When he went out, Su Shen laughed helplessly. He Hua was a businessman, a through and through businessman. But he was completely different from Liu jie. Liu jie was a little assertive, but he was flexible. His attitude toward her was not the best before, but that immediately changed after the audition. However, he also met his bane with the stubborn Xie Yan.

Thinking of what he had just said, Su Shen opened her phone again, only to find that there was another breaking news online, and it really was a big breaking news!

Just three minutes ago, a certain marketing account broke the news that the actor arrested abroad engaged in a prostitution ring was Ma Yue. There were also photos of the scene as evidence. Although they were quite blurry, it clearly showed that Ma Yue was being held on the shoulder by two policemen.

This breaking news exploded on the Internet. Ma Yue could be considered quite lucky, with most of his productions being of quality. He had won a Best Actor award at a very young age and had always had a great reputation among the public. With the sudden hard evidence, it shook those netizens up.

This piece of news had created a storm that lasted for a long time before, but it had eventually fizzled out. The dirty water had even been poured on Xie Yan and Zheng Tong, but now that the truth was revealed, their fans naturally couldn’t help but slap the antis in the face.

Clearly, Ma Yue was more famous than her and Zhou Xuan. Moreover, the matter was more serious than theirs. Without a doubt, the breaking news was number one on the Hot Search, followed by “breaking” next to it.

She didn’t know who it was that had forked out money to take down her Hot Search that was at fifth place for the longest time. The entire internet thus began to attack Ma Yue.

Netizen A: After so many months, there were still people attacking our Yan ge. Now with the appearance of the hard evidence, do the faces of the antis hurt? [smiley face]

Netizen B: To have fun so openly, even going abroad to play, now you played right into it. [picking nose]

Netizen C: Passerby turned anti! I suggest we ban this kind of scandalous artist!

Netizen D: There’ve been a lot of news of this kind of matter lately. Film Emperor Ma must’ve thought that it would be safer to go abroad, but who knew that he would get caught so soon. Nobody can beat that kind of luck.

Netizen E: Before, Ma Yue’s diehard fans had even splashed dirty water on Xie Yan and Zheng Tong. What else can those diehard fans say now?

Netizen F: I believe in our Yue Yue. No matter what happens, us moons* will always support you. [heart]

moons – the name of Ma Yue’s fandom

Netizen G: Is this a cult? Have those diehard fans gone insane? This was obscene!

Netizen H: I believe in Ma Yue, men all have physiological needs. Who dares to say that there’s nothing filthier in the entertainment industry. It’s just that no one has broken the news yet. Someone must’ve set it up this time!

After scrolling through the comments, only Ma Yue’s diehard fans were defending their idol. Su Shen didn’t know how to describe how she was feeling. She didn’t expect that He Hua had such photos in his hands and had been hiding it until now. With this, the public’s subject of talk for the next week would be Ma Yue. It had to be said that diverting the public’s attention away this time was indeed very effective, and he was cruel enough to directly throw Ma Yue out there.

He was not Xie Yan, who was too lazy to care about this kind of stuff. Last time, when something happened to Ma Yue, his fans splashed dirty water on Xie Yan. He Hua must’ve definitely remembered it in his heart and must’ve been hard for him to hold back until now.

This kind of person was much more ruthless than Liu jie. Most ordinary artists would be controlled tightly by him, and it was only Xie Yan who he couldn’t grasp ahold of.

After scrolling through the comments for a bit, Su Shen went out to film with her script in hand. It was freezing outside. The Director was discussing the script with Li Xue while the other staff members were busy tidying up the props.

On the other hand, Xie Yan was sitting on a wooden armchair while reading his script in a T-shirt. Zhao Tong sat beside him on a stool, telling him something idly.

When Su Shen walked over, Zhao Tong immediately left tactfully. Su Shen crouched down and glanced at his script, “I’m going to finish filming on Saturday. When will you go to Africa?”

Xie Yan looked up and saw her crouched down before him. He stood up and sat down on the stool at the side, “Monday.”

“So soon?” Su Shen sat down on his wooden armchair and seeing that Xie Yan was still unhappy, she couldn’t help but leaned over and whispered, “Don’t be mad anymore, I’ll make chicken soup for you next time, okay?”

She knew that Xie Yan was obstinate but was soft-hearted. He didn’t say anything on the surface, but he must’ve asked He Hua to help her in secret, else he wouldn’t have come here so early in the morning.

Turning around to look at her face, Xie Yan kissed her on the right cheek unexpectedly and said fervently, “I’m free this weekend.”

Not expecting him to be so brazen in public, Su Shen blushed and withdrew her head while glaring at him, “I need to go home to have dinner with my parents.”

“Who will eat with me then?” Xie Yan stared at her fixedly again.

“I…” Su Shen frowned and pondered for a moment. Thinking that Xie Yan would go to Africa next Monday and that it might take a long time before they could see each other again, she nodded, “Fine.”

Holding her ice-cold hand, Xie Yan leaned over and whispered, “My kitchen’s very big.”

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