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☆Stealing is Wrong!


Sunlight streamed through a crack in the curtains, falling onto the messy bed.


Gao Yulan had a splitting headache and struggled to move, only to find that half of her body was hanging off the bed. She actually slept like this?


She groaned, covering her head and struggling to sit up. She blankly looked at the state of her hair and jumped up in fright. Shortly after, she remembered yesterday when she had gotten drunk and seriously looked for a man in the streets.


Gao Yulan swiftly sat up and wrapped herself in her blanket before scanning her room. There was no sign of an unknown man.


So nothing had happened!


She relaxed, and carefully recollected what had happened last night, but sadly her head was empty. She checked herself for any marks. Nothing felt wrong, but her clothes and underwear were thrown aside, causing her to worry.


Did nothing happen last night?


She felt bitter. An abrupt small sound came from outside the room. It seemed to have come from the kitchen.


Gao Yulan’s mind became taut. She really had brought a man home? And now the man was making breakfast in the kitchen?


No way, right?


There was no way she would do something like this, right?


Taking a step back, drinking really made her reckless. But the man she had snatched couldn’t be such an idiot to like her and make her breakfast, right?


From the kitchen came another sound. Scared to death, Gao Yulan jumped up quickly and put her clothes on, then stuck her head out of the door to look around.


What?! A pillow was thrown to the ground, and shoes were sprawled all over, some missing. Small furnishings were even rolling around. Who had destroyed the living room?


Gao Yulan almost started to curse, then suddenly thought whether she’d been in the right mind to go drinking. She took back her words, and decided to find the rude man to discuss later.


Gao Yulan’s apartment was not very big. The kitchen was not very far away, but she hesitated walking in. She walked, thinking of what to say to the man. Maybe ask about last night, or regardless of what had happened, just curse at him.


Hm, well, whatever comes, she must have strength! She must fight! And most importantly, win!


No matter if she had snatched a guy back or seduced him, she must take the initiative. No matter what had happened, she will get out of bed to see this person and have the advantage.


She must have the upperhand! And she absolutely cannot allow the devious man to deceive her.


She needs to make sure he forgets this, she will not take any responsibility. More importantly, he must not think she was an easy woman. He better understand this. He can’t think she was such a cheap woman!


With this in mind, Gao Yulan took a deep breath, then formed a fist and glared. Armed, she quickly went into the kitchen. Full of anger, she yelled out, “Hey, you…”


For a split second, she choked. Gao Yulan’s eyes opened wide, not believing what she saw.


After a long time, she shuddered, pointing her finger. With great difficulty, she finally managed one sentence. “…You…How did you become a dog?”


Before her eyes was a puppy with two upright ears, short legs, yellowish brown fur, and watery eyes. It sat well behaved on the ground with its head tilted, looking at her. It opened its mouth and whimpered twice miserably.


How did a rude guy become a cute dog?


The world was mysterious!


Gao Yulan didn’t know how to react. She stood there foolishly until the puppy impatiently pawed at the kitchen cupboards. Then the puppy went up to her leg and rubbed against it, waking her up. In her house, there was only a dog!


“You changed from a man? Or are you just a dog?” These questions were very stupid, but Gao Yulan still asked them. The whole scene was strange, how was she supposed to act?


The puppy was propped up with her two arms, its eyes level with hers, looking innocent and extending its tongue to pant. This little guy looked so innocent, ah, so innocent.


“You’re not allowed to act so cute!” Gao Yulan said seriously. She then looked at the dog’s crucial place. Indeed, it was male, don’t tell me… she had been so interested in this ball of fur last night? Her head just hurt thinking about it. What had happened? How could this have happened?


The puppy she was holding was not feeling comfortable. It began to whine and twist around, wanting to return to the ground.


Gao Yulan finally surrendered. She couldn’t think of the facts with her worn-out head. The soldiers will block and the water will flood. If the dog was a man, she would beat him up.


Pondering, she felt relieved. She put the puppy back onto the ground and started to clean up the house. While she was cleaning she found two things, dog pee and poo, which annoyed her. The puppy had been running around her feet, but seeing the angry expression, it retreated a couple of steps.


Gao Yulan’s look was furious. She grabbed a clothes hanger and faced the puppy with an open display of her strength. “You, you, don’t assume just because you’re cute I won’t be hard on you. Come here or watch as I beat you to death!”


The puppy sat on the ground, and shook its tail while whining.


Gao Yulan scolded twice, while thinking it had no good will. She tidied up her house then also tidied herself up. After changing clothes, she sat in the living room looking at the puppy.


She spent a long time wondering where the dog had come from. Her head still hurt, and her stomach was growling. The puppy was at her feet, looking at her expectantly. It was clear to her that the puppy was also hungry.


Gao Yulan rummaged through her fridge, and only found three frozen meat buns to eat. She cooked a pot of rice porridge to go with the meat buns. At this time, the puppy was at her legs with its tail wagging, waiting.


Gao Yulan’s heart softened. She touched its head and asked, “How did you get here?”


The puppy—of course—couldn’t speak, but could only look at her with watery eyes, and shake its tail.


The steamed buns were quickly warmed up and put onto a plate in the living room. The puppy moved to guard the plate, drooling under the table. Gao Yulan laughed. “Two are mine, and one is yours.”


The puppy’s front legs caught the sides of the coffee table and it looked ready to swallow the whole plate. Gao Yulan was amused and pushed the plate away. She picked one up and tore it open. “The heating is too spotty.”


The puppy eagerly looked at her hand. Gao Yulan blew on the hot part of the steam bun and put it into the puppy’s mouth. The puppy swallowed it in one bite and then came back for more. Gao Yulan tore another piece and placed it near its lips. Then when it would eat the bun she’d pull her hand back really fast. The puppy chased after her hand and Gao Yulan would laugh while it ate the steam bun.


The steam bun was soon finished and the dog continued to stare at the rest of the steam buns. Gao Yulan hesitated for a moment. “Okay, you have two and I have one.”


Then another steam bun was torn into pieces and fed to the puppy.


The puppy was obedient and cute, Gao Yulan got along with it and liked it very much. But it had appeared from unknown origins, and she didn’t know what to do next.


She didn’t feel like thinking and decided to focus on eating first. She went to get her own bowl of porridge, with the steam bun to eat. While holding the bowl of porridge, the doorbell rang. She hurriedly set it down and went to open the door.


A young police officer and a young man covered in plaster in a wheelchair were outside.


Gao Yulan looked them over and asked, “Who are you looking for?”


The police officer hadn’t said a word before the plaster covered man rushed to ask, “You don’t know who I am?”


Gao Yulan looked at him carefully and shook her head. “Don’t know.” She turned to the officer and asked, “Who are you looking for? Is this the wrong door?”


The police officer didn’t have a chance to say anything again before the man pointed his finger at her and shouted, “She’s the one that injured me and stole my dog!”


Lightning struck!


Gao Yulan’s mouth fell open, speechless.


Stealing a dog?


So last night she hadn’t snatched a man, but had stolen a dog?!


Is this why she’d woken up to find a dog in her house from out of nowhere?


Where had this happened? What was she thinking when she stole the dog?


Gao Yulan’s brain short-circuited, while the plaster covered man called, “Mantou, Mantou…”


Gao Yulan heard the sound of footsteps, and turned to look to see the puppy with the last steam bun running over cheerfully.


Three steam buns, all gone.


The plastered man opened his arms wide. “Mantou, Mantou, you must’ve suffered, I’m here to take you back.”


Gao Yulan looked at the puppy called Mantou as it happily finished the rest of the steam bun, and jumped into the plastered man’s embrace.


“My pitiful Mantou, did this perverted woman torture you? She didn’t molest you? Or did she threaten you?


Gao Yulan clenched her teeth.


Pervert? Torture? Molesting? Threatening?


She looked at Mantou sitting on the plastered man’s legs as it licked his face. It had a happy and innocent appearance, my thoughts in short: It only came for the steam buns and now it’s leaving!


Author’s note: I really want a dog too.

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