when you cry.”


“You’re not handsome either!” Gao Yulan vented out, returning back to her normal self.


“Your eyes can really cry.” Yin Ze gave a scared look. “I’m clearly a handsome man, even the gods are angered by it, the moon is reluctant to look away and is shining on my face, can’t you see how handsome I am?”


Gao Yulan giggled. Yin Ze put his face right in front of her. “Look, look carefully, can’t you see how magnificent I am?”


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but burst out laughing and reached her hand out to push his face away, causing Yin Ze to also laugh. His eyes were bright, the corner of his mouth curved up. His face was really close to her, the moonlight sprinkled over him and all around in the grass, the trees, and the small little flowers, the mood was incomparably great.


His face and hers almost touched and she could feel his breath on her face. She smelled a cool, relaxing smell from his body, making her recall the one from her dreams. He had pressed down on her against a wall and then lowered his face down giving her a kiss…


Bad, why was her heart beating so fast, why did his face keep looking nicer and nicer to look at? Why did she think of her dream? Every time she looked at him, he became more and more handsome? What’s happening, what’s happening?


Gao Yulan in a moment of desperation made a decisive final move. Destroy it, destroy it, destroy it! She reached out her two hands towards Yin Ze’s face and pulled on it from both sides.


The handsome face turned into a cake face!


You call it ugly! This makes my mind more at ease!

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