Seeing the two people embracing intimately inside the room, Xie Yuran paused, his gaze holding a hint of surprise.

He immediately closed his eyes and retreated half a step before lightly knocking on the door. 

Xie Shuo knitted his brows as he heard the knocking. He pushed Ye An away without the slightest hesitation.

Ye An discreetly let go of his hand and whispered, “Your little brother is outside. He probably has things to discuss with you. I’ll stay here and rest for a bit; don’t mind me.”

After speaking, she returned to the sofa and laid down. She covered her forehead up with an arm and pretended to be in discomfort. 

Xie Shuo didn’t mind her and walked outside.

Xie Yuran crossed his arms, glanced inside the room at Ye An, and said, “Grandpa has some matters to discuss and wants you to go.”

The two brothers left together.

Ye An relaxed. She rushed to close the door and turned back to lie limp on the sofa.

Getting married was so difficult!

Ye An suffered from insomnia the night before and couldn’t sleep for most of the night. She was awakened early in the morning. At this time, drowsiness took over, so she closed her eyes to re-energize. 

Just as she was about to fall asleep, a knock came from the outside of the door. 

Ye An opened her eyes. Her mind was muddled, and thinking it was Xie Shuo, she called, “Come in.”

The door opened, and in came Xie Yuran, who had just left a few minutes ago. He held a bowl of soup in his hands.

Ye An became instantly alert.

Xie Yuran carried the soup and walked towards her. He faced her, smiling, “Da ge said that da sao wasn’t feeling well and suggested that I bring a bowl of soup from the kitchen to da sao.”

Ye An: ???

Who was Xie Yuran trying to deceive? Was he really that considerate?

Ye An looked at the bird’s nest soup in front of her, continuing to secretly slander him while maintaining her facial expression. She reached towards the bowl, smiling gently. “Thank you.”

Xie Yuran wasn’t in a rush to leave after delivering the soup. Rather, troubled, he asked, “Do you want to have the doctor come over and receive a check-up?”

Ye An’s heart raced. She pinched the small spoon and smiled. “No need. I just didn’t eat breakfast, and my blood sugar was low. I’ll be fine after I drink this soup. ”

Xie Yuran stared at her for a while and suddenly said

Da sao wasn’t drunk that night, right?”


Ye An nearly choked, and she looked up to meet his scrutinizing gaze.

It was obvious that he remembered her.

Ye An inwardly debated between “playing dumb” and “honorably admitting it” for a while before finally choosing the latter.

Technically speaking, she didn’t do anything shameful, so there was no need to be so nervous.

Ye An set her mind and smiled. “I didn’t think that you would remember. Even I almost forgot about it.”

Da sao is such a beautiful person. Of course, I have a deep impression of you.” Hearing her confession, Xie Yuran’s probing gaze narrowed. He leaned against the sofa’s armrest and raised his eyebrows. 

He called her da sao, yet he didn’t have the slightest bit of respect for her deep down.

Ye An smiled and calmly explained, “That night, I was discussing a business contract and drank a few more glasses than usual. Only after hearing someone mention it did I realize that you were A’ Shuo’s little brother. ”

Like the other night, she wore a simple cheongsam that exposed one of her shoulders, her slender neck, and her fair collarbone. The cheongsam stopped at her ankles, and the fabric was light as water.

That night was dim and hazy. The scenery was enveloped in a light fog, and people’s figures appeared enchanting. Today’s weather was bright, breezy, and much more relaxed than before.

The moonlight from the windows outside shone on the side of her face, contrasting her snow-white skin.

Ye Yuan Nian was willing to part with such a beautiful daughter.

Xie Yuran sneered. His words carried a hidden meaning. “Da sao, take care of my brother in the future. It’d be better to not go out drinking as much.”

Ye An caught a glimpse of ridicule in his gaze. Her heart squeezed. 

If it weren’t for work, do you think I’d be willing to go drinking with people?

“Rest well, Da sao. I won’t disturb you any further.”

After Xie Yuran finished his warning, he left.

Ye An was extremely gloomy. Of these two brothers, one was as cold and detached as a robot while the other was sarcastic and cynical. Not one of them was easy to get along with!

She sighed and lowered her head to continue drinking the soup.

It went without saying that the Xie family’s cook was talented. Ye An was quickly healed by this high standard of soup.

Not long after, Aunt Zhou came knocking on the door again to alert her that Grandfather Xie and Xie Baiyan wanted to see her.

Ye An gave the bowl to Aunt Zhou and once again adjusted her expression. After she fixed her smile, she left the room.


Even though it was only a family dinner, there was still a marriage happening today. The toasts and conventional greetings couldn’t be ignored. 

After the luncheon, Xie Shuo had run out of patience and left Ye An by herself. Who knows where he hid?

Ye An could only accompany Grandfather Xie and Xie Baiyan to chat alone.

After the routine questions, her face was about to cramp from the smiling.

Sometime after 9pm, Ye An had entertained Grandfather Xie enough to return to the bridal chamber,

Xie Shuo had returned earlier than her. Having taken his spot on the sofa, he continued to act like a statue. 

Ye An’s mind was muddled, and as she reached up to remove the accessories that were fastened to her hair, she suddenly saw the silent figure on the couch. Her actions paused.

The overhead light shone silently. The man sat taciturn on the couch, half of his face inclined under the bright light. His expression was indifferent.


Why was she suddenly nervous?

Only the two of them occupied the spacious new room. It was quiet enough to hear breathing sounds.

“Are you going to take a shower?”

It took a while for Ye An to calm down and ask.

Xie Shuo didn’t reply once again, but he did stand up.

Ye An didn’t bother with him and walked to the cloakroom. After finding a clean towel and pajamas for him, she turned around to see that Xie Shuo had already taken off his suit and was currently undoing his tie.

Under the warm lighting, the man’s slender fingers gently tugged at the necktie. With his sharp jaw and Adam’s apple, the scene created an indolent and sensual atmosphere.

Ye An’s girly heart couldn’t help but pound.

Even though his eyes were blind, the man was still handsome.

She admired him with satisfaction and then reached out to support him. Unexpectedly, when she had just barely touched his arm, he immediately pushed her away.

Xie Shuo coldly refused her support and headed to the bathroom on his own.

Her girlish heart shattered in despair.

Ye An: ??? He ignored her during the day, but had the gall to cling to her during the night? I see that you haven’t been beaten up enough as a kid!

Ye An was so angry her heart felt blocked. She wanted to kick him but thought that it wouldn’t be good if someone died on the night of the wedding. So, she dropped it. 

Xie Shuo must have traveled from the bedroom to the bathroom many times before. Even though his walking was slow, it was unhindered. He didn’t stumble very much.

Ye An stifled her anger and followed him inside, rearranging things as they went. She originally wanted to ask if there was anything else he needed help with–but after seeing that cold face of his, she instantly decided not to.

With his young master’s temper, she’d be better off not embarrassing herself anymore. 

After leaving the bathroom, Ye An walked to the mirror and continued to let down her hair.

She wore a pure white ceremonial dress with the waist tightened, emphasizing the rest of her figure. Her long hair fell down and covered her delicate collarbones. The makeup was still intact: slender eyebrows, long curled eyelashes, and a little peach-colored eyeshadow smudged on the corners of her eyes. Her appearance in the mirror exhibited a different bearing. 

Ye An raised her chin and looked on vainly. En, today’s bridal makeup really was pretty.

What a pity that a certain blind person couldn’t appreciate it.

After taking down her hair, she began to remove her makeup. 

The sound of water came from inside the bathroom. As Ye An was listening, she felt that this whole situation was somewhat surreal

how did she suddenly end up getting married?

She wasn’t dreaming, right?

She still was a little dizzy from the alcohol and couldn’t resist pinching herself.


It hurt. This was reality, not a dream.

She had really married herself off.

After removing her makeup, Xie Shuo still hadn’t come out. Ye An grabbed her phone, sat on the sofa, and texted Shi Shuangshuang while waiting.

Shi Shuangshuang: [Eldest young Miss, how’s the fight for family property going?]

Ye An thought of the money and stocks in her hands and cheerily replied: [It was a complete success. Currently clearing the “marrying the rich” script.]

Shi Shuangshuang: [???]

Shi Shuangshuang:[you’re actually planning to marry into the rich and wealthy?]

Ye An: [not planning to be married, already married.]

Ye An: [frustrated.jpg]

Ye An: [I was originally planning on going to get the family property and sit pretty by myself, but this man was too handsome. Plus, he has money. I couldn’t help it and… fell… into the trap.]

Shi Shuangshuang: […..]

Shi Shuangshuang: [How handsome? Send a picture and let me judge.]

Ye An was just about to respond when ping-pang sounds came from the bathroom. It sounded like someone had just dropped something.

In the afternoon,  Grandfather Xie spoke with her for half a day. Repeatedly urging her to take care of his precious grandson, just as if one might entrust an orphan to another.

Thinking of his urging and his head of gray hair, Ye An was unable to continue gossiping. She threw down her phone and hurried over.

“What happened?”

She asked at the door, but there was no response from within.

He hadn’t accidentally fallen down, right?

Soon after, there was a sound.

“Xie Shuo?”

Ye An’s heart clenched. Not daring to wait any longer, she opened the door and went in directly. 

“Are you al–”

Her speaking suddenly paused. Ye An looked at the situation in front of her in a daze.

In the steamy bathroom, Xie Shuo stood naked in a dense swath of mist. He hadn’t had the chance to put any clothes on, and water droplets could clearly be seen on his torso.

As soon as he heard Ye An’s voice, he hurriedly reached for a towel to cover up his lower body.


Ye An dazedly uttered the last syllable, her face swiftly turning red. It was as if a fire had exploded in her mind. 

She even forgot to withdraw. Her gaze traveled up and down involuntarily.

From the neck to the chest… to the abs…

Broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and defined abs– contoured the same as in art.

Oh no, her girlish heart had begun to pound again.


Author’s note: what great material benefits…

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