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☆Male and Female Stories


Lin Yuan was beaten, he was raging. He suddenly stood up from the ground and pounced on Yin Ze. Yin Ze tried to dodge, but couldn’t and was met with his fist.


The two came together momentarily, wrestling against each other.


On the side, nobody went up to mediate and Niu Niu yelled at Yin Ning. “Mama, the bad guy is hitting Uncle, hurry and let Mantou out!”


Gao Yulan stared speechlessly, thinking: This child, do you want your Mantou to come out and bite him? He would probably wave his tail cutely, not being any use against the bad guy.


The two police officers watching on the side were not happy at all, do those two want to die? To actually dare to fight in front of them!


The two police officers hurriedly went to stop the fight, not caring how they were going to manage it. Why not just take all of them back and question them?


The two were in the middle of fighting and the police officers came over. Lin Yuan swung his fist and Yin Ze dodged it. The fist smashed into a police officer’s head.


Yin Ze, seeing this, rapidly moved his body and dodged behind the police officer. He lifted his hands obediently, then said loudly, “Officer, he attacked the police, he attacked the police.”


Lin Yuan regretted a lot, he really was regretful. He wanted to get back together with Yin Ning and he wanted to take care of his daughter but he lost his cool. His temper was too bad and he messed everything up.


Then the chaotic Yin Ze came and after a couple punches, his head had time to cool down.


He really was stupid, he was just showing that he was bad and stupid.


Lin Yuan stopped breathing heavily and corrected his messy clothing. He crossed looks with the two police officers and his gaze fell on Yin Ning.


Yin Ning was watching him with a scornful, empathetic expression. His daughter had rushed into Yin Ze’s embrace, and he was wiping away the tear stains on her little face.


“Uncle, we should release Mantou to bite him.”


Her little pale hand pointed at Lin Yuan. This left him with a bad taste in his mouth.


Since this matter was wrapped up, not going to the police station wasn’t going to be an option. Yin Ning handed Niu Niu over to Gao Yulan to take her out to eat while she wrapped up this terrible event. Gao Yulan, Chen Ruoyu, and Guo Qiuchen took the child to go to McDonald’s to buy some food. And, according to what Yin Ze had directed, they went to a nearby hospital to get Guo Qiuchen checked and to ask for an injury report.


Yin Ning and Yin Ze went with the police to the police station.


Gao Yulan was somewhat worried. Yin Ze was hit a few times, were his injuries serious? And didn’t Lin Yuan seem like a big headache, would the sister and brother be able to take care of it?


Chen Ruoyu was also worried, and she asked, “Just a moment ago, I was impulsive and also hit the wretch several times. He said he was suing us, wouldn’t I also be sued?”


Gao Yulan consoled her with a couple words, but she was also uncertain. But Lin Yuan didn’t know Chen Ruoyu and it could be assumed to not be too important.


Guo Qiuchen didn’t have much to say. He was the unluckiest amongst them. To count every time he came over, there wasn’t anything that had been good. However, Mr. Guo kept his poise and hadn’t complained even one word. When they were buying McDonald’s, Niu Niu had poked at his eye, asking if it hurt. He just patiently chatted with the child.


Niu Niu, having her wish fulfilled of going to McDonald’s, was quite happy. Although she had just experienced an unpleasant experience, she deserved to be called a blood relative of Yin Ze’s. She had quickly put the affair aside and was already mapping out the future. That is—return home and train Mantou to distinguish enemies and bravely fight!


Gao Yulan didn’t put down Niu Niu’s wishful thinking, but she reminded herself to tell Yin Ze when she saw him later to take care of Mantou’s body, no, to keep the dog safe.


The three adults and the child finally arrived at the hospital. Niu Niu, familiar with the place, was jumping all over and ran up ahead to the third floor.


The nurse, seeing Niu Niu, greeted her. Niu Niu waved and ran into the clinic.


Gao Yulan hurriedly pulled her back, but she quickly, loudly said, “Uncle Meng.”


A man’s laughter came from the consultation room and Gao Yulan went in. She saw a young doctor carrying Niu Niu in his arms.


The doctor’s name was on a nameplate on his desk and Gao Yulan swept her gaze over it.


Isn’t this doctor’s name a tragedy?


Meng Gu followed Gao Yulan’s sight and knew what was on her mind. He laughed, “My father’s surname is Meng, and my mother’s surname is Gu, so I’m called Meng Gu.”


Gao Yulan nodded to his answer thinking: Coincidentally a doctor and he’s even called a — Quack Doctor.


[TL: If anybody remembers from the early chapters, there was this quack doctor, well the real term was more like fake doctor, but I felt it was funnier to put quack doctor since this novel is built on a comedic tone. 😀 The man’s name “Meng Gu” 孟古 sounds like “Meng Gu” 蒙古, which means Mongolia. If you put doctor at the end of mongolia, it means “fake doctor” 蒙古大夫. I hope everybody gets the joke.]


The “quack doctor” had already received a call from Yin Ze so he knew why Gao Yulan’s group had come. He quickly had Guo Qiuchen sit down and examined his bruised eyes. His wrist was sprained and he had some scrapes on the back of his hand, but there weren’t any major problems.


Guo Qiuchen said to Gao Yulan, “Take a look, no problems. I told you we didn’t need to come.”


“Nevertheless, if you didn’t check, you wouldn’t feel reassured.”


“Correct, if you don’t get examined, you won’t stop worrying about it.” Meng Gu agreed with Gao Yulan and shortly afterward said to Guo Qiuchen, “Since your wrist is sprained, we’ll get you a cast.”


After these words, the whole room went quiet.


Meng Gu laughed cordially, “Don’t worry, Yin Ze said he will take care of the medical fee.”


Gao Yulan suddenly recalled Yin Ze’s plastered leg.


Meng Gu continued, “Do you want a comprehensive body exam for the three of you?”


He spoke while making a list. Guo Qiuchen’s face turned black as he slowly walked back towards Chen Ruoyu.


Gao Yulan called for Niu Niu and whispered into her ear. Niu Niu, after hearing what was said, suddenly turned to Meng Gu. “Uncle Meng, have you already received my uncle’s money? How much money did you receive?” Her expression was like she had met a robber.


Meng Gu laughed and rubbed Niu Niu’s head: “Niu Niu, your uncle has money, you don’t have to worry.”


Niu Niu shook her head and furrowed up her little face, “Uncle Meng, my uncle is very poor, do you have the heart to take his money?


Meng Gu laughed, “He’s poor?”


Niu Niu replied earnestly, “He can’t get me McDonald’s every day.”


“He is pretty stingy.”


“He doesn’t have any money to pay.”


“No money to pay?” Meng Gu didn’t understand.


Niu Niu turned towards Gao Yulan with a meaningful glance for help. Gao Yulan turned red in embarrassment and whispered, “Loan.”


Niu Niu nodded, and rapidly said, “And he hasn’t paid the loan back.” And to add more emphasis: “Very pitiful!” Finally, the last word was left hanging, amply expressing the meaning.


Meng Gu grinned even more and Niu Niu pulled on his sleeve, “You won’t take my uncle’s money, how else would Niu Niu get to eat McDonald’s? Also, there is no home, or enough to eat until we’re satisfied, no clothes to keep warm. Only in the streets could we spare a match.”


Meng Gu laughed loudly, shooting a glance at Gao Yulan.


Gao Yulan repeatedly waved her hand. “I didn’t teach her this.”


“The Yin family is so virtuous.” Meng Gu rested his chin on his palm. Her moral integrity and Yin Ze’s were so familiar. “Tell me, what is your relationship to Yin Ze?”




“Nothing, then how would his sister feel reassured giving Niu Niu to you and you’re helping him worry about his money?”


“Really, nothing.”


“I don’t believe you.”


Gao Yulan’s face turned black, refusing to acknowledge him.


Niu Niu took hold of the conversation and pulled it back, “Uncle Meng, you won’t take my uncle’s money, right?”


“Little kid, fine, I won’t take his money. Your Uncle Meng, I will just go cold and hungry, do you not feel bad?”


“I’m worried about Uncle,” Niu Niu said honestly, not giving Meng Gu any face.


“You’re also worried,” Meng Gu coldly pushed the subject towards Gao Yulan once again. Recently, Yin Ze seemed like he had entered his spring of his life and it seemed to be because of this girl.


Gao Yulan shook her head and subconsciously looked at Guo Qiuchen, “I have no relationship with him, so I’m not worried.”


“Oh, Lan Lan, you’re hurting me again.”


Behind them suddenly came Yin Ze’s voice, full of grief and sorrow. Gao Yulan was frightened and she jumped forward. Turning her head, she saw that it really was Yin Ze.


“Uncle!” The little girl Niu Niu cheerfully jumped over and started to report, “Uncle Meng promised to not take your money. If we need to see the doctor, we should look for Uncle Meng.”


Meng Gu’s face turned black, when did he say that? Finally, that last phrase about looking for Uncle Meng, why did it sound like a T.V. advertisement? This is why you can’t let children watch too much T.V.!


Yin Ze laughed and kissed Niu Niu. He went to Guo Qiuchen and Chen Ruoyu to apologize and asked if they were okay but nobody said anything.


Yn Ze then pointed behind him, “This is my friend Lei Feng, he’ll take you back. Today really was embarrassing, so I’ll invite everybody out for a meal.”


Gao Yulan turned to look. The person following Yin Ze was the same one who had gone to her house, the police officer Lei Feng. Right now, he didn’t have a police uniform on and appeared bright, clean, smart, and handsome. Lei Feng, seeing Gao Yulan, laughed and said, “Hello.”


This person really was polite. Guo Qiuchen and Chen Ruoyu followed after Lei Feng and left. Gao Yulan also wanted to leave, but Yin Ze put Niu Niu into her arms and dragged her into sitting down.


Meng Gu, seeing this, smiled, “Nothing? I believe you!” Then he paused. “Seriously, I do.”




Gao Yulan didn’t pay attention to him and didn’t see Yin Ze kick this quack doctor under the table.


The two men stupidly traded blows, mutually hurting each other. Meng Gu said some unkind words while helping Yin Ze check his injuries and apply medicine.


Gao Yulan recalled Yin Ze had said that it was just their way of expressing friendship and she couldn’t help but sigh. People like this really do flock together, the “king of the silver screen’s” friend was also a “trickster.”


Yin Ze also had other things to do, so he didn’t stay a long time with Meng Gu. He quickly brought Gao Yulan and Niu Niu, taking their leave. At this time, Gao Yulan recalled and asked, “Yin Ning?”


“She wanted to calm down for a bit. She went home earlier.”


“Oh.” Gao Yulan wanted to ask about Lin Yuan and what they had done. But Niu Niu was still there and it wasn’t the time to bring the matter up.


Yin Ze knew what she wanted to know, and said to her, “Don’t worry, the matter has already been taken care of. I’ll send you back home and then meet you later.”


Gao Yulan nodded her head and turned to look at the cars on the street. Walking on the sidewalk, they passed by the closely woven buildings. This city was beautiful, but who knew how many stories between men and women had occurred here? Yin Ning was good and she was also good, but for example things would never be as simple as 1+1.


Because the story was left hanging there, Gao Yulan was looking forward to meeting with Yin Ze. However, the day was almost over and she hadn’t received any news from Yin Ze. Actually, Chen Ruoyu had come over to talk about her feelings.


“Lan Lan, what do I do? I think I’ve fallen in love.”


“Ah?” Gao Yulan was startled. “So fast? Who did you fall in love with?”


“Umm, actually I’m a little bit uncertain.”


“Mr. Guo?”


“It’s not him, he’s a little weak for my taste.”


“Then who? Could it be Yin Ze?”


“No, no, it’s not him either. He’s clearly interested in you, I don’t want to join the fray.”


“What are you talking about? How is he interested in me, he just foolishly loves everybody.”


“Then he’s entered his own realm of foolishness.”


“Believe me, he’s in his own realm.”


Chen Ruoyu sighed, not saying anything. Gao Yulan also didn’t say anything, waiting for Chen Ruoyu to speak.


After a while, Chen Ruoyu finally shyly asked, “Lan Lan, tell me, do you think Doctor Meng or Officer Lei is better?”


“…” Gao Yulan was speechless. Chen Ruoyu, you’re so fierce. You don’t love one, but fell in love with two?

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