“Who let you in?” Xie Shuo coldly interrupted her thoughts as he leaned against the side of the display case. His expression was extremely dark.

Ye An finally came out of her daze, her face red. She averted her gaze, “I–I heard a sound and thought you fell…”

She subconsciously wiped her nose–thank God there was no blood.

There were quite a few containers that fell from the display case, and one of them had even fallen to the floor. Earlier in the day, Ye An had people put her hygiene products there ahead of time. The sounds from just now came from Xie Shuo accidentally knocking them over when he tried to reach for his own products.

Ye An, embarrassed, stepped forward to pick up the container of body butter that had fallen on the ground. She put it and the other products back in their original positions.

During this process, Xie Shuo maintained his cold face, looking like an aggrieved mistress.

“What do you need? I’ll get it for you.” Ye An questioned attentively after rearranging the products.

Who would have thought that Xie Shuo would disregard her good intentions? He coldly spat, “Get out.”


She really wanted to curse!

Was this dude poisonous?

Ye An felt her blood pressure increase. After taking two deep breaths, she leaned on the display case and crossed her legs. Raising her chin, she deliberately provoked him, “No.”

Xie Shuo’s face became even colder, and his eyes narrowed. His expression was gloomy.

Ye An thought that he would get angry, but he only fumbled for the bathrobe next to him and draped it carelessly on his body. He walked out without saying a word.

Ye An sneered–how boring

Just as she finished that thought, she heard a “bang” as Xie Shuo accidentally hit the glass door.


The scene made Ye An’s scalp go numb, and she could feel his pain.

Xie Shuo pretended as if he was already accustomed to it and didn’t make a sound. He held the door and continued to move slowly.

As he walked, Ye An suddenly caught a glimpse of the bruises on his leg.

There wasn’t only one. He normally must have stumbled a lot.

Ye An stared blankly, the anger dissipating in her heart.

Forget it, what’s the point in fighting with a blind person?

Exhaling, she walked to the bathroom, too lazy to go back to the bedroom, and began to undress to take a shower.

Warm water sprayed down, and the mist quickly began to permeate the air.

As Ye An was steamed by the vapor, her mind gradually became muddled. When she was done showering, she only then realized that she had come directly in and didn’t bring her pajamas.

It was impossible to ask  Xie Shuo to bring her clothes, so she could only wrap herself in a towel, blow-dry her hair, and go outside.

Xie Shuo sat by the bed and was lifting the covers, about to go to sleep.

Ye An was a little nervous and gripped her towel tighter. She walked softly to the closet.

Halfway there, she suddenly realized–he couldn’t even see. It wouldn’t be a problem even if she were to streak naked around the room. What was she being so careful for?

Ye An glanced over to make sure Xie Shuo wasn’t paying attention to her. She confidently relaxed her arms and entered the closet.

There were various styles of clothing in the wardrobes, all bought just for her. Ye An, touched by the efforts, stroked the fabrics before finally choosing a red silk nightgown.

The light material draped her body and revealed her delicate, snow-white shoulders. The skirt hem fell slightly above the ankles, and the covered portion was faintly discernible.

Ye An looked in the mirror with satisfaction and once again leisurely began her skincare routine. She didn’t avoid Xie Shuo during this time.

Marrying a blind person was too freeing; it was no different from living alone.

From now on, this giant mansion was all hers!

Xie Shuo lay on the bed and frowned slightly as he listened to the constant noise in the room.

It took about half an hour for her to finish and walk to the side of the bed.

After seeing the man lying on the bed, she stopped reaching towards the covers. Her previous anxiety came rushing forth once again.


Although they had a political marriage and harbored no romantic feelings, no agreement stated that their relationship would remain only as a nominal couple. If Xie Shuo wanted to do something to her later, she couldn’t find a suitable reason to refuse.

The scene in the bathroom flashed through her mind, and Ye An’s face unconsciously turned red. 


To be honest, she didn’t see much and could only catch a glimpse, but it seemed quite…

Cough! Can’t think about it anymore!


After calming down, Ye An carefully sat on the bed, slowly moved her legs, and conscientiously laid down. She thought silently: this man looks pretty nice, his figure is great, and he sleeps well. Not a loss at all.

The bed was very large, and they were some length apart, but Ye An could still feel the body’s warmth next to her.

She pulled the quilt lightly up to her neck and stiffly turned her head. In her line of sight, the man was lying quietly with his eyes closed. He had a high nose bridge, and the side of his face was reflective under the light, making him appear handsome and gentle. 

He was asleep?

Just as she thought this, the man suddenly moved.

Ye An’s breathing constricted out of fear, and her heart jumped to her throat. Her back pressed tightly against the mattress.

However, Xie Shuo only turned over and pulled the covers up without moving any further. 

The trees outside the windows shook lightly. Ye An waited tensely for a long time but didn’t see him move any further. She exhaled.

That’s right. With his indifferent appearance, it was apparent that he wasn’t interested in her.

She had really thought too much.

Ye An relaxed and reached to turn off the lights.

The room sank into darkness, and the only sounds in the quiet peace were the faint sounds of breathing.

Ye An originally thought that it would be hard for her to sleep after suddenly sharing a bed with a man that she had known for just a few days, but it surprisingly was not the case.

It was probably because she was so busy during the day and that she drank alcohol later. She not only was able to sleep, but she also slept very well.


In a haze, the sounds of rain echoed faintly, falling on the branches and leaves and entering the ears…


Gradually, the sounds changed to noisy laughter and drinking–somewhat chaotic.

After a while, the raining sounds sounded distinctly once again.


In the dusky and deep corridor, lights flickered, and people chased after her unceasingly. She ran with all her efforts and continued running until… she finally saw an indistinct figure.

She looked up at the person’s appearance. She reached out to him like a drowning man trying to grab the drifting piece of wood.

A ray of light shone in.


She heard herself whisper softly, “Save me…”

The scene suddenly changed.

When she anxiously opened her eyes, Ye An’s mind was blank.

She gripped the sheets tightly and gasped violently, her forehead full of cold sweat.

It had been a long time since she last had this dream.

She had already woken up, but the sounds of rain still rang in her ears.

Darkness was all around her as she tried to calm her breathing. She listened carefully.

It turned out that it really was raining outside.

The pitter-patter of the sounds was not loud, but it felt like ants were creeping into her heart.

It overlapped with her dream.


There was nothing better than having a nightmare on the first night of marriage…Ye An wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. She turned to find Xie Shuo but only saw a sea of darkness next to her.

She hesitated for a moment. Since Xie Shuo was blind, she turned on the lights, thinking that it should have no effect on him.

Light instantly flooded the room. She turned to find that the covers were shockingly empty. Xie Shuo wasn’t in bed at all!

Ye An stared blankly for a moment before hurriedly scanning the room. She finally saw a figure sitting on the sofa. It was unclear when he had left the bed or how long he had been sitting there.


Why did he go to the sofa in the middle of the night? Was he emotionally attached to it or something?

The sounds of rain continued outside the window.

As Ye An looked at him, she wanted to dig his soul out and ask–so what’d you fall in love with: the sofa or the French windows?

“You’re awake?”

Her voice rang somewhat abruptly in the silence.

Xie Shuo sat silently, acting as if he didn’t hear her at all.

Ye An’s heart felt blocked. She hadn’t expected that she would marry a man, and the reason she slept in bed alone was not because of some random girl, but because of a sofa and some French windows.

…She had no words.

She sat up and hugged the quilt, raising her voice and asking, “It’s so late. What are you doing sitting over there instead of sleeping?”

Xie Shuo ignored her once again.


What’s his problem? Ye An was so angry that her head hurt. She didn’t want to interact with him–but after thinking of Grandfather and Xie Baiyan’s heartfelt request, she couldn’t bear to ignore him either. She signed and got out of bed.

How does the phrase go?

This must be the debt from her past life!

She put on her slippers and walked to his side. She asked in a well-mannered tone, “What’s wrong? You can’t sleep?”

Xie Shuo finally reacted slightly, but it was only turning his head to follow the direction of her voice. He didn’t speak.

Ye An sat next to him. “Are you uncomfortable anywhere? Does your head hurt?‘

Xie Shuo remained taciturn.

“How about I help massage your temples?”

As she spoke, she sat on her knees and reached out to press against his temples.

However, as soon as she touched his temples, he caught her hand.

His hand was slightly cold, and his face was tired and listless. There was no anger to be found, and it seemed like he didn’t mind too much.

He removed Ye An’s hand, looked into the distance, and continued to remain silent.

Ye An looked at the hand he grabbed and couldn’t seem to get angry. She pursed her lips in frustration and left the room.

After a long time, she came back with a cup of heated milk in her hands. She held it in front of Xie Shuo. “I heated a cup of milk for you. Drink it; maybe it’ll help you sleep better.”

Seeing that he had no reaction, she directly grabbed his hand and passed the cup of milk to him. 

However, Xie Shuo wasn’t grateful at all. He knit his brows and rejected her. “No need.”

Because of his movements, the milk spilled out of the cup and fell on Ye An’s hand.

Ye An was furious. “Why are you so hard to satisfy? I worked so hard to heat some milk for you in the middle of the night, but you knocked it over and burned my hand!”


“Ow, it burns!” She wiped her hands and brought them to show Xie Shuo. Aggrieved, she said, “Look, it’s all red. It might even leave a scar…”

Xie Shuo obviously couldn’t see, but after hearing her voice choked with sobs, his expression fluctuated.

Worried that she really was hurt, he knitted his brows and spoke, “There’s burn medicine in the cabinet; get it yourself.”

Ye An offered him the milk again, her tone of voice sounding like a little girl acting cute and trying to take advantage of the situation. “Then drink the milk.”

The cup nudged against his fingers, and Xie Shuo finally didn’t refuse. He fumbled before grasping the cup and taking a sip. Soon after, his expression began to change.

He raised his head and asked, surprised, “What is your hand made of? How did it burn you at this temperature?”

Under the light, Ye An’s hand was beautiful, fair, and model-worthy. There wasn’t the slightest trace of a burn.

Ye An: …How could he expose her lie every time with such precision and mercilessness?

With her voice acting skill, she could easily fool anyone with her tearful act.

This man had no heart.

Ye An choked out, her face stone cold, “Have you never heard of the phrase ‘fair like jade?’”

Xie Shuo: “…..”


Authors note: fair like jade- Xiao Ye An


This is probably my most narcissistic female lead….


This chapter’s foreshadowing is very obvious. Ye An didn’t marry Xie Shuo only because of her dad~