Ye An stared at the robot in front of her–

Wait, no, it should be the robot penguin that stared at her for quite a while.

…Is there something wrong with Xie Shuo’s brain?

In the end, the penguin was placed in the bedroom for the time being. The delivery men gave her a smart pet instruction manual before leaving.

Holding the instruction manual, Ye An looked at the adorable “pet” in front of her in a complicated mood.

She stepped forward to try to pet its head.

As soon as she touched it, a cute voice sounded, “Master, I’m hungry~”

Ye An couldn’t hold back her snort of joy.

It was pretty cute.

She followed the instructions on the instruction manual to press the feeding button and feed the penguin. She touched its tiny wings and read through the manual for a while before turning to go to the study.

Xie Shuo sat by the window as indifferent as usual and contrasted sharply with the cute penguin in the bedroom. 

Ye An walked over and stopped in front of him. Her lips curled, and she asked, “You had people send the penguin over?”

Xie Shuo didn’t say anything, nor did he look up to acknowledge her.

It was really hard to tell.

It was as if Ye An had flowers blooming and the sun shining splendidly in her heart. She sat down beside him and tilted her head. “I chose a place called Qianyue Mountain for our honeymoon; what do you think?”

Xie Shuo finally replied by saying, “Whatever you want.”

Ye An put her elbows on her legs and propped her chin up. After looking at him for a moment, she considered ending the cold war. After all, for Eldest Young Master Xie, conceding to this step was a huge accomplishment on her part. 

She asked him, “Do you want to pet the little penguin you bought?”

Xie Shuo didn’t say anything and obviously didn’t want to do such a pointless thing. 

Ye An hugged his arm and pulled him up. “Go pet it; it’s so cute!”

Xie Shuo remained indifferent but didn’t pull away and allowed her to drag him to the bedroom.

Ye An placed his hand on the penguin’s head and said, “Say hi to your new dad.”

Penguin: “Master, I really like you!”

Xie Shuo: “…”

Ye An had to bow her head and ask, “Do you only know how to say one sentence?”

The cute voice immediately retorted: “No! No!”

Ye An happily leaned against Xie Shuo and looked up at him. “This is your son; isn’t it cute?”


Xie Shuo frowned upon hearing this title and felt as if something wasn’t quite right.

“Isn’t son just the abbreviated version of penguin?*” Ye An looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes, “You don’t like calling it that? How about we call it… Xiao Xie?”

*penguin in chinese is qi e(企鹅), and shortening it to e zi (鹅子) makes it sound similar to the word son, which is er zi(儿子).

Xie Shuo was speechless.

Ye An’s smile deepened. “That won’t work; there’s already a Xiao Xie in the family. How about Xiao Shuo?”

Xie Shuo’s face darkened.

Ye An teased him a little more before stopping. Afterward, she turned towards the penguin and asked softly as she pet its wings, “Are you a boy or girl?”

“Then it’s a daughter.” Ye An thought for a while and said, “Let’s call you Yinyin then.”

The two played with their newly adopted “daughter” for a while before heading downstairs to have lunch.

The tension that was present for the past two days had finally disappeared.


In the afternoon, Ye An suddenly received a call from Xiang Quan.

Xiang Quan hadn’t contacted her unless it was important during this time, so after picking up the call, Ye An said, “You don’t have to tell me if there’s a new role; I don’t have any time recently.”

Xiang Quan choked a bit and said, “It’s not a new role, but it is a voice acting competition show. I wanted to ask if you wanted to participate.”

Ye An hesitated for a few seconds before replying, “Just turn it down for me; I really can’t go.”

Xiang Quan was puzzled. “What are you doing that makes you so busy? This is a really good opportunity. Don’t you want to show your face in the industry after getting exposure?”

Ye An smiled, saying, “I’m going on a honeymoon with my husband.”

Xiang Quan: “…”

He was a single dog that was dumped by his ex-girlfriend. What did he do to deserve such a hurtful display of PDA?

“They start recording in October. How long are you going to spend on your honeymoon?”

Xie Shuo’s eyes made it inconvenient for them to vacation more than a week, but Ye An was still nervously anticipating Xie Shuo’s next round of treatment. She said, “Can’t you go? You can go promote the studio.”

Xiang Quan replied, “They’re looking for female guests.”

Ye An thought about it and said, “I don’t know if I can find the time in October. You can reject the offer.”

Xiang Quan was hopeless after hearing her unwavering tone and no longer tried to persuade her. He ended the call with a “that’s fine” and hung up the phone.


When Xie Baiyan came back that evening, Ye An told him about the spot she picked for the honeymoon, and Xie Baiyan quickly agreed.

They would be susceptible to sunburn and dehydration if they traveled now that the summer heatwaves were in full force, so they pushed the data to the end of August.

The day they left, there were no clouds in the sky.

When Ye An and Xie Shuo arrived at the largest hotel at the base of Qianyue Mountain, a thin layer of sweat covered their bodies.

The bodyguard that had accompanied them went to the front desk to help them check-in while the two rested on the side.

There were not as many tourists before the Mid-Autumn Festival, so there were few people in the lobby. Ye An supported Xie Shuo as she looked around, but she suddenly noticed an attractive figure in front of them and to the right.

It was a young man in a white shirt. He was lean, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. His features were clean and crisp, and his temperament could be described as “clear as the cool breeze and bright moon, but noble as the tall mountains and icy snow.”

After getting married and seeing Xie Shuo every day, Ye An’s standards for beauty have skyrocketed. However, this man’s features still made her do a double-take.

She turned to look at Xie Shuo. He wore a pair of sunglasses today and an indifferent expression. The two of them looked like strangers, not as if they were on a honeymoon in the slightest.

Ye An’s mind churned. She tapped his arm and whispered, “Hubby, there’s a handsome man over there!”

Xie Shuo pursed his lips, tilted his head, and ignored her.

“He’s really handsome!” Ye An grabbed his arm excitedly, her voice rising with enthusiasm.

Xie Shuo frowned.

At this moment, Xiao Yu came over and told them that all of the check-in procedures had been taken care of.

Xie Shuo faced him with a dark expression.

Xiao Yu: ??? Did I do something wrong?

Ye An guided Xie Shuo to the elevator while she observed his expression and smiling sneakily.

Their room was on the fourth floor. When they arrived at their door, and Ye An was about to swipe their card to enter, she suddenly caught sight of the man in the white shirt

he was living in the room next to theirs.

Moreover, a young girl was  holding on to his arm affectionately. It was Zhuang Yinian, whom Ye An had run into outside of the recording studio last time.


Was this man…Yan Fei?

Zhuang Yinian coincidentally also turned to see Ye An.

“What a coincidence! You’re here on vacation too?”

Ye An smiled. “Yep.”

The two had not contacted each other after the last time they met, so their relationship wasn’t deep. They politely greeted each other before heading into their respective rooms.

Xiao Yu helped bring their suitcases into the room before leaving.

As soon as he left, Ye An eagerly pulled Xie Shuo to talk. “It turns out that that man was Yan Fei. I didn’t expect him to be so handsome.”

When Xie Yuran had given her Yan Fei’s information, there was no picture of him in the file. 

Xie Shuo’s focus wasn’t on who the man was. He coldly reminded her, “He’s married.”


Ye An was baffled: I know he’s married! I just said hi to his wife.

Xie Shuo felt his way around for the sofa and sat down. He took off his sunglasses and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt.

After a few moments, Ye An finally understood what was going on. Her lips curved as she said, “Marriage doesn’t stop someone from looking good!”

Xie Shuo’s face sank, and he ignored her.

Ye An was in a joyful mood as she sat beside him. She asked, tilting her head, “Speaking of which, how did your brother do with the negotiation?”

Xie Shuo leaned back and closed his eyes, clearly unwilling to talk about him.

Their cold war had just ended, yet he started to ignore her again! Ye An’s chest felt constricted, and she no longer bothered with him. Instead, she opened the suitcase and hung their clothes in the closet.

The sun sloped diagonally. At this point in time, it was too late to explore the city, so the two decided to rest early and do it tomorrow.

Ye An arranged the rest of the clothes, washed her face, and walked to the balcony.

The evening breeze was gentle, contrasting the dazzling colors of the clouds on the horizon. The mountains in the distance seemed to continuously extend as waves. The views were beautiful, and the air was fresh.

She was even able to catch a glimpse of the pedestrians on the streets.

Ye An enjoyed the breeze for a while before turning around and asking Xie Shuo, “Do you want to go down and see if there’s anything good to eat nearby?”

Xie Shuo pinched his temples and said tiredly, “Go by yourself.”

Seeing that he wasn’t feeling well, Ye An didn’t push it. She walked back into the room, the sun rays glowing on the floor behind her.

“Then I’ll go take a look and bring back something for you.”

Xie Shuo gave a light “En” in response.