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☆Unexpected Incident


Gao Yulan had a good dream that night and remembered what Yin Ze had told her the following day: confront your problems with a smile.


Gao Yulan wanted to write Wen Sha a letter.


“For whatever reason, you framed me. I want to tell you that I despise you. Perhaps you don’t care that I despise you, but I still want to tell you what I think. Do not do what others did to you. You and the people who framed you—what’s the difference? You were met with something annoying and you hurt others to save yourself, or could you not keep yourself safe from being framed? So you framed me to save yourself from harm’s way?


Yesterday, I learned a phrase that made a lot of sense. If you encounter bad fortune, just smile. Smile while hating on the inside. I thought that, after the incident, I would never face you again, but I owe you a smile! Now I’m making up for it.


In the company, everybody would smile at you and give me strange gazes. I believe I won’t be able to because, in the company, you are a popular person with a position and executive support. Take a look, the reality is so grim. I am nothing to the company. If one had to be sacrificed, it would be me, no matter how hard I work.


However, I think you are suffering more than me. Even though they are smiling at you, you don’t know what they’re hiding behind that smile. They go with you and say what you say, but you know deep down that it isn’t approval. After all, you are the protagonist.


Maybe you will say you don’t care, perhaps you will not be affected by me. But human hearts are still the same, just take a look at their smiles. In short, you’re the good one, so take care of yourself.”


Gao Yulan finished writing and looked it over one more time before nodding.


Then she realized she was very relaxed. She didn’t have a job, but it was a blessing in disguise. Who knew if it really was a blessing, but to sweep all this nonsense away, her luck will be better in the future.


Perhaps this method really was useful, perhaps this affair really was coincidental. But after two days, Gao Yulan was notified for an interview. It was from a big company to fill a Planning Director position. Gao Yulan was overjoyed by the turn of events because the conditions of this company were really good. Moreover, she had sent in her application about a month ago without any news, so she thought she had no chance.


Hanging up the phone call from the interview, Gao Yulan received another call from Chen Ruoyu. She invited her out to a meal. “I want to thank you for introducing me to Wen Sha. She bought my insurance and even referred three other coworkers to buy from me. You know, I called her a few times and she didn’t respond, but after I mentioned you and she heard me say I was your old classmate, she bought it. This is all thanks to you. My monthly quota is completed and I even have two extra for next month. Lan Lan, you’re my lucky star, I want to go out to eat with you.”


Gao Yulan blankly laughed. Fortunately, she had signed the letter earlier. Only who knows how Wen Sha will feel after seeing her letter, wouldn’t she regret buying the insurance then?


A week later, Chen Ruoyu and Gao Yulan met at Yin Ning’s restaurant “Sui Xin Park”, intending to chat and eat.


Yin Ning also joined in to chat, so three and a half women drank tea and ate cake. That half a woman was naturally the child Niu Niu.


Mr. Mantou wasn’t allowed at the table. He was fenced in a corner alone, gnawing on a stick.


Everybody chatted happily. Chen Ruoyu talked a lot about her selling insurance and the events that occurred as she met more people. Gao Yulan, after passing the first interview, was in a happy mood. Thus, she shared about the topics that she had come across from the interview.


“Why do you want to come to this company? Do you even need to ask this kind of question? Of course it’s to get money!” Chen Ruoyu treated this question with disdain. “I’ll tell you, when I was originally finding work, there was also this kind of question and they asked what my opinion was about this kind of position. You tell me, what opinion is there to think of, it was just the name of the position. Isn’t the boss just looking for a worker, am I not looking for work? The salary was high and you don’t have to work overtime. In my opinion, how could it be bad? Sigh, then I finally decided to sell insurance. Although people will look at me differently, I have freedom.”

Yin Ning had no interest in the topic of work since she had never gone to work. Not long after graduating, she had that painful affair. Afterwards, while she was muddled, she had become the lady boss. She didn’t look at people, she didn’t take care of the income, everything was taken care of by Yin Ze. She propped her cheek up, thinking for a while. She really hadn’t done anything.


Therefore, how could she help Yin Ze? But what could she even do?


Yin Ning examined Gao Yulan, hm, Yin Ze would mention her from time to time. Moreover, he would always play jokes on her, unlike other people. Actually, his mischievousness was not serious and he would never tease other girls. Could it be that he wasn’t joking? Yin Ning decided to look into it.


“Lan Lan, now that your problem with work is solved, how about your romantic problems? Tell me, what type do you like?”


Gao Yulan hadn’t said anything when Niu Niu opened her mouth to talk. “Mama, I like Uncle.”


The adults laughed. Chen Ruoyu raised her hand and asked, “Sis Yin Ning, do you have a matchmaking business? I want to sign up, I’m also looking for a partner.”


Yin Ning thought, I only have one brother, but still asked, “What are you looking for?”


“Umm, he has to have steady work, in good health, pleasing to the eye, and will treat me well.” Yin Ning wanted to say that her requirements weren’t high. Chen Ruoyu continued, “If he has a house, that would be even better. And if he even has a car, then it would be more perfect. Of course, it’s better if my mother-in-law is nice and doesn’t interfere with my work. I still want to have my career.”


Gao Yulan and Yin Ning looked at her, even Niu Niu just blinked at her. Chen Ruoyu chuckled, “I said it would be better. Actually, my requirements aren’t high. I’m being very realistic, very realistic. Basically a good one.”


Niu Niu earnestly said, “My Uncle is handsome and treats other people well. And he has a house and a car, but Uncle is mine so you can’t take him.”


The three adults all laughed, and Yin Ning knocked on Niu Niu’s head. “Little demon, if your Uncle can’t find a wife, he might just find you.”


“Uncle has me, and doesn’t need a wife.” Unwritten childish innocence really was cute. The adults laughed.


Yin Ning faced Gao Yulan to continue, but Gao Yulan’s cell phone rang and she picked it up.


“Mr. Guo, hello. Ah? I’m really sorry for my dad, I’ll talk to him later. No, no. I’m sorry for troubling you, I’m at where we last ate, Sui Xin Park. Really really sorry….okay, I’ll wait for you to come.”


After hanging up, Chen Ruoyu hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?” ◢Think◢Rabbit◢Network◢Write◢Wait◢Next◢Convey◢Combine◢Do◢Connect◢Read◢Review◢


Gao Yulan’s mouth twitched and complained, “My dad is setting up a blind date for me with one of his colleagues’ son. Mr. Guo just came to City A and he made an excuse of bringing something to me, so it’s embarrassing.”


“Wow, your dad is so considerate. My dad is always telling me to work harder, and quickly find a boyfriend to bring back.” Chen Ruoyu imitated her father’s tone.


Gao Yulan found it interesting and smiled. Yin Ning watched her, feeling anxious that other people already had a son-in-law candidate. What about her family’s Yin Ze?


Not long after, Guo Qiuchen arrived at Sui Xin Park with Papa Gao’s small bag.


Everybody looked at him, acting polite, as usual. Chen Ruoyu looked at Guo Qiuchen in curiosity, making him feel somewhat embarrassed. Gao Yulan introduced them. After all, they all had come from City C. Seeing as they came from the same place, they quickly chatted with each other openly. City C wasn’t very big, so after speaking to each other, they found out they had some mutual friends and had more to say.


At this time it was lunchtime, but Yin Ze was not here so nobody was making the food. Therefore, they discussed which neighboring restaurant to head to.


“McDonald’s!” Niu Niu gave out an idea.


“Out of the question,” Yin Ning turned down bluntly.


Niu Niu pouted, “Neglecting children, it is not favorable to the child’s health and mentality.”


Guo Qiuchen couldn’t help but smile seeing such an interesting little child. She couldn’t help but ask, “Where did you learn this?”


Niu Niu looked up at him, “T.V.”


They walked out and Yin Ning grabbed her bag before locking the door. After walking out, Chen Ruoyu told Gao Yulan, “Look, look. That man is so handsome!”


Yin Ning turned to look and became motionless. Gao Yulan also looked and saw a tall, handsome man standing in front of a black car. It was the man who had quarreled with Yin Ning last time, the elite-looking man.


Yin Ning frowned and pulled Niu Niu to leave. But the man flew over like an arrow in front of her to block her from leaving. He blocked them and then looked down at Niu Niu.


Niu Niu, scared, hid behind Yin Ning. Yin Ning ground her teeth in anger. She didn’t want to make it any worse in front of her child and said, “Move out the way.”


The man gazed at Niu Niu, then at Yin Ning. “I sent all your things back, why are you not taking my calls? What do you want?”


“I want you to leave us alone.” Yin Ning ground her teeth.


The elite-looking man’s complexion turned poor, “I won’t give up, she is also my daughter. I really want to fight you, stop living with her.”


“What are you talking about? I’m not scared of you, did Yin Ze not beat you up enough?” Yin Ning reached into her purse for the pepper spray that Yin Ze had bought for her. Since she had been entangled in this mess, Yin Ze had taught her to be prepared.


The two stood in confrontation and the atmosphere around them was fiery. On one side was a delicate woman with a small child and on the other side was a tall man. From an outsider’s perspective, it looked beyond pitiful. Guo Qiuchen, as the only other male present, couldn’t help but stand in front of Yin Ning. “This mister, do you have something to say?”


Yin Ning pulled on Guo Qiuchen’s clothes. “Don’t get involved, let’s go.”


These words made the elite-looking man angry. Everybody was trying to hurry and avoid him. They didn’t even look at him. Guo Qiuchen bent down and carried Niu Niu to follow after Yin Ning. Gao Yulan and Chen Ruoyu went after them.


The elite-looking man, being disregarded and seeing Guo Qiuchen and Yin Ning so intimate, finally couldn’t control himself anymore. Suddenly, he went over to Guo Qiuchen and punched him in the face. He cursed, “You think you can steal my woman and my daughter, have you seen yourself in the mirror?”


With the sudden incident, a few women screamed. Gao Yulan thought: Mr. Guo, how can you always have such bad luck!

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