This is a story about an unemployed woman trying hard to find herself a man. However, she accidentally found a wolf instead.

Gao Yulan was framed by a colleague of being a lesbian. With photographs as evidence. As a result, she was dismissed by the company. The priority now is to quickly find a man to prove her innocence. Unexpectedly, she met a rogue called Yin Ze…a handsome, nice, warm and funny rogue with a cute and cuddly puppy called Mantou, plus a sweet and adorable niece.

There is a spin-off novel on Yin Ze’s friend Dr. Meng Gu and Gao Yulan’s friend’s Chen Ruoyu in Ambiguous Relationship.


Translated by ScipioM

Edited by bel

Chapter Index:

Chapter 1: ☆ Unemployed, Searching for a Man

Chapter 2: ☆ Stealing is Wrong!

Chapter 3: ☆ No Discord, No Relationship

Chapter 4: ☆ Interesting?!

Chapter 5: ☆ Family Warmth

Chapter 6: ☆ Enemies on a Narrow Road

Chapter 7: ☆ Accepting Hits

Chapter 8: ☆ Reunion with Old Friends

Chapter 9: ☆ Entering the Tiger Den

Chapter 10: ☆ See the Whole Family

Chapter 11: ☆ Yin Ze’s Image

Chapter 12: ☆ We Don’t Know Each Other

Chapter 13: ☆ Mr. Guo

Chapter 14: ☆ Steam Bun Is Also Brave

Chapter 15: ☆ Blind Date Affair

Chapter 16: ☆ To Make Friends

Chapter 17: ☆ Changing of Impressions?

Chapter 18: ☆ Movement of Feelings

Chapter 19: ☆Unexpected Incident

Chapter 20: ☆Robbery!

Chapter 21: ☆Male and Female Stories

Chapter 22: ☆Dream

Chapter 23: ☆Help

Chapter 24: ☆Meeting a Beast

Chapter 25: ☆ Head Up, Chest Out

Chapter 26: ☆ Heart to Heart Talk

Chapter 27: ☆ Kiss

Chapter 28: ☆ Continue Kissing

Chapter 29: ☆ Unforeseen Accident

Chapter 30: ☆ Misunderstanding?

Chapter 31: ☆ Embarrassing

Chapter 32: ☆ Gossip is a Fearful Thing

Chapter 33: ☆ Meeting

Chapter 34: ☆ Little Sister