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☆To Make Friends


“Lan Lan, look, I’m here with all my sincerity. I looked over everything again. I didn’t treat you with much respect before, and so you treated me with your own idea of me. I came to apologize so that we can get along in the future. I just hope you can change your image of me.”


Yin Ze seemed like he really was serious. Gao Yulan, on the other hand, felt awkward. “I don’t have an opinion about you, well….”


Yin Ze blinked and waited for her to speak and Gao Yulan thought of another sentence. “It’s just that our characters are incompatible with each other.”


Yin Ze’s smiling expression locked up but he recovered quickly. “Characters are incompatible, you’re just thinking too much. I think we complement each other.”


Gao Yulan waved her hand goodbye. “Whether we compliment each other or not doesn’t matter. We don’t have any path in life or work that cross. We don’t need to be colleagues, nor do we live under the same roof. You don’t even need to apologize, that’s just weird.”


Yin Ze’s face stiffened up again. Then he sighed and continued smiling, “Look at what you just said. Where don’t we have a path? We’re all friends, and we can understand each other more in the future. I may have quite a lot of shortcomings but I also have some strong points. Now look, my sister and Niu Niu quite like you, don’t tell me you aren’t going to visit anymore? Mantou is also quite fond of you and thinks of you as a half-owner. If you ignore him, he would definitely be sad.”


Gao Yulan thought again to Mr. Yin Ze wearing a suit and standing with an Oscar in his hands. The more he cares, the more he is acting. She pursed her lips and asked, “Mr. Yin, are you really here to apologize?”




“Then I accept your apology, good night.”


Gao Yulan finished speaking and was going to close the door, but Yin Ze already foresaw this happening and acted like a goalkeeper, stopping it from closing. “I’m a good person without fail, isn’t it so? I’m being so sincere, you probably think I’m playing a joke on you.”


“Mr. Yin, your sincerity really is subtle.”


Yin Ze scrunched up his eyebrows and sighed, “How subtle, is it enough for you to discern it? Tell me, how much do you think this is true?”


“Say something truthful for me to hear.”


“This sentence is true, ‘precious’ pearls are not ‘real’,” Yin Ze said.


[TL: Okay, to tell you guys the truth I have no idea what the heck Yin Ze means. But the ‘precious’ 珍 and ‘real’ 真 in Chinese are said the exactly the same way, so possibly a play on words. If it is a play on words, the ‘real’ 真 refers to ‘truthful’ 真, which Gao Yulan said since it literally means real, true, etc.]


“Why would you come here to apologize?”


“I wanted you to see my good side, I also haven’t been the best.”


“Today, why did you force Mr. Guo to eat? Why were you so bitter?”


“Hey, I spent money to treat you, how was I sour? Who doesn’t see that Mr. Guo is a friend of yours, I was helping you act as a host. And now you don’t even have a job, so cash must be tight. If you were to treat him, where would you get the money? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t regret it? I opened up a restaurant, and I invited people to eat incidentally. I had such good intentions, but you still think so badly of me?”


Gao Yulan choked and couldn’t speak, then asked, “Why were you so rude, asking this and that, he wasn’t that familiar with you.”


“Know yourself, know your enemy,” Yin Ze quietly replied, Gao Yulan listened carefully.


“Know yourself, know your enemy. What do you mean, did Mr. Guo provoke you?”


Yin Ze earnestly looked at her. His tone somewhat gloomy, he said, “You should know, I didn’t study that much and my highest education is high school. My and your university school student’s social interactions are not the same. You white-collared workers sitting presumptuously in your offices, planning and writing your big projects. You also heard Mr. Guo today, he’s an advanced engineering graduate from a famous school, while I’m just a person holding a kitchen knife…” His eyes dropped and he quietly whispered, “You should know, I haven’t even gone to college…”


Don’t tell me he feels inferior? Gao Yulan felt a little uncomfortable. She had jabbed him in his weak spot.


“I’m not that educated, but can we be friends?” Yin Ze kept his eyes lowered and continued to whisper.


Gao Yulan couldn’t say no this time.


She comforted him. “What are you talking about? Why does it matter if you aren’t that educated? You’re still pretty successful, and you can take care of your family well. A lot of people with a Master’s degree can’t do what you can do, so you shouldn’t brood on it.”


“Um, that puts me at ease. So you won’t avoid me again?”


“I never hated you in the first place.”


Hearing that, Yin Ze laughed and said, “That’s great, we’re still friends.”


Gao Yulan looked at his smiling face and somewhat didn’t feel at ease. There was always a strange feeling, could it be that he was tricking her again? That wouldn’t be good, it was better to make it clear. “From now on, you won’t trick me or play tricks on me?”


Yin Ze hesitated and then nodded. “Of course.”


“No being a rogue, and no acting?”


“Life is a drama, and a drama is like life. Fate has been a rogue, so how could I not be a rogue?” Yin Ze read his lines, and it was really hilarious. Gao Yulan couldn’t help but smile, holding back.


“The fate of your family isn’t good to you, you shouldn’t give it to me.”


“Lan Lan, don’t take it seriously. Other people are no good, you should just watch from the side. If he isn’t happy, why aren’t you happy? You should learn from me, releasing those emotions would be healthier too.”


“So you didn’t come here to apologize, but to practice your acting skills?” Gao Yulan tried very hard to keep her expressions in check. She had to win this time.


“No no, I came to apologize. We should get to know each other better from now on. My name is Yin Ze, age 30. I have a restaurant and a farm. My income is pretty good. I have some gold and some loans that are not completely paid off. My education goes up to high school. I have no parents, a sister, and a niece. Oh, I have an apartment and a car. I am unmarried and I have no bad habits and have good looks.” He vividly described himself, and the serious act of saying he was unmarried, had no bad habits, and had good looks was very well done.


Gao Yulan bit her lower lip, trying hard not to laugh, but the corner of her mouth curved up, “Lies,” she said.


“What lie, every word is the truth.” Yin Ze covered up with his thoughts.


“Clearly you’re wrong about your bad habits. Isn’t scamming somebody a bad habit?”


Yin Ze happily laughed and then, with a profound expression, sighed, “You saw through me.”


Gao Yulan started to tap her toe, and Yin Ze laughed again. “Okay, okay. I’ll stop acting. We already know each other, so we don’t need to introduce each other again.”




“Alright, you don’t have to tell me, I already know. Gao Yulan, unmarried, female, 25 years old, unemployed, parents rushing her to marry, and has no boyfriend.” Yin Ze finished and nodded his head, “Okay, now that we’ve finished introducing each other, is there anything you want to ask me?”


Gao Yulan nodded her head heavily. There had been a problem she had been thinking about for a long time, and now she could finally ask. “Mr. Yin, may I ask, the time you went to talk to Wen Sha, what did you talk about?”


Yin Ze blanked out, “It took you so long to think of asking me this?”


“Then you have to tell, somebody a moment ago said he wasn’t going to lie.”


“I asked her, what was going on? And why make false charges?”


Gao Yuan ferociously stood straight, “What did she say?”


“Let’s go out to have a midnight snack, I’ll tell you slowly then.”


Gao Yulan scowled, “You’re trying to fool me, isn’t that right?”


“No, I promise you I won’t tell you lies, it’s just that you asked me. It isn’t that good to chat at the door for so long. Unless you want to invite me in? A lone man and a single woman in the same room, I’m sure you don’t want that. Wait, don’t tell me that you want your neighbors to see you and a man chatting in the doorway, reluctant to part? Isn’t it better to go out to chat?”


Gao Yulan hesitated and Yin Ze continued, “I already have everything ready with Niu Niu’s favorite mango pudding.”


As it was so, Gao Yulan thought for a moment before nodding her head. Taking a key, she followed Yin Ze to leave.


Originally, she thought they were going to Yin Ning’s store, but at the door, it could be seen that it was pitch-black, already closed. Yin Ze didn’t stop at the shop either, continuing to walk towards the ‘Food’ shop.


The light in ‘Food’ was still on and several chefs and workers were still in the kitchen doing last minute work. Seeing Yin Ze, they hurriedly greeted him, told him the food for tomorrow was already prepared, and reported some matters to Yin Ze. Yin Ze agreed with them, and they finished work to go home and rest.


Soon the huge clean kitchen only had two people left, Yin Ze and Gao Yulan. Gao Yulan looked around and asked, “Niu Niu?”


Yin Ze was opening a freezer when he heard what she said, and he smiled. “When did I say Niu Niu was here?”


Gao Yulan choked up. She wanted Yin Ning and Niu Niu to come. Otherwise, it was only a lone man and a single woman who would eat a midnight snack together.


“You clearly said…”


Yin Ze circled around with the shaking pudding in his hand, “Niu Niu’s mango pudding.”

Gao Yulan pursed her lips. Right, he did say it was Niu Niu’s favorite food, not that she was here. Gao Yulan was somewhat dissatisfied, how could she be so foolish?


“Why are you looking around, did you think Niu Niu had come?” Yin Ze gave a wounded expression and continued, “That can’t be put on me, I didn’t lie and say they were here.”


Gao Yulan mouth twitched at Yin Ze. Then she took the pudding from him and scooped some out, putting it in her mouth. “I blame myself for being foolish.” Yin Ze laughed and said, “You’re stupid.”


“I’m not stupid, I’m one of the best planners in the business.” Gao Yulan spread out her work, showing an outstanding performance at work. She’s had several big cases, where she had to use all her creativity and execute it perfectly to slaughter her competitors. She finished talking endlessly with an arrogant look, “I’m also pretty ferocious, only…” She paused and ate some pudding.


“Only what?” Yin Ze moved a cup of beverage in front of her.


Gao Yulan curled her lips. “Only the person who made the most was not me. The person who made the most in the company was never me. I suffered to be highly regarded but instead, I was expelled by them. It was never me.” Her voice broke as she recalled what had happened and she felt somewhat sad.


Mysteriously, she had been framed and then fired from the company without even being given a chance for her to explain. Even past colleagues who she seemed to have good relations with were no exception. She had sent many resumes now and still hadn’t received one interview. It currently wasn’t going very well. Trying to find work was way too hard.


Gao Yulan gloomily thought, and then violently looked up. “You said you would say what Wen Sha said. Why did she frame me?”

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