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☆ Movement of Feelings


“Oh, you’re hurting me again.” Yin Ze held his hand over his heart.


“You’re hurting me, always playing jokes on me.” If she didn’t know that he was a good person and that Yin Ning, Niu Niu, and Mantou were guaranteed, with the many times he had taken liberties with her, she would’ve already beat him up.


“Jokes? Ah, that misunderstanding is like a knife being driven through my heart.” Yin Ze threw himself into acting.


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but ask, “Yin Ze, why are you a chef and not an actor? It’s such a waste of good skill.”


Yin Ze turned serious. “Because when I was still working in a restaurant as a dishwasher, I didn’t want to live my whole life washing dishes, but it would be difficult to do. So, I found a way to peek at how the chefs cooked. Once a chef smashed a plate in front of me and said that I could only ever wash dishes.”


“That’s just too much. Don’t worry, he’s just like a dog with all bark and no bite,” Gao Yulan said for Yin Ze, who had been treated unfairly.


Yin Ze laughed, “Care about him? Of course, if people said something so heartfelt to me, I just could not fail to live up to their expectations.”


“Oh? So you cursed him back?”


“Of course not, if I cursed him I would’ve been fired from that dishwashing job, now, wouldn’t I?”


“Then what did you do?”


“I smiled at him!” Yin Ze winked naughtily. “I would always smile at him. Whenever I saw him, I would smile and every time I met him I would smile.”


Gao Yulan giggled, “And then?”


Yin Ze shrugged his shoulders and roguishly said, “Then one day, he resigned and went to another restaurant. I heard from others that my smile made him nervous, and he was afraid that I was crazy and secretly scheming against him. And you know, the kitchen isn’t a place you can’t find a knife in.”


He hadn’t finished speaking and Gao Yulan couldn’t help but already laugh out.


This guy seriously, his smile would make people run away? Wasn’t he just too abnormal?


[TL: The word for abnormal and crazy are exactly the same, but to make it work I used two different words.]


“Hahaha…” Gao Yulan laughed until she was sprawled out on the table.


Yin Ze drew out some tissues and passed them to her to wipe her tears away. “So, as you can see, for those who don’t like you, just smile. Just smile, while thinking bad things about them and keep smiling until you defeat them!” He stopped and smiled, “Then I ended up as a chef, and now I have my own business.”


Finally won? Gao Yulan then saw Yin Ze’s smile and finally realized that his troublesome and wacky behavior was just his own way of living life.


Just like how she would just run away.


That evening, Gao Yulan and Yin Ze talked a lot. She learned that he had been a dishwasher and learning how to cook was not easy. She also learned that when he started his farm, it was very difficult, and opening up a restaurant was also very hard…


The two of them talked enthusiastically, and Yin Ze turned on the stereo in the kitchen. The lyrics to the song repeatedly sang, “I’m going crazy. I’m unable to sleep, my heart is beating crazily.”


Gao Yulan became brainwashed by the song and had unconsciously become unwilling to return home. Yin Ze’s invitation to a midnight snack made him very happy. While sending Gao Yulan back home, he was smiling the entire time.


Finally, the two had arrived at the door of Gao Yulan’s home. Yin Ze suddenly said, “Oh, it’s so late that the moon is up. I, as a man walking on the streets alone, would be so dangerous.”


Gao Yulan’s mouth twitched, and she quietly asked, “So Mr. Yin, what do you want to do?”


Yin Ze put his head down and twisted the corner of his jacket, acting like he was shy and embarrassed. He said perplexedly, “How about the brave knight Lan Lan protect this little flower and bring him back home?”


“Pfff,” Gao Yulan was now prepared to face this Actor of The Year and acted back, “If I send you back, won’t I also be alone under the moon? I’m also a flower just starting to bloom.”


Yin Ze raised his head and laughed, “I can just send you back.”


Gao Yulan rolled her eyes at him, “Goodnight, Mr. Yin.”


She closed the door, and locked it.

Outside the door, Yin Ze laughed. This foolish girl really was interesting. To see each other again, God must have made this fate.


Inside, Gao Yulan faced the door and giggled foolishly. This guy really was troublesome, but interesting.


That night, Gao Yulan prepared herself for bed, and then looked at the clock. It was already one in the morning. The midnight snack had actually gone on for several hours. She rarely slept this late after so many years, and she also rarely felt this happy chatting with somebody.


Gao Yulan couldn’t help but smile, thinking that Yin Ze was right. If you’re met with something bad, you should just smile, and keep smiling until you win.


But she had only run away. She really was stupid.


Gao Yulan submerged herself into the land of dreams, and the song echoed in her mind.


“I’m going crazy, I’m unable to sleep, my heart is beating crazily.”


Author’s note: (The song is by Wu Kequn 《Crazy, Crazy》)


[TL: The song is 疯了疯了 by 吴克群. The song is literally called Crazy, Crazy and is the lyrics that are used, which I replaced with “I’m going crazy.” If you want to listen to it, here’s a link: ]

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