Ye An took a purse with her and went downstairs. Not long after, she came across Zhuang Yinian again, who was also alone.

Ye An smiled. “What a coincidence seeing you again. Was that your husband just now?”

Zhuang Yinian smiled and replied, “Yes, he’s in a video meeting right now, and I was bored, so I came down to see if there was any food nearby. What about you?”

Ye An laughed, saying, “The same as you.”

Since the two had the same goal in mind, they chatted and strolled together.

Zhuang Yinian was easy to get along with, and she resembled the girl next door. As they talked, Ye An deliberately asked a few questions about the development case, but she didn’t ask too much in fear of speaking rashly.

Many small businesses were selling various snacks and fruits near the hotel. In the end, Ye An bought some fruits, snacks, and a few snack bags before returning to the hotel room.

Xie Shuo was still sitting on the sofa and had just seemed to fall asleep.

The hotel couldn’t compare to their house. Since he was unfamiliar with the room layout and furnishings, he couldn’t freely move around. Ye An put his food on the coffee table and asked him, “Do you want to go wash your face?”

Xie Shuo got up, and Ye An supported him over to the sink. She took his hands and put them under the faucet.

Xie Shuo didn’t move. Instead, he “looked” to the side as if he was looking for something.

Ye An was confused, but then she had an idea. “Do you need to use the bathroom?”

Xie Shuo didn’t speak, but the expression on his face answered her question.

“The toilet is in the corner on the left.” Ye An guided him to it before turning to leave and closing the door.

After closing the door, she vaguely heard the sound of a belt unfastening.

Ye An’s face became hot. It was slightly strange for them to be in an unfamiliar place.

After a while, Xie Shuo fumbled with opening the bathroom door. He rushed into the room and said, “Get me a towel.”

Ye An took a towel from the closet, and instead of handing it directly to him, she personally wiped his face.

Nowadays, he never refused her doing simple things for him; sometimes, he even took the initiative to ask her for things. If it weren’t for his cold face and his habit of ignoring others, it would really feel like they were an old couple.

After wiping his face, Ye An guided him to the sofa and helped him sit down. She laid out the snacks one by one and said, “I bought braised chicken feet, osmanthus lotus root, crab buns, and shrimp crystal dumplings. What do you want to eat?”

Eldest Young Master Xie had his standard expression filled with indifference and disgust: What kind of junk food are you buying?

Ye An noticed his disgust at first glance and was unreconciled. “Of course, you have to try new things when you travel. What’s with your expression?”

Xie Shuo didn’t speak.

“If you don’t want to eat this, then wait for the hotel to deliver food.”

Ye An grabbed the chopsticks, picked up a crystal shrimp dumpling, and put it in her mouth. It was surprisingly good. 

She looked up at Xie Shuo and brought a dumpling to his mouth. “These shrimp dumplings are really good. How about you try one?”

Xie Shuo was motionless for a few moments before opening his mouth.

Ye An smiled, satisfied. “How is it? I’m right, right?”

Afterwards, she tried the crab buns and gave him one.

Outside the window, the last thread of sunlight was captured by the mountains as the stars on the horizon twinkled faintly.

After finishing the snacks, Ye An washed the grapes she bought and put them in a fruit bowl. She brought them and Xie Shuo to the balcony to enjoy the serenity and the night view of the mountains.

The bright moon hung diagonally in the indigo sky and shone softly, contrasting the harsh man-made lights.

Ye An peeled a grape and brought it to Xie Shuo’s lips, who no longer regarded her with disdain and opened his mouth to take it.

Ye An retracted her hand and peeled another one for him.

The moon was clear, and the early autumn wind was cool. The two sat in peace without talking and enjoyed the tranquility.

Ye An appreciated the moon and stars for a while before turning to look at Xie Shuo.

The man’s features were softened by the moonlight and made his brows and eyes look tender and ethereal.

Ye An looked at him and suddenly asked, “Let me ask you a question. Have you ever… come across something special?”

Xie Shuo turned his head and faced her upon hearing the sound.

Ye An said softly, “For example, like a hero rescuing a princess?”

Xie Shuo’s brows moved slightly as if not completely understanding her question.

“I was just casually wondering. Forget it if you don’t.”

Ye An quickly shifted her gaze and picked up a grape and peeled it. Her eyelashes drooped, and her features were glowing with a soft brilliance.

After she finished peeling the grape, she brought it to his mouth. “Here’s another one.”

Xie Shuo opened his mouth, but because he wasn’t able to judge the distance, he not only captured the grape in his mouth, but he captured her fingers as well.

His lips pressed against her fair fingertips, and a tingling feeling spread across her limbs.

Ye An froze.

The world and all living things suddenly seemed to go quiet, and the night sky was vast and empty.

The evening quietly became ambiguous. 

The scene froze for a second before Xie Shuo quickly opened his lips, and Ye An quickly retracted her fingers.

Her fingertips were hot, and her ears were hot. Even her chest was warm.

The night breeze fluttered past, but it didn’t make any difference.

After a moment of silence, Xie Shuo supported himself using the table to stand up. On the rare instance that he took the initiative to speak, he said, “Rest early; we’re going out tomorrow.” 

Ye An seemed to have just recovered. She reached out to support his arm, but her face was tinted red.

It really was easy for things to happen during their honeymoon. 

Ye An helped Xie Shuo walk to the bathroom. She retrieved a change of clothes for him before turning around and waiting outside. 


When they both finished showering, the previous ambiguity hadn’t seemed to dissipate and instead filled the room.

Xie Shuo wore a white bathrobe and leaned against the headboard. His face was cold, his collarbone was sharp, and his slender hands were on top of the quilt.

Ye An was inexplicably flustered and decided that it was too quiet, so she decided to put on some entertainment radio to ease the tension.

Hence, she pulled out a radio drama on her phone and said to Xie Shuo, “It’s still early. If you can’t sleep, do you want to listen to a radio show?”

Xie Shuo didn’t object to her suggestion, so Ye An pressed the play button and put her phone on the bed before turning around to do her skincare routine before bed.

The sound of the radio drama sounded throughout the room, and it finally eased the tension and made it feel like they were back at home.

After finishing skincare, Ye An pulled the comforter up and got into bed. As her legs reached under the covers, she said, “The heroine’s voice is me. Can you tell?”

As soon as she spoke, they heard a sound that made their faces red.


The prolonged protest echoed throughout the room and sounded suspicious.

Xie Shuo turned his head, and his expression was obvious: So this is what you record?

Ye An: “…”

The atmosphere instantly froze, and Ye An also froze for a few seconds before frantically rushing to turn the radio off.

How could she forget that this radio drama was recorded in one hour and was recorded for fun a long time ago? The nature of the drama was somewhat…unbearable to handle.

The audio was turned off, and the room suddenly quietened down again.

Ye An looked at Xie Shuo, not knowing what to say.

There was nothing to say to each other, and silence reigned.

Silence would be the mode of operandi for you and I tonight. 

The atmosphere became even more ambiguous than before, and Ye An felt every pore of hers fill with embarrassment, making her scalp go numb and her limbs soft.

After some time passed, Xie Shuo suddenly coldly said, “Take fewer roles like this in the future.”

Ye An instinctively wanted to refute: Do you think a career in dubbing means that I can choose whatever role I want to take? When a scene demands it, you have to read the script no matter how shameful it is!

Considering the embarrassing situation she was in currently, she resisted that urge and softly explained, “This was made for fun a long time ago; it wasn’t aired.”

Xie Shuo didn’t say anything and laid down on his side.

She turned the light off, and the room went quiet.

However, the trace of tension still seemed to pervade the air. Ye An bent her legs and turned over silently. 

It seemed like their honeymoon was going to be surely eventful.


Author’s Note: Xiao Ye’s daily embarrassing moment~